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Why You Might Want to Consider Adding a Body Oil to Your Beauty Lineup

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Hands up who has a solid facial skincare routine! Or any kind of facial skincare routine for that matter. 

Perhaps you cleanse and moisturise your face daily. Or maybe you cleanse, exfoliate, apply a face mask, use a serum, and moisturise daily.

Whatever your regime or level of commitment, facial skincare usually only goes down to the neck. But why stop there? Our body skin can get dry and look dull too.

And because we often use slightly harsher body scrubs or cleansers on our bodies, sometimes we need something that’s going to work harder towards hydrating the skin and keeping it supple. 

No, I don’t mean for you to extend your anti-wrinkle cream down to your legs (imagine the expense!). But I am suggesting you consider using a body oil.

So what even is a body oil? How do you use one? And why are they considered to be so important in body care? 

In case you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, I asked dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Baron, skincare expert Julia Shih, and aestheticians Jenette Serrins and Rachel Lee Lozina, why we should all be flying the flag for oiling up our bods.

Because since when did a little extra hydration hurt any-BODY? (I’m here all week, be sure to tip your waitress…)


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The benefits of using a body oil

First things first. What exactly is it? Well, it’s just how it sounds – an oil, designed to nourish the skin on the body.

“Body oils are great for moisturising and nourishing, particularly if they include omega-rich oils such as hempseed, rosehips and coconut oil,” explains Shih

Not only are they brilliant for sealing in moisture, they’re great for relaxation too as they aid massage and feel warm on contact with the skin. 

Plus, they leave a gorgeous sheen on the skin and are usually scented with essential oils to boost your mood. Say “mmm….”


When should you apply body oil?

It’s all well and good knowing what a body oil is. But in order to achieve mega moisture, we need to establish when to slot it into our daily regimes, and how to get maximum results. 

Applying it to dry skin provides ample hydration and does no harm. However, the experts suggest using it straight after a shower or bath, for the best results. 

“A hot shower can often strip the moisture from your skin, particularly if the area you live has hard water,” explains Shih. “Use any moisturising skincare products such as body oils after showering since your pores will be open and receptive, and you can replenish the moisture that a hot shower may have stripped,” she adds.


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Sounds surprisingly doable doesn’t it? But can it be done every day? “Yes absolutely,” says Lozina. “Maintaining hydration in your skin is the key to never getting wrinkles – keep skin hydrated!” 

Side note: I’m pretty sure ‘never’ getting wrinkles is a pipe dream (oh, just imagine!). But I am definitely on board with adding a body oil to my daily post-shower routine to help towards preventing them. Amen, sister.


How do you apply body oil?

“A rule of thumb is to step out of the soak (shower works too), pat dry with a cotton towel and slather on your favourite oil with your hands within two minutes,” says Dr Baron

Use the palms of your hands in firm circular motions, starting at your feet and working upwards, towards the heart. This will help to improve your circulation. 


So should you ditch your body cream?

Ok but do you need a body cream as well as a body oil, or can you now ditch the lotion?

Serrins says it depends on the formulation of your body oil. “If you have the right kind of body oil that actually traps moisture in and hydrates, you do not need a body cream as well,” she explains.

“If you have a very light body oil, then I would suggest mixing it into a good body moisturiser.”


Our top 3 body oils

Finding your perfect body oil is a bit of a matter of preference (scent, texture etc).  But here are some of my personal favourites.


Image – REN

  • REN Skincare Moroccan Rose Ultra-Moisture Body Oil (£35 from Cult Beauty UK /$68 from REN US). I would buy this based on fragrance alone but luckily it’s also a brilliant moisture sealer and skin glower-upper.
  • Aveeno Skin Relief Body Oil Spray (£9.29 from Boots UK /$10.79 from Feel Unique US). Gentle on sensitive skin and excellent for those who like the convenience of a mess-free spray applicator. 
  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil (£32 from Cult Beauty UK /$42 from Look Fantastic US). This is an oldie but a serious goodie and can be used on the face, hair and body. It absorbs super quickly too.


The takeaway

My over-riding piece of advice is to just treat yourself. Introducing a body oil into your regime is only going to enhance your skin (and your mood).

The best thing about body oils is that they can easily be slotted into your day-to-day routine. A mere extension to your morning shower, if you will. Equally, you can set a bit of extra time aside in the evenings and use it as a pampering tool too. The choice is yours!

The skin on our bodies needs TLC just as much as the skin on our faces. Using a body oil is the perfect way to show it that you haven’t forgotten.


Meet the experts

Dr. Jennifer Baron is a double board-certified dermatologist with a premier skincare line. For more than a decade as a private practice dermatologic surgeon in San Jose, California, Dr. Baron continues to pair her medical training and experience with research and innovation of effective skin care treatments for her patients.


Julia Shih is an athlete and owner of of Body + Soul, a vegan and chemical-free beauty brand.


Jenette Serrins is a skincare expert and celebrity aesthetician, and the owner, founder, developer and alchemist of Jenette Skin Care Inc and Being in LA wellness spa, a Los Angeles-based spa that tends to the likes of Emma Watson and Rachel McAdams.


Rachel Lee Lozina is a New York State Licensed Esthetician, Laser Technician & Oncology Esthetician, and the Founder of Blue Water Spa in Oyster Bay, NY.


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