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Red nail designs

The 60 Coolest Nail Design Ideas of 2023

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Main image – @Betina_goldstein/Instagram

Beyond clothes and makeup, nails are possibly one of the quickest, easiest ways any of us gets to express ourselves on a daily basis.

Whether you’re a classic French tip girl, a festive nail art fan or a full-on coffin/gel/nail jewel gal, changing up your nails is just a way to add a little extra sunshine into your daily life (and who doesn’t love sunshine?).

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 60 the stand-out nail designs from 2023 to make your manicure pick that bit easier.

Whether it’s by colour, occasion, nail shape or type (acrylic/gel/ombre), we’ve got you totally covered.


The 60 best nail design ideas for 2023


By Colour

1. White nail designs

A classic option for a simple, elegant or monochromatic look, white nail designs look great on any shape and length and are a pretty great colour for nail art designs of all colours.

White nails designs

Image – @Betina_goldstein/Instagram


2. Black nail designs

Black doesn’t have to be grungy (although there are plenty of cool grunge options if that’s your thing too).

With lots of textures to play with and shapes to try, black nail designs can look really chic and elegant.  The fact that they go with pretty much every outfit makes them a great year-round choice too.

best nail designs

Image – @justi._nails/Instagram


3. Black and white nail designs

Monochrome goes with everything, and this set of swirly black and white nails will look great with absolutely every outfit (we’re also loving the slight Paloma Picasso vibes of this manicure).

black and white nails

Image – @vbeautybyvirginie/Instagram


4. Nude nail designs

Nude nail designs never go out of fashion and look great with any outfit.

This understated nude flower design is both seriously cute and also low-key enough to wear on pretty much any occasion.

We have 60 more stunning nude nail design ideas here.

Nude nails

Image – @Betina_goldstein/Instagram


5. Nude glitter nails

Glitter doesn’t have to be garish! Take a look at these gorgeous glitter accent nails for a more modest take on the trend – or go all out and add glitter to every nail.

best nail designs 2023

Image – @gabrielaschmitz.nails/Instagram


6. Peach nail designs

Ok, so we took this one quite literally, but how cute are these nude nails with peach nail art and flowers?!

best nail designs peach nails

Image – @nailsbylaney_/Instagram


7. Light pink nail designs

A light pink nail design with flowers is a delicate choice that adds a touch of elegance to your manicure. These carefully painted lattices on a pink base are a real feminine aesthetic.

Light pink nail designs

Image – @_by_shelley/Instagram


8. Hot pink nail designs

When did cow print nails become a thing?  We don’t know either but these neon hues paired with cow-print accents will instantly add a pop of energy to your nails.

hot pink nail designs

Image – @aestheticnailsyyc/@maplewood_beauty_bar/Instagram


9. Yellow nail designs

When life gives you lemons… Paint them on your nails?!

best nail designs 2023

Image – @lakitsalon/Instagram


10. Neon yellow nails

Shine bright! There are so many neon nail designs to choose from, but these 90s hearts paired with a bold yellow are really fun.

Neon yellow nails

Image – @_by_shelley/Instagram


11. Red nail designs

One of the most popular colours that clients ask their nail techs for is red.

Created by Chanel nail artist Betina Goldstein, this triple French tip set is a really modern take on red nail designs and looks seriously chic paired with a Chanel decal.

Red nail designs

Image – @Betina_goldstein/Instagram


12. Orange nail designs

These juicy bright orange nails are perfect for spring and summer and the pretty daisies with gold dots look AMAZING on the nail bed.

best nail designs orange nail designs

Image – @beautyby.shannonwilliams/Instagram


13. Green nail designs

Swirly nail designs are all over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds, they’re so versatile and add a modern feel to any outfit. We love this groovy green set with minty swirls.

green nail designs

Image – @nailsbyyei_/Instagram


14. Blue nail designs

This intricate butterfly blue nail design might be retro but the insect is really making a fun comeback in 2023.

blue nail designs

Image –


15. Light blue nail designs

A light blue nail design can create a fresh and serene look for your nails. We love this set with pretty pearls added for a 3D look.

light blue nail designs

Image – @ic_nails_irinacosmescu/Instagram


16. Turquoise nail designs

These turquoise glitter gradient nails give real mermaid vibes which is perfect for summer. But these could also be a frosty winter set for Christmas! Very versatile.

turquiose nail designs

Image – @andanaomy/Instagram


17. Royal blue nail designs

A ton of popular nail techs have been creating evil eye amulet looks recently, using the typical royal blue seen all over Greece and Turkey. This one is perfect for all of our superstitious gals.

best nail designs

Image – @konstantinas.nails/Instagram


18. Navy blue nail designs

When it comes to cool, dark-and-mysterious nail designs, navy-blue manicures never go out of style and look great with warm silver tones, copper or rose gold.

