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25 of the Coolest Mismatched Manis to Show Off Your Creative Side

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Main Image – @thehangedit/Instagram

If you’re into nail art, you will have seen that mismatched manicures are *everywhere* this year.

From bright and colourful hearts and stars to monochrome manis, gems and glitter to smiley faces, the world really is your oyster with this creative trend – and anything goes.

And the celebs have been getting in on the movement, with the likes of Hailey Bieber, Keke Palmer, and Kylie Jenner sporting the look.

So, I’ve saved 25 of the best mismatched (also called mix-and-match) manicures to get your creative juices flowing.


25 Mismatched Manicures


1. Mismatched celestial nude pink manicure with moon and sun

Celestial designs are all over my feed lately, and they lend themselves SO well to a mismatched manicure. Whether you add moons, stars, suns, or your zodiac constellation, create a set that is out of this world.

mismatched manicure nude pink

Image – @nailsbytammy___/instagram



2. Orange and pink mismatched abstract manicure with monochrome designs

Bright orange, mustard, and hot pink are the perfect colours to compliment a bold manicure with monochrome nail art. This intricate set has a psychedelic theme with eyes, flowers, and snakes, but the abstract circles add a touch of modernism.

orange and pink mismatched manicure

Image – @junegilbert_nailartist/instagram


3. Bright rainbow mismatched mani

Cute rainbows, bold graphics, groovy prints, and bright colours will be the mani of the moment this spring. These vivid shades look amazing on shorter nails and this set incorporates everything from smiley faces to stars.

Image – @thehangedit/Instagram


4. Neutral mismatched nails with gold leaf and tortoiseshell

These neutral tones bring a sense of calm and class to a mismatched mani. Tortoiseshell print never goes out of fashion in the world of nail art, but adding olive green, cute dots, and gold leaf sets this manicure apart from the rest.

neutral mismatched manicure

Image – @aprilnails.etc/instagram


5. Baby pink mismatched manicure with bows and glitter

Pink manicures are still swirling around social media and elsewhere online, with tonnes of variations like this mismatched set with cute bows, silver and glitter. Perfect for Valentine’s or a sweet mani for any season.

baby pink mismatched nails with bows

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


6. Gold and brown mismatched mani with gems and 3D details

This is one of the most opulent manicures in the roundup, combining trends like 3D art, airbrushing, chrome, and gold leaf. Who said brown is boring?!

mismatched gold and brown manicure

Image – @nailsbytammy___/instagram


7. Green mismatched checkered manicure on a milky base

We did a roundup of the best checkered nails at the end of 2023, and this trend is still firmly on the radar. But forget the bold and bright colours you’ve seen on other checkered nails, this milky and muted set is perfect if you love nail art but don’t want it to be too OTT.

green and brown mismatched manicure

Image – @skipthefilteruk/instagram


8. Purple marble mismatched nails with rhinestones and glitter

Ahh marble nails, almost as classic as the French tip. This manicure is super glamorous, especially on a set of long coffin-shaped nails, and the iridescent rhinestones really complete this look.

purple marble mismatched manicure

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


9. Pink and red French tips with flowers and hearts

You can’t beat a traditional French tip, but this red and pink set with hearts, flowers and swirls is a real contender! With an almond shape and tiny stars to top it off, this manicure is the epitome of cute and cheerful.

pink and red mismatched nails

Image – @naileditbychelsey/instagram


10. Royal blue mismatched manicure with yellow details

This manicure is giving me serious Mykonos vibes with the royal blue shade white accents on the design. @gloss.surrey has mixed it up with a touch of yellow and a nude base.

royal blue mismatched manicure

Image – @gloss.surrey/instagram


11. Neon mismatched manicure with animal print

Neon nails always make a statement, but I’m loving this shorter length with leopard print, zebra print, sprinkles and stars. This is a really fun set that looks amazing with bright jewellery circa the 2000s.

neon mismatched manicure

Image – @nailsbynatalierose/instagram


12. Light pink mismatched aura manicure with silver details

Mismatched manicures don’t have to be bold and bright, and this light pink aura set proves it. Combining hearts, stars, dots and lines, the silver really sets off the chrome finish on these nails.

pink aura mismatched manicure

Image – @colourriotnails/instagram


13. Neon orange mismatched manicure with checkered print

But if you do like a bold and bright mani, orange could be the way to go! Using two shades of the colour, gold leaf, and checkered feature nails, this set is perfectly mismatched.

