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How One Brand is Tackling the Rise in Hormonal Skin

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Main image – Made of More

If you’ve just hit your adult years, you may have noticed some surprising changes in your skin’s behaviour. 

Dryness, acne and rosacea are just three of many common skin conditions that women can experience even after they leave their teens. Oh, hello hormones! And there we were thinking we’d left our hormonal skin days back in our teenage years!

Imagine my relief (aged 40 and a half, with a recent bout of adult acne) when I learnt about Made Of More. It’s a doctor-led skincare brand created for adult hormonal skin. 

The brand’s founder, Jackie Lamyman, knows first-hand how skin can change in adulthood and beyond. “I began to have all these problems with my skin – redness, rosacea, dryness and breakouts,” she says. “I couldn’t smile my face hurt so much.”

So, keen to dig a little deeper to find out what part hormones play in these changes, she set out to help others. “I noticed there wasn’t a skincare brand around that focused on just looking after skin in a straightforward way,” she told me.

 And so, Made Of More was born. Here, Lamyman and Made of More’s GP and clinical lead, Dr Dhesi explain how (and why) hormones cause havoc with our skin as we age, and what their advice is for those struggling with hormone-related skin conditions.


How hormonal changes can affect the skin

Lamyman says understanding this is the fundamental issue. “If you have any sort of skin complaint, you should think very carefully about your skin barrier function,” she explains.

“If your barrier function is impaired, you’re letting things in and oestrogen plays a very pivotal role in protecting barrier function.”

Letting things in can damage the skin. And if we’re letting things in, we’re letting essential moisture out in the process. One of the things our skin needs the most, particularly as we head towards the menopause.

“The problem with hormones around the menopause and perimenopause is not that they’re declining, it’s that hormones are fluctuating,” Lamyman says. Cue: skin that doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going (although most of us wish adult acne would just go.)


The birth and ethos of Made of More 

Luckily for us though, Lamyman already knew a little about regulating hormones. “As the co-founder of a CBD company I believe that Endocannabinoids may have a role in supporting hormonal skin and as more and more research is done in this exciting field we are finding out how effective and useful these exciting molecules are,” she told me. 

“I decided to create Made of More to include this research into a skincare line.”

The brand is a team effort. Working with chemists, women’s health experts and GPs, Made of More’s aim is to support and improve skin. “We only have four products because we wanted them to be the best,” Lamyman says. 

“The brand’s ethos is about tackling any stigma around perimenopause and menopause. I’ve found that women are actually embracing life a lot more after 40 and becoming much truer to themselves.” Possibly the most encouraging thing I’ve heard all week.

So how long did it take to create these products? “We sit down with the chemists and come up with the best possible formula together,” she says.

“The longest period is the testing which takes around 5 months. We’re not about following trends or doing things quickly, we’re about getting the formulas right.” More words of encouragement.


Image – Made of More


The rise of adult acne

Sadly, it seems that adult acne is not fading away in a hurry, and it can sometimes start earlier than in our 40s. “There’s an increasing issue that we’ve noticed anecdotally that anywhere from mid 20s to early 30s people are suffering from breakouts or a recurrence of acne,” explains Dr Dhesi

So, apart from investing in acne treating products, what else can we do about it? “With lots of information about skincare ingredients available it’s easy to just concentrate on this but we need to actually look at a holistic approach to help out skin,” explains Lamyman

She says the first thing she addressed was stress. “I used to be the one who was doing HIIT workouts and now I would rather eat my own foot than do something like that!”

I have to say, I am inclined agree. “I thought the world would come to an end when I stopped. I found something that worked for me [instead] which was going for really long walks with my dogs.” 

So that’s the first step – de-stress by doing things that you actually enjoy, rather than what you think you have to enjoy. Because believe it or not, how you feel can actually have an impact on how your skin behaves. 

“Allowing myself to make that change, not beating myself up, not assuming that one way is right and one way is wrong and not judging myself or others, all formed part of a wholesale realisation about the quality of my life.”

Next up is your skin regime and “not making any sudden changes with your skincare,” says Lamyman. “This is the one time to really follow the instructions rather than going overboard and using too much of any one product.”


Image – Made of More


Self-care is key

Sometimes having a breakout can really get you down. But Lamyman says that’s what the professionals are for. 

“If your skin is affecting how you feel, speak to others. We’ve been working with a therapist because we’ve found that women can find it difficult to talk to their families about things like hormonal skin,” she explains.

And it’s not just women who struggle with the impact of hormonal fluctuations either. “We’ve also heard from men who have asked how to help their wives who are struggling with hormonal acne,” Lamyman adds. 


The takeaway

The concept of Made of More was clearly based heavily on Lamyman’s own personal experience, which makes it all the more endearing. Lamyman’s lifestyle and stress levels were affecting her skin, along with hormonal fluctuations as she entered her 40s.

But her determination to help others who were, and are, going through the same thing resulted in a range of four products that have the backing of senior medical professionals. I think you’ll agree, this is no mean feat!

The Made of More range, along with Lamyman’s change of lifestyle has obviously helped both her mental health and skin. Perhaps it will help yours too. “Women shouldn’t feel alone and should talk to friends and others about how they’re feeling,” she adds.

“Share, listen, empower, embrace other women!”


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