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Why Erborian’s Super BB Cream Has Saved My Skin

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Main Image – @Erborian/Instagram

As a self-confessed makeup addict, I have tried a lot of skin bases. Foundations, tinted moisturisers, BB creams, CC creams, tinted this, tinted that – you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

I *love* the feeling of opening up a new bottle/tube/pot of base, testing out the shade against my skin and applying it for the first time. Call me OTT but to me, it symbolises new beginnings. “This might just be the one that transforms my skin” (and “please God don’t let them discontinue it…”)

As a beauty editor, I am lucky enough to mostly try before I buy. However, early access doesn’t exclude me from having normal, everyday skin problems. And right now, my skin is having a breakdown!

For various reasons, I am experiencing some painful adult acne around the bottom half of my face. Not life-ruining stuff. But not pleasant either, especially at the age of 40 when I thought I’d put my acne days well and truly behind me.

Pre-adult acne, I have found good bases and, sure, some really amazing ones. Some make it to my ‘forever’ makeup bag. Some don’t.

I have foundations that leave a gorgeous glow and tinted moisturisers that leave my skin looking even and natural. But I still haven’t found the base that does both these things whilst brilliantly covering up large spots and looking after my skin at the same time. Until now.

Enter stage left, Erborian Super BB Cream (£41/$50.77 on the Erborian website). And welcome to my forever makeup bag.


Why Erborian’s Super BB Cream Has Saved My Skin (And Dignity…)

Image – Courtesy of Writer


What is Erborian?

Erborian is a Korean skincare brand, born in 2007 and means ‘herbs of the orient’. Their products provide skin with long-term care using a combination of unique fruits, herbs, seed oils and vegetable extracts.

It’s no surprise then that Erborian never test on animals and they leave out all the ingredients we love to hate like sulphates (which can “lead to skin dehydration”, says Cleveland Clinic), parabens and formaldehydes.

What’s not to like so far?


What makes Erborian Super BB stand out?

The coverage. It’s thick, but not mask-like. I need a lot of coverage to hide blemishes which are arriving on my face daily at the moment (violins please). But because I want it all, I also want my finish to look natural.

Hmm. A high coverage base that masks spots but not the face? This is no mean feat! But I’m happy to report that Erborian Super BB achieves it.



What’s the difference between this and a foundation?

Well, whilst a foundation’s focus is usually the coverage, Erborian Super BB has other virtues too. As a brand, they like putting skincare first so even their makeup products help to treat and soothe the skin – bonus!

In Super BB, niacinamide promises to improve breakouts, minimise pores, provide ample hydration and strengthen the skin. Niacinamide is a “type of vitamin B3, one of eight B vitamins that support many aspects of your health,” explains Cleveland Clinic. “It helps build keratin, a protein that maintains skin health. It’s also been shown to make your skin stronger, smoother and brighter.

Niacinamide is used to treat acne and can help nourish and protect your skin, especially when it’s used with other products like retinol,” and “it’s a potent nutrient that rarely has side effects,” it adds.

This BB cream also contains SPF 20 and white ginseng complex, a key Korean active ingredient that helps to smooth and moisturise.

So, along with my regular spot-fighting skincare regime, Super BB gives my skin the TLC it needs (whilst also expertly hiding what I’m trying to fight off in the process!). And I’ve noticed a reduction in my acne already.

I find myself excited to apply it every morning. Not only because it stops me from obsessing over the look of my breakouts (they simply don’t exist when I’m wearing it). But because I know it’s only doing good for my skin.


Why Erborian’s Super BB Cream Has Saved My Skin (And Dignity…)

Image – Courtesy of Writer


What’s the difference between Erborian BB Cream and Erborian Super BB Cream?

Both products have the same skincare benefits but Super BB has extra coverage. So, whilst the standard BB cream provides good coverage, Super BB is perfect for those needing to cover up more stubborn and larger blemishes, whilst still looking natural.


Any down sides?

There aren’t enough shades in the range (only 5 to choose from).

I find myself flitting between Nude in the winter and Dore in the summer.  But even those aren’t perfect for me. The other options aren’t appropriate for my skin tone, which is frustrating so I have to make do.

I warm up the Nude with a bronzer in the winter and skip the bronzer when wearing Dore in summer, opting for just a blush instead. If you do get one for the summer and one for the winter, I recommend mixing half and half together when you’re in between seasons.


Why Erborian’s Super BB Cream Has Saved My Skin (And Dignity…)

Image – @Erborian/Instagram


The takeaway

Erborian Super BB Cream is the *perfect* base for those wanting extra coverage and some skin TLC. It glides onto the skin, leaving a subtle glow without looking wet or greasy.

With regular wear, the idea is that your skin improves whilst blemishes are beautifully evened out and concealed in the meantime. It lasts all day (I am particularly strict about these claims) and even though it’s an investment at £41/$50.77, a little goes a very long way so you won’t run out quickly.

Both my skin and confidence have been boosted by this wondrous product. Adult acne is not something anyone wants to endure, but products like this make it just that little bit easier to deal with.

Erborian, I salute you!


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