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The Jones Road Product I Wrongly Prejudged (and Now Love)

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A few months ago, I wrote about my top 5 Jones Road products. Included in my favourites list was a blusher balm, a lip and cheek stick, a concealer crayon, a foundation and a multi-tasking makeup brush. All top-notch products that I still use to this day (particularly the Miracle Balm, because, well, that stuff is addictive.)

But recently another one of the brand’s products – Jones Road The Mascara – has come to my attention after being left off my list of items to try the first-time round. It ended up being buried in the dark shadows of my makeup collection and merely passed me by. 

This feels shameful to admit, since it is now one of my all-time favourite mascaras (and I have tested a lot of mascaras). So, keep scrolling to find out why Jones Road The Mascara (£24 from Liberty London UK /$26 from Jones Road US) is up there with the very best (and why I owe makeup artist Bobbi Brown a grovelling apology). 


Image – Courtesy of writer



I’m going to have to be honest here and just say it. When one of the most famous makeup artists on the planet, Bobbi Brown, owned her namesake makeup line I never got on well with any of the mascaras. 

I really like to have full, voluminous lashes but the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics mascaras were always either too weak to lift my gravity-loving lashes or there just wasn’t enough volume in the formula to give each of them the thickness they needed, let alone any hint of a curl. Bobbi Brown mascaras and my stubborn lashes were just a bad match.

Brown eventually sold Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and later launched a brand-new makeup line – Jones Road. I had very kindly been sent a box of Jones Road products by the PR so that I could write about the ones I liked, and whilst I fell in love with Miracle Balm, all the brushes and that very clever Face Pencil, I was dubious about the mascara. What can I say? The trust had gone!

So, there it remained in my makeup drawer, unboxed, unwanted and unloved.


A mascara ‘curve’ball

But one day, disaster struck. As I pulled off the lid from my old faithful Max Factor mascara, I felt a click. The brush had snapped off inside the tube and there was no way of getting it out. Great.

So, I frantically rummaged around my drawer and found the Jones Road mascara. I could almost feel it judging me, saying “well, look who comes crawling back…”. 

Ignoring my inner demons, I unscrewed the top and, to my surprise, pulled out a long wand with a chunky, curved brush. All the Bobbi Brown mascaras I had tried before were a standard mascara size. No chunkiness and no curves. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


The thing I like about a curved brush is that you can place the curve perfectly onto the root line of your lashes and it will grab each lash evenly as you apply – including the outer and inner ones. A straight brush will only really grab the lashes in the middle, meaning you then have to go back and use the end of the wand to coat the outer and inner ones. 

This makes for a bit of a clumsy, uneven application. And I have been known to accidentally stick the end of a straight wand actually into my eye trying to coat my inner corner lashes. Don’t try this at home. It hurts.

So, the fact that the Jones Road brush was curved instantly pleased me. And I was actually quite ashamed that I hadn’t bothered to even take a glimpse at it to see what shape it was when it first arrived on my doorstep.


I take it all back

As I applied the mascara, my mouth dropped to the floor (even more so than it naturally does when I’m applying mascara – just me?). Wow. This mascara meant business. 

With three or four upwards sweeps of the wand, each one of my lashes was evenly coated, lifted and curled.  

It was as if I had painted on some really easy to apply false lashes. My naturally stubby, pointed-down lashes had been transformed into flirty, fanned-out, feathery ones and I hadn’t even used any eyelash curlers. 

What’s more, there was zero drop as the day went on, I didn’t notice a single smudge and it was easy to remove. It has now replaced my ‘old-faithful-mascara-which-actually-proved-to-be-really-unfaithful-in-the-end’ and I am chuffed to bits that I have finally found a mascara that does everything my natural lashes can’t. 

So, Jones Road and makeup artist extraordinaire Bobbi Brown, I salute you. *Grovel grovel*


What other users are saying

A quick scan of Jones Road’s Instagram and online reviews suggests other agree too, with many also praising it for being one of the best mascaras they’ve ever tried.

“One word. Amazing!” says Instagram user @xjustxjennax, while Helen T wrote in her review on,“Best mascara I have ever used. Worth paying more for.” 

Another reviewer, Gina S, agreed, “Applies like a dream, very smooth.”


Overall value for money

I would honestly pay more for this mascara. Paying £24 for a mascara that ticks all of my lash-related boxes is, in my opinion, a no brainer.

I sometimes part with £30 for one of my other favourite Estee Lauder mascaras, when I’m feeling flush. But thanks to its price and general greatness, Jones Road The Mascara has just pipped that one to the post. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


The takeaway 

I can highly recommend a curved mascara wand for grabbing every lash and finishing with an even coating of mascara. And I think the chunkiness of Jones Road The Mascara, combined with the curved wand really helps to make it as brilliant as it is.

As for me, I remain humbled. Never again will I judge a makeup item by past experiences. After all, Jones Road isn’t Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Products and formulas evolve, and I can honestly hold my hands up and say that this is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried. 


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