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Reviewing Alpha H's Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50

Reviewing Alpha H’s Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF

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Along with my permanent quest for the perfect fitting jeans and skin that shines bright like a diamond goes my search for an SPF that 1) Helps protect my freshly retinol/vitamin c/acid exposed skin, 2) Doesn’t break me out, and 3) Doesn’t make me so pale that I frighten children when I go out…

Oh and if it could not be so expensive that I’m tempted to use too little then that would be great too.

And so, in the name of science (ahem, product obsession), I’ve tried about 10 different SPFs over the last year, hoping to find one that ticks every box.

And while some have come pretty close (like Paula’s Choice Essential Glow Moisturiser SPF 30, and Dr Sam’s Flawless Daily Sunscreen, which are pretty solid contenders), my hunt still hadn’t brought me to a product I’d re-buy without hesitation.


On the Skin

So having heard good things about Alpha H’s Daily Essential Moisturizer SPF 50+, I thought I’d make that the next stop on my round-the-world tour of sun protection. But did it live up to what I’m looking for?

I’d love to say yes…partly because I like Alpha H, but mostly because I’d really just like to just find an SPF I love.

And this definitely does protect my skin and moisturise. That’s probably down to the vitamin E for antioxidant protection here, as well as glycerin to soften skin.


alpha h

Image – Cult Beauty


What other people have to say

One customer on the Cult Beauty website says “This moisturizer + SPF is lovely it feels so light and a little goes a long way. Its not sticky or heavy and gives a hydrating matte finish with makeup and a luminous glow without makeup!”

While others have expressed that they find this product “too oily”, with one saying “This moisturiser is a bit oily but if you have dry skin it’s great.”


The takeaway

But while it does also leave my skin white cast free and with a (I must say, delightful) glow, sadly this stings my eyes so badly if it gets anywhere near them that a few times I’ve just had to wash everything off and start again.

This was probably my fault for not being careful enough about washing my hands between applying this and then blending my under-eye concealer, but as someone who doesn’t particularly have sensitive eyes, it just seems like quite a lot of hassle.

Having said that, other people may not find the same issue with this.

The other issue I have with this though is that for a product that says it’s suitable for all skin types – including oily and combination – and which claims to leave skin matte, I have definitely found this gives a real glow on my skin.

That’s not such a problem for me because I do love a glow, but I could see oilier types not loving this one.

Great for: Not leaving a white cast behind.

Not-so-great for: Sensitive eyes as I find this one stings a bit.

Alpha H’s Daily Essential Moisturizer SPF 50+ is from £24.00 on the Cult Beauty UK website/$33.12 on the Cult Beauty US website



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  • Tatjana Cvejic


    Great review as always!!! So, since I have oily skin, it probably wouldn’t match my skin… I’m also in searching for perfect SPF which should be protective (of course 🙂 but very lightweight and not white on my skin.

    27th February 2020

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