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Wander Beauty brand review

Wander Beauty: A Brand Overview

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Ok, let me confess straight up that I love a gimmick…whether it’s particularly pretty packaging, a unique scent, or even just some good old fashioned clever marketing.

Which leads me to Wander Beauty.

Co-founded by model Lindsay Ellingson, Wander Beauty was inspired by her work on photo shoots across the world- and created with travel in mind.

Throw in the fact that the range is cruelty-free- and often vegan too- and I was really interested to try.

But apart from the fact that its products are carry-on friendly (and I enjoy imagining I’m jetting across the world to far flung, glamorous destinations when I use them), do they actually deliver on their claims?

Well, very happily as it turns out some of Wander’s products compare really well to my usual favourites.


Extended Stay Hydrating Mask

Containing a high proportion of natural ingredients without any potential nasties like synthetic fragrance (in fact to me this just smells like the macademia oil it contains), this thin, pink gel formula is so subtle on the skin it could happily be worn mid-flight to rehydrate skin without attracting too much attention...

Boasting fruit extracts like lychee and melon for antioxidant protection and to brighten skin tone, as well as seabuckthorn, cucumber fruit extract and meadowfoam seed oil to hydrate and soothe, this mask leaves my skin soft and comfortably hydrated.

Happily, it’s also free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and mineral oil.

The price is a bit of a downer, though, (but no worse than similar products from Herbivore and other luxury natural brands).

Great for: Hydration and those who like their face masks quick-absorbing.

Not-so-great for: The wallet, as this is a pretty pricey.


Mile High Club Mascara

Alongside my lifelong quest for skin that shines bright like a diamond is an ongoing search for the perfect mascara.

And since my under-eye dark circles (thanks genetics!) make a flake-free formula non-negotiable (the slightest movement in product leaves me look looking like I haven’t slept since 1996), that search has been going on for some years.

And while I do have a lash lift (one of the best beauty treatments I’ve ever spent money on), I still like a product that to enhance volume and separates lashes for a natural wide-eyed look.

Pretty much every mascara I’ve ever tried has to a greater or lesser extent left a little pigment under my eyes, so I am honestly so thrilled by this mascara, which has dropped not one flake of product in the almost five months I have been testing it.

Offering a similar natural-looking volume to Lancome’s Hypnose, this formula is also infused with peach leaf extract and castor oil to condition lashes (which makes me feel a little better about all the pain I subject them too…).

Great for: Natural looking, separated lashes with just enough volume and no flaking.

Not-so-great for: Honestly can’t think of anything- I really like this.

Wander Beauty’s Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara is £26 for 10 g, Cult Beauty UK and $26 for 0.35 oz/ 10 g, Sephora US


Smooth Sailing Perfecting Primer 

And finally, a product that wasn’t such a favourite.

Let me start by saying that that’s not because this is in any way a bad product- my friends who enjoy a matte/perfected look really love this- it’s just mainly because I don’t really like the feel of silicone primers.

And this is very much a silicone-based primer; and definitely aimed at the imperfection-blurring market.

The addition of vitamins E and C are are a pleasant bonus though, while the flecks of real gold are touted as increasing elasticity (and add a nice touch of luxury to the makeup application process).

Like the rest of the line, this is also cruelty-free, and definitely effective at achieving its aims (when I do use this on my skin, it really does have a perfecting effect).

Great for: Those who enjoys the skin-smoothing qualities of a silicone-based primer with some skincare goodies.

Not-so-great for: Anyone who doesn’t enjoy silicone in their products.




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