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Jones Road review

I Tried 5 Jones Road Cult Classics. Here Are My Thoughts

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Main Image – Jones Road

In 2020, iconic makeup artist Bobbi Brown launched her new makeup venture, Jones Road, the exact day her 25-year (!) non-compete clause with her hugely successful Bobbi Brown brand came to an end.

Independently-owned and aiming to offer makeup that’s as skin-friendly as possible (Jones Road have a list of over 2,700 ingredients they’ve committed to excluding), I first noticed the brand when there appeared to be a growing reaction on social media.

Then Jones Road soon became a talking point amongst friends, colleagues and even at the school gates.

So, I *had* to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

As a beauty editor and self-confessed makeup addict, I’m a tough crowd. So keep scrolling to find out how I got on after the brand sent me 5 of their hero face products to try, and whether I’ve been converted.


Jones Road review

Image – Jones Road


My review of 5 Jones Road makeup must-haves

Miracle Balm (£36/$43.83)

My verdict: 4/5

If you’re ever in doubt about your skin’s ability to shine, then look no further than this. It comes in a big pot and the idea is that you break ‘the seal’ of the balm with your finger and then warm it up to soften.

It’s a lip and cheek balm but, be warned: A little of the texture goes a very long way as it is very…er, balmy. Almost to the point where it might be a little too greasy for those with oily skin who are applying it on their cheeks. That’s me!

However, I do love that if I’ve overdone it with my mattifying products then this can instantly pep up my skin and give it a glow.

The brand- and its customers- are addressing Miracle Balm’s potentially over-glowy properties though.

One Instagram user, @figandsprig, commented on the Jones Road Instagram “I wanted to tell the ppl that were complaining about the balms being sticky or like Vaseline.

“I thought the same thing when I first used it… but if you wait about 10 -15 min your skin absorbs it and feels great! Be patient and don’t use too much.. a little goes a long way..”

The brand has also released a troubleshooting guide to get the most out of your balm, advising using only a pea-sized amount and dabbing, not smearing it.

If you love a glow though, you’ll see just how effective it is at offering a dewy look in makeup artist Jeanne Baynes’ reel below.



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A post shared by Jeanne Baynes (@jeannedoesmakeup)


As far as the pigment is concerned, it is very sheer so if you like a more subtle colour, this is the one for you. However, be aware that if you want to build it up, you’ll be adding even more shine. In this case, I’d recommend the Jones Road Lip and Cheek Stick instead (see number 5).

Miracle Balm smells divine – anyone who was ever a fan of the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm may recognise the scent (funny that…) and I love the variety of shades.

My favourites are Miami Beach, a soft coral, and Bronze, among other statement hues, but you can also get Au Naturel which is clear with a slight pearly finish.

Apply as a blush/bronzer and a matching lip balm (definitely not one for the eyelids) and you’ve got the *dream* lip and cheek team.


Jones Road makeup review tried and tested miracle balm image

Image – Jones Road


What The Foundation (£42/$51.14)

My verdict: 3.5/5

I’m a sucker for a base product. This tinted-balm-meets-foundation had me at ‘hello’ (which is Jerry Maguire speak for simply ‘opening the lid’.)

It gives a very sheer coverage which, if I’m honest, is a little too sheer for me at this time of year but I can imagine it being my go-to next summer.

The texture is, again, quite balmy so it feels quite greasy on application (that’ll be the jojoba oil) but it soon sinks in and ends up feeling beautifully hydrating. Another great reason to wear it in the summer when my skin is drier than usual.


Jones Road What The Foundation swatches

Image – @jonesroadbeauty/Instagram


Apply either with your fingers or with a brush – it’s up to you – but I quite enjoyed the idea of dipping a (clean) finger in and applying it like a face cream. It gave me a feeling of control and I could easily build on the areas that needed more coverage.

Reviews of this product on the Jones Road website are similar, with many commenting on how blendable the product is but noting that the coverage offered is lighter here.

“Love it love it love it. It is sheer but I use the face pencil to cover red areas and under eye. Very moisturizing. Feels like no makeup. Perfect product”, said one customer.

A lovely one for if you’re in between wanting coverage and a natural finish. It comes in 12 shades and it has that same lovely smell that Miracle Balm has too. Fresh, clean and polished.


What the foundation jones road makeup review

Image – Jones Road


The Face Pencil (£24/$29.22)

My verdict: 5/5

I have found this product to be the most useful out of the five. First of all, I had never heard of a face pencil before, so the idea of *literally* drawing on my coverage was exciting. But as much as it sounds like it might be a gimmick, rest assured, it isn’t!

