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A Beauty Editor Reviews One of the Most Viral Products Ever: Milk’s Jelly Tints

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Main image – Courtesy of writer

It’s the viral launch that sold out twice within two weeks, and now that I’ve had a few weeks to properly test these cute tubes of colour out, I wanted to share my thoughts on one of the most talked about blushers of the last year; Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water Jelly Tint Blush + Lip Stain (£22 from Boots UK /$24 from Sephora US).

I’ve actually never seen a product go this viral on the internet and it seems Milk Makeup has cracked the code; fun packaging, aesthetic product, unique jelly-like formula and nice shades that almost look edible (please don’t try this).

Milk is known to push boundaries in beauty (they were the first brands to include kush oil in their products) and it seems this launch is no exception.

Let’s see what the product is actually like and whether it’s worth it. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


The shades and who they’d best work for

Milk’s Jelly Tint is available in four vibrant shades; Burst a bright, cool pink, Spritz a pinky coral, Splash a deep berry, and Chill a bright cherry red.

For me, these matte, stain-effect products all look amazing on the lips and I am particularly fond of Spritz and Splash on the lips, paired with a brown-toned lip liner and a swipe of gloss or lip oil on top. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


Then Burst (which is more like fuscia) and Chill are the shades I would normally go for, for a blush. Having said that, because of their unique formula and colour pay-off, they all work well both on the face and lips, it’s all a matter of preference!


Journalist Fani Mari trying Milk’s Jelly Tint in Burst. Image – Courtesy of writer


These are the perfect bright spring and summer shades, although I could see them work well all year round. Plus, when the temperatures are rising, I’m sure the cooling feeling (more on that later) would be amazing on the skin. 


What are the texture and finish like? 

The texture is water-like, it’s bouncy and it feels cooling on the skin if you apply it straight from the stick. The cooling sensation is very unique and it’s thanks to its ingredients, including aloe vera, vegan collagen and hydrating seawater. According to the brand, you can put them in the fridge for a bit, to increase the cooling.


Image – Courtesy of writer


In terms of finish, these are definitely very much in the matte camp. Your typical blush stick will have some sort of shiny/dewy finish, but not these. But again, these are a long-lasting tint.  Even though I usually prefer a dewy formula though, these have surpassed my expectations, even from the first time I tried them. 

And that’s because the colours themselves are so pretty that the overall effect is a your-skin-but-better flush of colour; natural-looking but definitely flattering.


Fani wearing Milk’s Jelly Tint in Spritz. Image – Courtesy of writer


While these are buildable, the colour pigment is intense and the formula is incredibly quick drying, meaning you really don’t have a lot of time for blending.  I recommend layering over very well-hydrated skin to get more blending time.

To note though, if you like a light wash of colour these may not be for you as you might struggle to get a truly subtle look with the amount of pigment here. If you’re someone who gets hot or oily in the summer though, these would be great thanks to their long-lasting non-powdery, light finish. 

Finally, the packaging is super fun and I love that – makeup should be fun and throughout Milk Makeup’s history (including NYC-based Milk Studios), we know the brand likes to have fun and think outside of the box. 


My tips for applying the Jelly Tint Blush + Lip Sticks

A word of warning: do not wait to blend these in, they dry extremely fast!


Image – Courtesy of writer

  • Firstly, I recommend applying with a dark brush as lighter ones may be stained. Synthetic brushes are ideal, as they won’t hold on to the colour too much and it will be easier to clean them.
  • You want a fluffy or angled brush that’s not too large, or even a denser brush and you can also use a makeup sponge. Some people blend them out with their fingers but I’d advise against that, as they will stain! 
  • Next, use them for underpainting (applying under your foundation) if you want to have a lighter finish. 
  • These are extremely pigmented and buildable. For a softer, diffused finish swipe your brush on the stick and then your cheeks 
  • For a more intense colour apply it on the cheeks straight from the stick and make sure to blend in quickly as they dry down fast. Apply on one cheek at a time and pat the product in, don’t drag it, or if you, swipe on gently. 
  • Apply them on the lips for a long-lasting stain, use a darker lip liner to line the lips and top up with lip gloss for the ultimate ‘Cherry Cola Lips’ look 
  • Close the cap tightly and keep the product away from direct sunlight.


My tips on removing them

As they are a stain, they take a little bit longer to remove than your average blush. I recommend a balm or oil-based cleanser applied straight on dry skin and massage it in well. Then emulsify a bit with water and remove with a warm flannel/muslin cloth – they should come right off! 

I have read comments online saying these will stay put even after proper removal. I didn’t have this issue when applying over a light base, so I am wondering if the issue lies in applying it straight on the skin. 

So if you have trouble with removing them completely, I would say next time, apply over a foundation which should make it easier to remove than if it’s applied straight on the skin. 


What other users are saying

The consensus online is that other users have found the same issue as me; these need to be blended in quickly, the colour pay-off is intense and they last on the skin for a really long time. The overall impression of these blushes online is that they are fun, they are great for a natural look and they would look amazing for summer. 

The biggest issue people have faced with this product is blending it in on the cheeks without it looking patchy. I didn’t have an issue with that and would recommend trying the following:

  • The blending issue could stem from having applied too much product, due to the intense colour payoff. Apply one dot at a time and blend.
  • Next, they dry very very quickly, so you may not have had enough time to blend it properly. My advice would be to apply on one side at a time and blend. 
  • Also, use one of the tips previously mentioned, where you use a brush to apply the tints instead of applying straight from the stick. 


How Jelly Tint compares to similar products

The type of product I could compare these to are K-beauty lip and cheek tints, but they are still quite different. Korean cheek tints tend to have a creamy, liquid-lipstick-like formula. 

These are also quite similar (in finish) to the Benefit Cosmetics Benetint product, which is also a stain. However, Benefit’s liquid formula with a small brush applicator (similar to a nail polish bottle) is actually fiddlier to use, I’ve found.


Fani with shade Chill. Image – Courtesy of writer


In comparison to Milk Makeup’s existing Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Stick, the Jelly Tints basically have the same application method (a swipe on tube) but otherwise are very different products.  The cream blushers have a much dewier finish and aren’t as long-lasting, in my experience.


Overall value for money

Fani wearing shade Splash. Image – Courtesy of writer


As I’ve mentioned, if you’re looking for really subtle or really dewy, this product may not be for you regardless of the price.

But for everyone else, how does the value stack up?

Well – £22 for a small (6ml) of blush isn’t cheap by any means. Small but mighty though, according to the brand each stick is good for over 1000 swipes, making this extraordinarily good value compared to some of the cream products I have to keep layering on for impact.

The colour payoff too on these means you need only the smallest amount for intense colour.

Overall I’m actually pretty impressed with the value for money, especially if you pick a shade you will always wear. Milk Makeup isn’t a budget brand, so the price tag makes sense here too. 


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  • Jasmin3


    These really remind me of Undone beauty’s water blush tints. I’m really surprised that I’ve not seen anyone compare or mention them yet. They’re not quite as transparent but they’re cooling and jelly none the less! Great review!

    31st March 2024
    • Thanks Jamsin and you’re right! We’ll definitely have to keep that in mind for future reviews! x

      1st April 2024

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