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The Bare Minerals Base I Recommend to All of My Makeup Clients

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Main image – Courtesy of writer

If you’re in the market for a more lightweight summer base, have I got the product for you. Well, the clever people at Bare Minerals have actually. 

It’s not new, but it is one that I re-visit summer after summer. And, being an impartial skincare and makeup consultant (as well as a beauty editor), it’s the product I always put at the top of my clients’ makeup prescriptions, without fail. Particularly those who are looking for good coverage, but coverage that looks natural at the same time.

Keep scrolling to find out why my clients agree that this is an absolute must for your summer makeup bag. 


Tinted moisturiser

The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturiser Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30 (£32.50 from Boots UK /$39 from Bare Minerals US) is primarily a tinted moisturiser. But don’t let that deter you, coverage fans.

If you’re anything like me, seeing the words ‘tinted moisturiser’ can be a huge turn off. After all, we want our breakouts/redness/unevenness or all of the above to be nicely hidden all year round, right?


Image – Courtesy of writer


Having said that, during the summer months when you’re a little bit sweaty, a little bit tanned and usually a bit more carefree, a full coverage foundation may not feel like the right option either. Well, in my opinion, this product is the right option.

Yes, it says tinted moisturiser on the tube, but I feel it’s a little more than that. It’s got more of a ‘whipped-like’ texture than a creamy one, (whilst still feeling soft on the skin) which gives the impression that it isn’t quite as sheer as a standard tinted moisturiser.

The coverage is ample whilst still looking and feeling lightweight. There is zero cakeyness involved here, just a natural looking tinted veil over your skin.  When you hear people talking about a product being like a ‘second skin’, this is it. And this second skin is beautifully even and super glowy.


Skin benefits

Its glowiness, I’m sure, comes from the generous helping of hyaluronic acid contained in the formula which ensures your skin is beautifully hydrated. It’s oil-free too so any glow you experience will be down to goodness, not grease. 

Another bonus is that it’s a mineral-based broad-spectrum SPF 30 too which, whilst I believe this should be standard in all bases and moisturisers these days, is a welcome addition. 



Summer ?skin? pro tip: use COMPLEXION RESCUE® Tinted Moisturizer to achieve a boost hydration for a dewy, healthy-looking glow. Find your shade right here on @TikTok Shop. ? #COMPLEXIONRESCUE #TintedMoisturizer #MineralSPF #MineralsSunscreen

? original sound – bareMinerals

And it’s free from all the stuff that, in an ideal world, you’d want it to be free from. As well as being cruelty-free it’s also void of parabens, gluten, synthetic fragrances, talc as well as PEG and SLS (if avoiding those ingredients is your thing). I mean, it’s practically showing off.



I’m not usually a fan of applying any base with my fingers as I hate the mess. With the exception of this product. For some reason – probably the high quantity of hydration – every time I apply it with a brush it doesn’t blend in properly and my brush ends up being quite wet, so hands tend to be best here. 

I shake it well before use – it can come out quite runny if it isn’t mixed properly. Then I use a pea-sized amount, rub it in between my fingers and apply it just as I would my moisturiser. 



Even, glowy ?and? protected—it’s why COMPLEXION RESCUE® Tinted Moisturizer Mineral SPF 30 is a summertime staple. ?? Tap to shop your shade. ?: @Madison Amateau #COMPLEXIONRESCUE #TintedMoisturizer #MineralSPF #BareBeauties

? original sound – bareMinerals

You’ll see when it first goes on that the coverage looks quite heavy – don’t panic. As you massage it into your skin, it melts in seamlessly and eventually it’s hard to see where your skin stops, and Complexion Rescue begins. But you’ve still got that lovely even finish that doesn’t completely mask your face. Now, that’s my kind of summer base. 


Extra help

Now, whilst in my opinion this is better than a tinted moisturiser in the coverage department, you will still need a helping hand concealing the bigger ticket items like acne, dark circles or a particularly severe case of hyper-pigmentation.

Make sure you invest in a good concealer to apply over the top (applying underneath Complexion Rescue will be pointless as it’s so hydrating and will just wipe off any concealer you’ve already put on). 

My favourite to accompany this is Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (£27 from Boots UK /$32 from Nars US) as it’s better at staying put than a lot of other concealers. If in doubt though, tap some translucent powder over the top of where you’ve applied your concealer and this should set it in place


What other users are saying

I love the fact that users say they’ve had people commenting on their skin when wearing this product. Christine V on says, “I can’t believe all the compliments I receive about my dewy looking skin.” Suzanne B says, “Love this! It makes my skin look so nice that a stranger actually stopped me in the grocery store to tell me how beautiful my skin looked. That’s a first. I’m a big fan!”

And the SPF works well too. “Great coverage with SPF! I wore this on my cruise and never burned my face. The protection was excellent,” says Sara F.


Overall value for money

I always expect to spend around the £30/$30 mark for a decent base or foundation. This costs £32.50 so not far off. And the fact that it is available in lots of different shades and is a decent SPF and moisturiser too in my opinion, makes it worth the money. 


The takeaway

I love a base that evens out your skin tone, makes it glowy and keeps it protected, all whilst still making you look like you. That’s why I recommend this to my clients – 99% of them want to look as natural as possible, not caked or like they’re wearing a mask of makeup, and this ticks all their boxes.

Remember to shake the bottle well before use and try applying it with your fingers to experience the best of it. Invest in a good concealer too (it’s better coverage than a tinted moisturiser but not as heavy as a foundation) and enjoy those skin benefits.


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