It has a lovely matte finish making it perfect for people like me who want to cover up spots without the light bouncing off them, or redness without a side of shine. When you’ve found your correct shade (out of the 25 on offer), it will blend seamlessly into your skin adding natural, un-cakey coverage.

The shade range and matte finish here makes these impressive for contouring too, as beauty editor Cher Webb demonstrates (rather beautifully) below.



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A post shared by C H E R W E B B (@cherwebbmakeup)


Reviews on Jones Road’s Instagram page also seem to agree.

“The face pencils really are one of a kind. I typically loathe anything on my face other than skincare and spf. But, there are days where my skin just needs a little extra help. The face pencil is truly undetectable. I feel confident and comfortable in my own skin! THE GOAT”, commented @lionel_makeup.

And I absolutely love it. So much so that I am keen to buy a few of them to keep in my car/handbag/makeup bag. What can I say? I need all bases covered (no pun intended).


Jones Road review face pencil image

Image – Jones Road


The Everything Brush (£40/$48.70)

My verdict: 5/5

I love the name of this because it really can do everything face-based! It’s chunky but not too chunky. It’s wide but has a flat end so you can create ample coverage with it.

Whilst you can use it for blusher, bronzer, powder and highlighter, I’ve been primarily using it to apply my base and it feels super-soft and satisfying.

I find that some brushes get clogged very easily but this one hasn’t shown any signs yet (I try to wash my brushes once a week but I’m also human so…this has been a good test for when I forget).

I would say that at £40/$48.70, it’s quite expensive for a makeup brush, especially when there are other brands out there like Real Techniques who do amazing, more affordable tools.

Having said that though, I have a feeling this one is going to be in my makeup bag for ages – I haven’t seen a single strand of hair come off onto my skin – plus I can chop and change with what I use it for.

If you’re going to have one expensive brush in your collection, make it this one.

Other consumers also seem to love this brush for its versatility, softness and size, with one commenting “Excellent brush! Love how thick it is and works really well with the foundation and balm.”


Jones Road everything brush makeup reviews

Image – Jones Road


Lip and Cheek Stick (£34/$41.40)

My verdict: 4/5

The one you need to try if you want more pigment and less shine. It’s the opposite of Miracle Balm, but still as effective.

This gorgeous stick comes in 8 beautiful colours, my favourite being Bright Coral which is gorgeous next to both tanned summer skin and a paler, winter complexion.


Jones Road Lip and Cheek Tint shades

Image – jonesroadbeauty/Instagram


You can wear it as a blusher and a lipstick or choose one or the other but it really pulls your look together when worn as a team.

The texture is quite matte but not uncomfortably so, and it’s easy to blend either with a brush or your finger. Plus, you need to use very little to make an impact, meaning the £34/$41.40 you pay for it doesn’t need to be paid again for a very long time!

The size of this product is also a big plus, with just one stick needed in your handbag to cover blush and lip colour. Others agree about the handy size here. One reviewer on the brand’s own site said “Smooth application, and such a pretty subtle color. A good size if you need it for on the go or travel”, perfect!


lip and cheek tint

Image – Jones Road


The takeaway

I am *officially* a Jones Road convert.

The Face Pencil is fast becoming one of my most used products and I’m loving the pop of colour the Lip and Cheek Stick is adding to my makeup wardrobe.

It’s definitely on the expensive side (and delivery in the UK ain’t cheap either….) But when you consider that one of the most famous makeup artists in the world is behind this brand, you can kind of understand why.

Another thing I did notice is the size of the products, which are often on the larger size (looking at you, Miracle Balm). And of course, many of us want smaller, travel-size products and lots of us prefer to try before we buy – which can be difficult if products only come in large sizes.

Other consumers seem to agree with me on this one, with many on Instagram requesting the brand create smaller versions.

Jones Road recently addressed this on their Instagram page though, saying that smaller sizes and varieties of colours are typically “released twice a year” – as limited editions.

The only other downside? Availability to buy in store. 

Beyond three flagship US stores (all in New York or New Jersey), Jones Road is only available in one other in store location; department store Liberty in London. Otherwise it’s online shopping only, and this is also limited to shipping to only the US, UK and Canada at the moment.

My advice on the brand overall though? Pick one or two items and just treat yourself. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t regret it.


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