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Skincare product showing the best cold weather moisturisers

Editor Roundup: Our Favourite Cold Weather Moisturisers

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Main image – Julaisaeva/Adobe

As the chill settles in, our skin often bears the brunt of the cold, becoming dry, dull, and prone to irritation. Not to mention the constant battle with central heating, icy winds, frosty air and less moisture – our skin it put through a *lot* during the colder months.

It’s super important to repair and protect our skin barrier during colder weather, when our face is overexposed to the harsher elements. And, in the battle for radiant and well-nourished skin during the colder period, the right moisturiser becomes an indispensable ally, deep conditioning the skin, eradicating dry patches, and repairing the skin barrier.

That’s why the Live That Glow team have shared the must-have moisturisers that we absolutely *swear by* for the colder months, that promise to cocoon your skin in luxurious hydration, combating the harsh effects of plummeting temperatures.


Sally Underwood – Editor-in-Chief

winter skin moisturisers sally

Skin type: Sensitive

“My favourite colder weather moisturiser has got to be REN’s amazing Global Protection Day Cream.

“Unscented, thick and highly moisturising, this cream quenches my dehydrated skin, locks in moisture and soothes any irritation.

“It’s also packed with antioxidants too, which makes it great for anyone living in a high pollution or high UV area.”

(£42 for the 50ml/$52 for the 50ml on the REN website)
moisturisers for winter skin

Image – REN


Laura Kemp – Senior Beauty Editor

winter skin moisturisers laura

Skin type: Combination

“My skin always needs a bit of extra attention in the winter, since I have dry patches that become even more dry when the air is really cold! I don’t like moisturisers that are too thick, and prefer to target particularly dry areas with The Tropic Skincare Tamanu Balm All-In-One-Saviour.

“It’s my skin saviour over the winter- and in general! It heals any dry patches and reduces inflammation when I have the occasional breakout, melting into my skin and with no sticky residue.

“It’s also really good for any dry patches on my hands and for around my lips when they get chapped from the cold weather – especially since I like being outdoors and hiking even in harsh conditions.

“You can also use this on burns, scars, bug bites, stretch marks and more. I take the mini version with me everywhere, and it smells really fresh, too.”

(£16 for the 20ml mini version/$19.88 on the Tropic Skincare website)
our picks moisturisers for winter skin dry

Image – Tropic Skincare


Philippa Pearne – Beauty Editor

winter skin moisturisers philippa

Skin type: Oily and acne-prone

“My favourite is La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + SPF 30 with Niacinamide. It’s just the right balance of lightweight, comforting and hydrating on my oil-prone skin during the winter and I love its fresh, clean smell.

“When used in the morning, I don’t feel the need to use a makeup primer as it preps my skin perfectly for my base. And despite it containing SPF 30, I actually use it as a night cream too as I feel some night creams are too greasy and heavy for my skin.

“When I wake up in the morning my skin looks clear, more even and oil-free.”

(£15.75 on Cult Beauty/$29 on the Look Fantastic US website)
our picks moisturisers for winter skin

Image – Cult Beauty


Tori Crowther – Contributing Beauty Editor

winter skin moisturisers

Skin type: Sensitive, rosacea-prone skin

“Since I have rosacea, my skin leans on the dry and sensitive side. When the weather starts getting cooler, that’s when I really notice I need to amp up the skincare as it gets irritated, red and tight. Although I take things up a notch, I still stick to a pared-back approach; focusing on the skin barrier repairing basics with generous layers of hydration.”

Tori loves La Roche-Posay’s Cicaplast B5+ Baum for the colder weather months.

“This is my go-to nighttime moisturiser, and I must have gone through dozens of these in the last few years. It’s a very thick balm (hence the name) so is one for the true dry skin girlies. It’s fantastic for really sensitised skin or those with conditions like rosacea where a thicker cream is needed where a thin film is left on the skin.

“My favourite way to use this is pressing a 10p sized amount into my skin, paying attention to the dry areas, over the top of any topical treatments I’m using or my favourite lighter moisturiser. I also apply this before heading out into the cold on a walk as it protects my skin from the harsh winds. Sure, I look a little shiny but if my skin is happy then who cares!”

(£18 at Boots/ $15.99 on the La Roche Posay website)

Image – La Roche Posay


Grace Day – Contributor

winter skin moisturisers

Skin type: Dehydrated

“I love the original Ceramidin Cream from Dr. Jart+ and use it all year round on my dehydration-prone skin, but when winter comes and I need to really focus on my skin barrier, I swap it out for the brand’s Ectoin-Infused Cream instead.

“It’s an ultra-thick, dense, velvety formula which cocoons skin in a nourishing blend of ceramides, glycerin, shea butter and ectoin.

“It’s basically the skincare equivalent of a 15 tog winter duvet, and my parched winter skin loves it.”

(£50/$65 on the Dr. Jart+ website)
moisturisers for winter skin

Image – Dr Jart+



The takeaway

Our skin is put through a lot during the colder months, with icy temperatures, low humidity and harsh winds battering our skin barrier. Not to mention the changes in temperatures due to central heating and roaring fires indoors.

So, as autumn leaves (no pun intended) and the even colder weather arrives with winter, it’s super important to keep our skin hydrated, nourished, moisturised and protected. The best way to do this is to switch to thicker products that penetrate deeper into the skin.

Make sure to take some extra time and TLC with your skin, particularly on your face as it’s the most exposed, and treat it to some deep moisturising to keep it in tip-top condition.

Do you have a fave moisturiser that you switch to in the winter months? Join the conversation and let us know your suggestions!


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