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How to layer all skincare products

The Ultimate Guide to How to Layer Your Skincare Like. A. Pro.

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If you’re like me then getting skin glowing at the same time as reducing my daily beauty routine to no more than a couple of minutes is something of a priority.

Because while I really do love my skincare (and I mean really, really), unless it’s mini facial time I’m not so much into spending half an hour prepping my skin in the mornings/evenings.

But since I know that I need a couple of different serums/creams etc to target all my specific concerns (pigmentation, dehydration…)- and that I have to leave some time between each one to let them absorb- I’ve put together a quick layering routine that takes the guesswork (and the time) out of applying multiple products.

And here it is!

1. After cleansing skin (or not if you’re not a morning-time cleanser- I’m not always if my skin is particularly dry), while the skin is still damp use your toner to remove any last traces of oil/dirt/last night’s mascara and increase hydration

2. Again, while the skin is still damp from toner, begin applying your serums from the lightest texture to the heaviest (if any of those serums contains AHAs, retinol or some form of medicated acne treatment though, apply to completely dry skin).

3. Leave 10-15 seconds between layers (or until each one is fully absorbed)

4. Next, apply your eye cream (tapped on with your ring finger)

5. Leave to absorb

6. Apply moisturiser and allow it to absorb fully

7. If you’re a facial oil fan, now’s the time to add that in too

7. And finally, in the mornings add SPF (half a teaspoon for your face and neck, making sure to apply evenly to all areas)

So there it is… Not earth-shattering stuff, but hopefully a quick and simple guide to which order to apply products and how long to leave between layers.







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Sally Underwood is a journalist, *serious* beauty fan, and Editor-in-Chief of Live That Glow. Formerly Editorial Director of one of Europe's largest newspaper groups, Sally has been a beauty obsessive since her teen years spent dragging her long-suffering (but immaculately-groomed) friends around every beauty counter in London. She now leads Live That Glow's editorial operations.

Expertise: Skincare, Body care
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