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35 Amazing Almond French Tip Nails Worth Screenshotting

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Main image – @phoebesummernails/instagram

Who doesn’t love a meticulously manicured almond French tip nail?! I know I do.

And I’m not the only one, from Bella Hadid to Ariana Grande, Zendaya to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, almond Frenchies are still a firm fave among celebs and A-listers as well as mere mortals like myself.

And the trend has picked up pace considerably, adding a tonne of different colours, designs, lengths, shapes and nail art to really show your personality – forget plain Jane, oh no, the classic French mani has come on leaps and bounds and almond nails are the shape of choice.

So, this is your guide to 35 of the absolute *best* almond French tip nail designs, whether you’re looking for bold and bright or glitzy and glam.

So get ready to screenshot, because you’re going to want to save these for your next nail appointment.


35 of the best almond French tip nail designs

1. Ombre almond French tip nails

Ombre Frenchies don’t have to be white and nude! I *love* this ice cream-coloured set.  Soft yet still eye-catching, this is a great spring or holiday look.

ombre almond french tip nails

Image – @phoebesummernails/instagram


2. White French tip almond nails

An absolute classic. You can’t go wring with a white French tip and the almond nail shape here gives this design an elegant, modern vibe.

white almond french tip nails

Image – @evolvewithsarahlafaye/instagram


3. Milky almond French tip nails

This design has been EVERYWHERE this year thanks to Hailey Bieber’s milky mani obsession. Better still, this subtle look is pretty forgiving if you make a mistake so may be one the best designs for anyone hoping to skip the salon but whose nail skills aren’t the best.

milky almond french tip nail design

Image – @marinadobyk.nails/instagram


4. Pink almond French tip nails

This Barbie-inspired French manicure is super cute and bang on trend.

pink almond french tip nails

Image –


5. Red French tip almond nails

Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Or every day… Love the sharp lines here which give this a really minimalist feel.

red almond french tip nails

Image – @kendalkit/instagram


6. Blue French tip almond nails

Whether you prefer royal blue or baby blue, like this set below, this take on the trend is truly dreamy.

blue almond french tip nails

Image – @nailbar.bykad/instagram


7. Nude almond French tip nails

Send nudes (not that kind). Perfect for anyone who isn’t in to full-on nail designs (or for an office nail look), this look is both classic and cute.

nude almond french tip nails

Image – claudia_hrnandez/instagram


8. Green French tip almond nails

Keep it simple with a green tip or add a chic half-moon like this mani inspired by Kourtney K.

green almond french tip nails

Image – kendalkit/instagram


9. Sage almond French tip nails

We’ve been seeing sage green all year, reminding us of our fave matcha latte. Basically a neutral shade, sage is perfect for any season and goes with most outfits.

sage green almond french tip nails

Image – @setsby.lex/instagram


10. Emerald almond French tip nails

If Hailey Bieber’s glazed doughnut mani had a baby with emerald green, this would be the outcome!

emerald green almond french tip nails

Image – @sweetheartnailsbr/instagram


11. Brown French tip almond nails

We are loving this brown French mani complete with half moons in the same shade.

short brown almond french tip fall nail design ideas

Image – @hollyfalconenails/instagram


12. Yellow French tip almond nails

Possibly the *cutest* yellow almond French tip nails we’ve ever set eyes on. You’ll either need a steady hand or a great nail tech to pull this one off but the results are totally worth it.

yellow almond french tip nails

Image – artdecom/instagram


13. Orange French tip almond nails

With so many shades to choose from, you can always go for a different hue on each nail like this mani. I *love* this look for managing to achieve both classic yet cool vibes at the same time.  

orange almond french nails

Instagram – @ellielouisenails/instagram


14. Purple almond French tip nails

These purple French tip almond nails are just for you, it’s written in the stars!

purple moon and stars fall nails almond purple french tip nail design

Image – @prestigenailsss/instragram


15. Lavender almond French tip nails

Can you tell we love some star nail art?!