How cool does this matte navy blue set with flecks of silver look?

navy blue nail designs

Image – @beauty_bar_wrzeszcz_/Instagram


19. Purple nails designs

If this set of futuristic purple nails doesn’t get you noticed, we honestly don’t know what will. These talons are giving real space-girl vibes.

best nail designs

Image – @pegi_nails/Instagram


20. Lilac nail designs

A classic. We’ve covered 60 of these fab designs in a previous article but we still couldn’t miss ombre nail designs off this list! Ombre nails work well with literally any style, length and shape.

best nail designs 2023

Image – @weronikamalek_instruktor_/Instagram


21. Sparkly purple nails

Whether you’re going to a special event, celebrating a holiday, or simply want to add a bit of glitz to your everyday life, sparkly nail designs are a fun and versatile style that can easily be customised.

This shorter set looks uber clean and tidy.

best nail designs

Image – @deathtospinach/Instagram


22. Lavender nail designs

What looks dreamier than these lavender, silver, glitter and marble acrylic nails? The cool Digital Lavender tone has even been named WGSN’s colour of the year for 2023, so you’re bang on trend with this set.

best nail designs 2023

Image – @sophistic_ongles/Instagram


23. Brown nail designs

A brown nail design can be a stylish and sophisticated choice that adds warmth and elegance to your overall look.

Both silver and gold jewellery looks amazing against brown. We love this multi-tonal look. So. Cute.

Brown nail designs

Image – @Nailsbypaulin/Instagram


24. Gold nail designs

There are tons of ways you can do gold nail designs – chrome gold, glitter gold, sparkle gold, and gold accent nails. We love this set with glitter and dainty stars.

best nail designs

Image – @boho.paulina/Instagram


25. Rose gold nail designs

Rose gold is a classic colour for any occasion and outfit. This design uses a complementary nude but we love that rose gold lends itself well to loads of contrasting colours.

best nail designs

Image – @__nailsbyalex/Instagram


26. Silver nail designs

These silver French tip nails look pretty great on their own but we also love the tiny gems added to the nail bed for something a little bit different.

silver nail design best nail designs

Image – @kikoroo_jjeong_/Instagram


27. Chrome nail designs

If you feel like adding the teeniest glam but don’t want to go all out, try some chrome tips on longer nude nails. Slide your fave silver rings on your fingers and you’re good to go.

best nail designs

Image – @naileditxkim/Instagram


28. Multi-colour nail designs

Traditional with a slight twist, the hand-painted rainbow swirl on top of a neutral nail works really well with pastel and neon nail varnishes. Go the whole hog and cover your nails with sweet swirls or just add to the tips for a pop of colour.

multicoloured nail designs

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/Instagram


29. Multicoloured Gem Nails

Now these are a real head-turner! There are thousands of gem nail designs out there that are topped with rhinestones, studs, crystals or charms, but we love this minimalist set complete with abstract shapes.

Multicoloured gem nails

Image – @Betina_goldstein/Instagram


30. Multicoloured Abstract Nails

Think block colours, squiggly lines and abstract shapes for this trend that’s taken over Instagram.

best nail designs

Image – @jellybayn_nails/Instagram



Nail Art Designs

31. Flower nail art designs

There are tons of ways to do this trend – flowers on every nail, dainty dots, painterly leaves, or loads of colour. With so many flowers to recreate, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

best nail designs nail art

Image – @bymollyf/Instagram


32. Bright flower nail art designs

These bright flower print nails are done using a stamp, the result? A neat and clean set of nails that would look great in any colour.

flower nail art designs

Image – @nbnailar/Instagram


33. French tip nail art designs

We’ve done the best 60 French tip nails, and here are some of the best of the bunch! First up, the classic nude and white combo on almond-shaped nails that we all know and love.

French tip nail designs

Image – @charlotteonails/Instagram


34. Colourful French tip nail art designs

How cute are these smiley face French tip nails using cool pastel colours?

best nail designs french tip nails

Image –


35. Rainbow nail art designs

Rainbow nail art doesn’t have to be bold and bright, how dreamy are these swirly pastel rainbow nails complete with painted stars and glitter?

best nail art designs

Image – @nail.brat/Instagram


36. Tie-dye rainbow nail art designs

But if bright is more your style, these tie-dye nail art designs are a great take on a rainbow nail.

best nail designs tie dye rainbow

Image – @sophrainbownails/Instagram


37. Simple nail art designs

We see tons of elaborate nail art designs on social media, but this set with simple line nail art is just as eye-catching and will look great with any outfit. You could even have a go at this one at home if you’ve got some thin brushes or nail tools.

best nail designs

Image – @sassyhairanddayspa/Instagram


38. Easy nail art designs

Prefer to DIY your nails rather than go to the salon? We’ve got you with this easy-peasy nail art design that any novice can try their hand at – simply use a small brush or a wooden dotting tool to create this look.

best nail designs

Image – @codro.nails/Instagram



Holiday nail designs

Spring nails

39. Easter nails

Nothing says Easter like bunnies and eggs!

best nail designs

Image – @jjanellennon/Instagram


40. Valentine’s nail designs

Heading out for a romantic meal with your partner or celebrating ‘Galentines’ instead of Valentine’s and spending the night with the girls?

