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Reviewing Function of Beauty's Shampoo and Conditioner

Function of Beauty: an Honest Review

Have you ever come across one of those brands so popular that you’re sure their products would must be at a minimum slightly over-hyped?

For me that was personalised hair care brand Function of Beauty; a line of products so present in magazines and on social media that although I was keen to try, I was also fairly certain their products wouldn’t be able to tame my unruly hair.

But after testing the line for a few months now I’m happy to say I couldn’t have been more wrong.

And that’s partly because beyond the genuinely child-like excitement involved in choosing the colour and scent of the products, (plus the fun of having my name printed on the bottles- yes I’m 5), I particularly appreciate the ability to target five specific hair concerns in one go.


On the Hair

Having ordered various different scents (peach is my favourite) and colours, but always the same ingredients goals of deep condition, hydrate, shine, anti-frizz and colour protection, I’ve been genuinely impressed to note that the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner I use have been delivering on every score.

A quick glance at the ingredients lists of each suggests this is probably due to the inclusion of hair-nourishing goodies like quinoa (containing amino acids to repair damaged hair), rice bran oil (for shine and control), and sweet almond, soybean and baobab extracts (for moisture and condition).

While my own formula does contain silicones (which I generally avoid), the health of my hair has genuinely improved.

Now my hair dries straighter, less frizzy, and with a shine that I haven’t seen since I started bleaching it 17 years ago.

Since the products are heavily customised, the ingredients of each person’s formulas will of course vary. But for my own (wild, tangly) hair, the results have been impressive.

And I suspect this would be true for anyone else who wants to treat multiple different hair issues without actually having to use multiple different brands/products.


The Price

Beyond the softer, shinier, (peachier smelling) hair, the thing that gets me is that these bottles are actually significantly cheaper than the R+Co products they replaced in my routine (as well as being sulphate free)

Don’t get me wrong, these still aren’t cheap products and I appreciate that £14.50 is a lot for a shampoo.

But I do think that for the service and results these might represent better value than several other luxury hair brands.

A word of caution though: while the products I’ve tried worked really well for my hair, I think that the sheer number of potential combinations of hair goals could end up being a little overwhelming, which could easily lead to misdiagnosing hair concerns and ending up with a custom treatment that doesn’t work for you.


The Takeaway

For someone with naturally healthy hair (lucky!) this may be something of an unnecessary luxury.

For everyone else though (and that definitely includes me) bring on the custom hair care routine!

Great for: Anyone who wants to tackle multiple hair issues in one product.

Not-so-great for: Already really healthy hair, which probably doesn’t need such a custom product.

Function of Beauty’s Shampoo & Conditioner are from £29 for an 237 ml set of two, Function of Beauty UK and from $29.99 for an 8 oz/ 237 ml set of two, Function of Beauty US


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