lavender almond french tip nails

Image – @clawsbylyn/instagram


16. Black almond French tip nails

An edgy alternative to the classic look.

black almond french tip nails

Image – @ellielouisenails/instagram


17. Silver almond French tip nails

Channel your inner spaceman (or gal) with these silver French tips that are out. of. this. world.

silver nail design best nail designs almond french tip

Image – @kikoroo_jjeong_/instagram


18. Gold almond French tip nails

Add some sparkles to your gold almond French tip nails to really make them *shine*.

gold french tip almond nails

Image – @ellielouisenails/instagram


19. Matte almond French tip nails

Matte nails are less prone to chipping and quicker to apply than a glossy finish. No brainer?

matte almond french tip nails

Image – @valeriia.tarasova.nails/instagram


20. Chrome almond French tip nails

This set with a nude base and silver chrome is perfection.

chrome almond french tip nails

Image – @vanityprojects/instagram


21. Glitter French tip almond nails

Bedazzle your Frenchies for a more glam look.

sparkle almond french nails

Image – @color_camp/instagram


22. Swirl French tip almond nails

Ok, so not *technically* a full French tip, but how cute are these pink swirls with a heart for the tip? Love.

swirl almond french tip nails

Image – @disseynails/instagram


23. Flower French tip almond nails

This set has it all – lilac tips, dainty flowers AND gems.

flower almond french nails

Image – @phoebesummernails/instagram


24. Short French tip almond nails

You don’t have to have long talons to wear this trend, Frenchies look amazing on short nails too.

short french almond nails

Image – @mimixn/instagram


25. Coffin French tip almond nails

A modern take on the trend.

coffin almond french tip nails black modern

Image – @tombachik/instagram


26. Medium French tip almond nails

This is the *perfect* length for a French mani, IMO. And these pastel colours are so cute!

medium almond nails french tip

image – @nailsbyalsn/instagram


27. Round French tip almond nails

This barely there baby blue is a lovely twist on the classic white Frenchie.

round almond french tip nails blue

Image – @nail_it_with_corrine/instagram


28. Stiletto French tip almond nails

Slightly pointier than almond nails, this baby pink stiletto set it perfect for spring and summer.

stiletto almond french nails baby pink

Image – @vivianmariewong/instagram


29. Acrylic French tip almond nails

If, like me, you love a set of acrylics, you *might* want to screenshot this set for your next mani (I know I have!)

Acrylic almond French tip nails

Image – @nailsbyalsn/instagram


30. Press on French tip almond nails

No time for the salon? These press-on nails from Olive & June take literally 10 minutes to apply! Sorted.

press on french almond nails

Image – Olive & June


31. Gel French tip almond nails

Whether you’re off to the salon or have your own gel kit at home, gel nails offer a shiny, chip-free mani for up to 2 weeks!

gel almond french manicure

Image – @heluviee/instagram


32. Spring French tip almond nails

The *cutest* spring nails complete with flowers, lemons and L.O.V.E.

spring french almond nails

Image -@nailsbyheather.errington/instagram


33. Summer French tip almond nails

Did someone say Mykonos? or maybe Santorini? These summer nails are perfect for a Greek goddess.

summer french nails almond shape greece

Image – @phoebesummernails/instagram


34. Fall French tip almond nails

This ombre French mani will look perfect holding a pumpkin-spiced latte in the park.

fall almond french nails

Image – @nailartbyqueeniw/instagram


35. Winter French tip almond nails

Nothing says winter like snowflakes!

winter almond french tip nails

Image – @heluviee/instagram


The takeaway

Whether you opt for a minimalist approach or embrace intricate details, I honestly think there’s an almond French tip nail design for us all!

So, whether you prefer to head to the salon or you’re a dab hand at nail polish and prefer to do your own from the comfort of your home, show us your *fave* French manicure – we’d love to see them!


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