Add a bit of whimsy to your outfit with these understated Valentine’s nail designs using a neutral base and dainty hearts.

best nail designs

Image – @sugarcoated_beauty_/Instagram


Summer nails

41. Beach nail designs

Nothing says the beach like pretty shells and ocean hues. We love this long, almond-shaped manicure with tiny shells applied.

beach nail designs

Image – @crystalnailshu/Instagram


42. Tropical nail designs

There are loads of takes on this trend – palm tree gel nails, neon colours, pineapples, flamingos, the list goes on – but we love this matte look that will fit right in when you’re sipping that pina colada on the sand (or even just pretending).

tropical nail designs

Image –


Fall nail designs

43. Halloween nail designs

Bats get a bit of a bad rap, but how cute are these Halloween nail designs?!

halloween nail designs

Image – @farrari_beauty/Instagram


44. Olive green Fall nails

Olive is a beautiful warm, muted green colour that’s perfect to wear year-round, but it’s particularly popular in the fall as a neutral base for other colours.

fall nail designs best nail designs

Image – @Paint Box Nails/Instagram


Winter nails

45. Christmas nail designs

This Christmas nail design is literally all tied up with a bow, utilising two of the most popular colours for Christmas – red and gold.

christmas nail designs

Image – @JOELYOCEANNAILS/Instagram


46. Festive nail designs

Nothing says Christmas like getting the tree out and making an event of the decorating! We love this green, white, and gold set, complete with the iconic star at the top of the tree.

best nail designs

Image – @nailart.bycaroline/Instagram



Nail shape

47. Long nail designs

Long nails are shaped into a graceful almond, square, round, or stiletto shape, accentuating their length and elegance.

For the base colour, a soft and neutral shade like blush pink or nude is often chosen to create a sophisticated and versatile look like the ones below.

long nail designs

Image – @manisbyannie/Instagram


48. Moon and star long nail designs

We are seeing suns, moons, and stars EVERYWHERE lately! To be honest, we love it. These mystic metallic blue with gold designs are a perfect take on the trend.

long nails moon and stars

Image – @thebeautyboxnailsalon/Instagram


49. Short nail designs

Lots of us want to keep our nails short and clean, especially if we work in a job that requires using our hands a lot or typing all day. You can still do loads with a short nail – add some gems or pearls like the set below.

best nail designs

Image – @nails_pauladanaci/Instagram


50. Block colour short nail designs

Block colour short nails are a really cool and versatile look that can be customised with any colours.

best nail designs

Image – @ellzabethm/Instagram


51. Almond nail designs

Nicknamed ‘the orbit’, these nails were seen down the runway at the Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show. The trend is still going strong and we can see why!

almond nail designs

Image – @misspopnails/Instagram


52. 3D almond nail designs

Take your design even further by adding a 3D element like gems, pearls and charms. So cute.

almond nail designs

Image – @disseynails/Instagram


53. Stiletto nail designs

Long nails are a must to capture this dramatic style and colour is less of a priority than safety when it comes to this daring choice – just watch you don’t poke yourself in the eye!

best nail designs

Image – @viavanailbar/Instagram


54. Flame stiletto nail designs

Flame designs on nails are really taking off, and they look super cool on stiletto-shaped nails. Go neon and black for amazing contrast like the set below, or go understated with some pastel shades.

best nail designs

Image – @mariaa_kailanee/Instagram


55. Oval nail designs

The classic oval nail shape is known for being the most suitable style for everyone. The curved edges mirror the curve of the natural cuticle, making for a super neat and symmetrical look.

oval nail designs

Image – @zhenya__borisova/Instagram


56. Nude oval nail designs

A nude base goes with literally any colour, we love this Aztec-style set complete with painted ferns, black triangles, and gold line accents.

best nail designs

Image – @zhenya__borisova/Instagram


57. Square nail designs

Square nails don’t have to be long! We love this tidy short square nail design with a pop of colour on the tips.

square nail designs

Image – @amyle.nails/Instagram


58. Long square nail designs

But if long nails are more your thing, there are so many pretty designs, like this tortoiseshell square set with accent nails.

square long nail designs

Image – @mere_limtiek/Instagram


59. Coffin nail designs

Coffin-shaped nails are typically longer than other styles, offering plenty of space for cool designs like this set below – these are so perfect to make a statement at festivals over the summer!

coffin nail designs

Image – @nails_insta7/Instagram


60. Marble coffin nail designs

Marble nail designs are really big at the moment and look especially great on long coffin nails. Keep it simple like the matte grey set below or add some gold or silver accents for customisation.

marble coffin nails



And there we have it! The 60 best nail designs for 2023 – now, off to the salon!







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