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Want Smoother Brows? Here's How to Get Them (Fast)

Want Smoother Brows? Here’s How to Get Them (Fast)

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As a full blown product junkie I’ll try pretty much most things – however niche/specific/weird and wonderful.

And as the owner of some (sadly) extremely bushy, coarse eyebrows I was immediately drawn to the idea of an oil targeted primarily at softening brows and lashes, in the form of Fushi’s Organic Castor Oil.

Keep reading for our top 5 brow-taming tips using products you already have at home as well as my thoughts on Fushi’s brow-specific product.



This is new, up-to-date information. We updated this article in April 2024 to add our further thoughts on Briogeo’s product, complete with updated prices.


How to get smoother brows

If you’re lucky enough to have man eyebrows (like me!) and you don’t fancy paying for a specific product, there are some quick ways to soften coarse eyebrow hairs:


1. Grab a hair mask

Use a brush to comb a small amount of hair mask through your eyebrows (being careful to avoid eyes!), and leave for 20 minutes like you would normally before washing out. It may sound like a weird hack, but I’ve found a hair mask can noticeably help to soften and get my wiry brows to sit smoother.


2. Use coconut oil

An inexpensive alternative to castor oil (and ridiculously easy to find), coconut oil is also a great shine add-er and helps to make bristly brows look a little neater. 

Amazon has some great options for less than £10 – and as a plus coconut oil can also be used to tame split ends, de-scale dry knees and generally get skin glowing.


How to soften coarse eyebrow hair

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3. Lip balm is your friend

Even cheaper than buying any sort of new product is using one you already have: lip balm.  Really emollient and often filled with all sorts of softening, nourishing ingredients, balms are actually great at helping make brows more manageable. 

Just stick to massaging this through your eyebrows at night though, otherwise, you can end up with some pretty shiny brows.

My current favourite lip balm (that also does a fantastic job of de-frizzing my wiry brows) is Frank Body’s Lip Balm; an all-natural (and surprisingly affordable) balm full of moisturising goodies like olive fruit oil, beeswax, grape seed oil, and vitamin E.


4. Trimming

Wiry brows are also often long brows, so trim (again, carefully!) by first combing eyebrows upwards before using nail scissors to take a small amount off just above where the hair starts to curve naturally.  And remember- it’s *far* better to take off too little than too much…

The same tip also works for those pesky little sticking-out eyebrows you get (you know, just that random one that pokes out?). This works particularly well for those stray brow hairs that stick upright and above the rest of your other eyebrows. 

So rather than plucking that badly-behaved stray straight out (tempting, I know), just trim it short enough that it sits in line with the natural arch of your brows.


5. Brow gel

And finally, while gels might not do much to soften individual hairs they are at least great for disguising unmanageable brows- especially those ones that stick out.  Either go clear or choose a shade really similar to your own if you want to achieve a natural look though. 

Use the gel to sweep brows slightly up and then into their natural shape to keep wiry hairs tamed throughout the day.

Glossier’s Boy Brow is my everyday favourite for getting the job done in seconds (as well as for some good shade options).


How to soften wiry eyebrows

Image – LiudmilaDutko/Adobe


Fushi Organic Castor Oil

Castor oil is great for eyebrow and eyelash growth, as well as for softening the hairs.

Fushi’s castor oil is a “purifying & restoring fatty-acid rich multipurpose oil to be used topically,” and it’s “100% pure, organic, food-grade, hexane-free, Fresh-Pressed® Castor Oil.”

Something of a powerhouse, castor oil contains ricinoleic acid (an anti-inflammatory), as well as unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 6 and 9) to moisturise and Vitamin E for antioxidant protection.

As well as its use as a rich moisturiser for the face, hair and body, you can apply castor oil (very carefully) with a cotton bud to eyelashes and eyebrows to strengthen and condition.


fushi castor oil eyebrows eyelashes

Image – Fushi


For us, the results are fairly impressive and after using it as an overnight treatment through brows they’re certainly softer and slightly neater looking (well, less man-like anyway).

Having said that, any castor oil is likely to do the same thing – it doesn’t need to be a brand name.


What other people have to say

While many customers on the Fushi website say this product works great for their skin and hair, others are having great results with their eyelashes and brows. One customer writes “Eyelashes and eyebrows are looking full thanks to this guy!”

Another customer writes “The thick consistency of the oil is delightful and feel like a proper pampering at night and weekend. I bought it primarily to apply on my thin eyebrows and eyelashes but have started applying it on the skin too when very dry.
I am wearing contact lenses and have sensitive eyes so apply a drop on my finger then brush my eyelashes. As the consistency is thick, no risk of it touching the eyes, I am delighted! A small bottle goes a long way too.”


The takeaway

I have tried some more expensive castor oils and Fushi’s is great in terms of the price point and the fact it comes in a smaller 30ml bottle with a dropper, making it easier to apply than the normal bigger bottles. It also makes this an easy product to travel with and to incorporate into your skincare routine.

As for alternatives, I particularly find something multipurpose like Frank Body’s Lip Balm or Bybi’s Babe Balm does as good a job smoothing wiry brows – both for immediate results and in the long term. 

As an added bonus, both balms are also pretty versatile and can be used for a whole host of other beauty purposes (browse our 10 Ways to Use Bybi’s Babe Balm if you’re looking for any inspiration on how to get the most out of a multi-purpose balm).

If you’re looking for ways to tame or grow bushy eyebrows, however, check out this guide to the bushy brow look, and if you’re looking for how to make brows fuller take a look here.

Fushi’s Castor Oil is £6.50 on the Fushi UK website/$7.00 on the Fushi US website







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