mismatched neon orange nails with checkered print

Image – @aprilnails.etc/instagram


14. Red and silver mismatched manicure with hearts, bows, and swirls

If you’re still firmly on the hearts and bows trend, this glossy mani is for you! Mixing stars, bows, swirls, hearts, silver, and nude, this is a super grown-up and classy set that’s perfect for a romantic getaway.

red and silver mismatched manicure

Image – @the_gelologist/instagram


15. Opulent chrome mismatched nails with stars and gems

I’m a bit obsessed with this set! Pure opulence with chrome, French tips, aura design, gems, and stars, the colours in this manicure scream indulgence and remind me of precious jewels and crystals. Seriously beautiful.

chrome mismatched manicure

Image – @dais_does_nails/instagram


16. Matte magenta mismatched manicure with abstract lines and dots

If you’re more of a matte mani lover, we got you. Even though magenta is the base for each of these nails, the thin white line designs are seriously modern and give a real artsy feel.

mismatched matte manicure

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


17. Mismatched Powerpuff Girls manicure with pastels and clouds

I could not resist including this Powerpuff Girls manicure! Pastel shades are everywhere right now and so are the 90s and 2000s trends – so this one is bang-up-to-date. Incorporating clouds, hearts, rainbows, and stars really elevates this mani.

mismatched powerpuff girls manicure

Image – @naileditbychelsey/instagram


18. Red, black, and gold oriental mismatched manicure

These red, black, and gold oriental nails are a mesmerising fusion of culture and style, and they just exude elegance. The gold birds and fish design is some of the most intricate (and beautiful) nail art I’ve seen and the red circle details are just perfect.

mismatched oriental nail art manicure

Image – @jark.nails/instagram


19. Short mismatched manicure with smiley faces and groovy prints

This is such a fun manicure! Perfect for a winter pick-me-up or a spring statement, the colours of this set combined with the designs are cute and happy – not to mention they’re SO on trend with the flowers and smiley faces. Perfect.

short mismatched manicure

Image – @nailsbytammy___/instagram


20. Noughts and crosses mismatched Valentine’s manicure

The cutest nails for Valentine’s (or any time of the year, really), we are loving the imagination with this noughts and crosses print. The milky white base is a great combo with hearts, dots, and all of the colours that are synonymous with this romantic day.

noughts and crosses mismatched valentines manicure

Image – @junegilbert_nailartist/instagram


21. Nude mismatched Easter manicure with white details and bunny ears

The chicest Easter manicure around, this minimalist set with a matte nude base and cute bunny ears is seriously cute and will still look great with office wear. Add some dainty gold jewellery to really compliment these nails.

nude mismatched manicure easter

Image – @skipthefilteruk/instagram


22. Mismatched Matisse print manicure with bold colours

Don’t these nails really remind you of Matisse? Or, perhaps the old lava lamp you used to have on your bedside table (or still do!). Combining a bold abstract print with bright primary colours will definitely get your fingertips noticed.

mismatched matisse manicure

Image – @the_gelologist/instagram


23. Mismatched monochrome Halloween manicure with spiders and webs

The perfect mismatched Halloween mani DOES exist! I’ve seen plenty of orange and red mismatched Halloween nails but this mani complete with stiletto-shaped talons, spider webs, creepy crawlies, and black cats really is something different.

mismatched halloween nails

Image – @nonadoesnails/instagram


24. Fall mismatched manicure with gold stars and croc print

The colours and hues in this mani make it an amazing option for fall, especially with the added gold accents. Incorporating multiple trends of the moment, including swirls, aura, and croc print, you can’t go wrong with this set.

mismatched nails with gold details

Image – @the_gelologist/instagram


25. Pink glitter Christmas mismatched manicure with stripes

With red, green and gold manicures seen everywhere during the holiday season, mix it up with some pink glitter! in-keeping with the Christmas theme and combining candy stripes, Santa hats, and presents, this mani will fit right in without being *too* obvious.

pink christmas mismatched manicure

Image – @gloss.surrey/instagram


The takeaway

As far as creative nails go, mismatched manis are the perfect way to show some fun and personality on your fingertips without being too ‘out there’.

From complicated designs to bold colours, neutral hues to silver details, there’s a mismatched mani to suit us all – and if you’re spoilt for choice, let your nail tech go wild and choose the designs for you!

It doesn’t get more fun and creative!


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