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I booked a £75 Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Lesson. But Was It Worth it?

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Image – Courtesy of writer

Scrolling the internet one night in search of some new makeup products, I stumbled across a makeup lesson Charlotte Tilbury offers.

It cost £75, however the £75 was fully redeemable on any Charlotte Tilbury products. I was about to spend that amount on makeup anyway, so why not get a lesson included?

The lesson I chose was called ‘Red Carpet Ready’ which aims to teach you the Hollywood tricks of the stars with a transformation from one of Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup artists. I booked in at the Charlotte Tilbury store in York (although lessons are offered across the UK making them pretty accessible) and awaited my appointment.

But how did I get on, and was it worth the £75 spend?


First impressions

Upon arrival I was greeted by my makeup artist, Natasha Woodcock, who offered me a glass of fizz whilst we sat down and discussed what look I wanted to achieve.

I asked for a soft glowy glam with warmer tones, such as golds and peaches, which I could recreate at home for the upcoming season.

Natasha also wanted to understand my skin type to ensure the products would last all day/night; as I have combination skin and wanted glowy makeup she used only cream base products. 


Jessica getting her skin prepped. Image – Courtesy of writer


We started with skin, where I discovered it is all in the prep when you are after that red carpet glow. We started with the Glow Toner and Magic Serum Crystal Elixier which instantly brightened up my skin tone.

Moving onto the Cryo-recovery eye serum, which was a personal favourite of mine, the applicator was a cooling metal that fitted into the contour of my eyes perfectly and gave a cooling sensation which helps depuff under the eyes (perfect for after late nights). 

Having combination skin Natasha recommended using the new Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream, similar to the well-known Magic Cream. This formula smooths and plumps the look of your complexion and helps balance, dehydrated skin but combats oil which is perfect for combination skin.

Finishing the skin was the Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer to hydrate and prime with SPF 50. 

My face was cleansed, massaged, moisturised, primed and illuminated; by the end of the process I felt like I’d had a mini facial. Time to move onto the makeup.


Stage 1: The base

Natasha used Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation in shade 5N which is a buildable medium coverage and used the Beautiful Radiant Concealer in shade 5 to match the foundation. 

Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow bronzer in the shade medium was then applied to bronze the face, this was another cream product to maintain that glow and it blended perfectly with the foundation.

For the cheeks she paired the Matte Beauty Blush Wand in PeachPop with the Beauty Light Wand in Spotlight to highlight.

Initially the PeachPop looked slightly intimidating and, quite frankly, a little neon so I was sceptical, however when it was applied to the cheek it created a natural flush of colour which blended out a lot more sheer than I expected. 


Stage 2: The eyes

Moving onto eyes, Natasha explained similar to the skin “in order for your eyeshadow to last it is important to have a base to stick to.” We started with a cream eyeshadow called Exagger-Eyes and then built up the eyeshadow with the palettes Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette and The Golden Goddess for a touch of sparkle in the centre of the eye. 

I’ve always struggled with doing winged eyeliner and therefore asked Natasha for some tips on how to recreate that perfect liner.

Natasha warmed up Super Brown Liner on the back of her hand and then placed the product on an eyeliner brush before applying it to the corner of my eye. Using a brush for the eyeliner, “allows you to wipe away any mistakes easier than a liquid or using a pencil, you can always go over the line after with a pencil or liquid liner to intensify it,” she explained.

It is important to always “apply eyeliner when your eyes are open looking straight ahead and following your bottom lash line up, this will create the most symmetrical liner.”

We added some Pillow Talk Mascara to finish as, unfortunately if you are a fan of fake eyelashes Charlotte Tilbury does not accommodate, which is something to bear in mind. 


Jessica learns how to do the perfect winged liner. Image – Courtesy of writer


Stage 3: The lips

We used three products on my lips, if you are not a fan of the famous pillow talk this may be a good alternative which has more peachy brown undertones. The Iconic Nude Lipliner, Nude Romance lipstick and finished off with Seduction lipgloss to create an ‘ombre effect’ lip.

To finish off, we used the Airbrush Powder to get rid of any unwanted shine and to set everything in place before topping off with setting spray. Previously unsure whether setting spray actually works, Natasha explained, “It’s always good to have another layer of protection for your makeup but I would say it is more important to use a powder to set the makeup.”


The final result

I loved the finished look, which was just what I had asked for; soft and classic. I also felt it was something I could easily recreate at home and nothing too complex with the eyes.


Jessica straight after her appointment. Image – Courtesy of writer


The makeup also lasted a solid 12 hours (the pictures below were taken at 4pm and 11pm that evening), although it  required powder top-ups throughout the night to avoid any excess shine, which can be expected with cream products. 


Jessica 6 hours after her appointment. Image – Courtesy of writer


Jessica 12 hours after her appointment. Image – Courtesy of writer


My overall impressions

Overall, from start to finish, having a Charlotte Tilbury makeover is incredibly luxurious, from the mini facial to a glass of champagne, you feel pampered. 

And despite Natasha using a full range of Charlotte Tilbury makeup products on my face I did not feel overly-pressured to buy. You already have your £75 credit behind the till but usually they always want to sell you a little more, right? Afterwards Natasha wrote down all the products used, which was helpful if wanting to purchase additional products in the future.  


Jessica’s purchases from her appointment. Image – Courtesy of writer


I walked out with a Charlotte Exagger-eyes beauty secrets set which included the Bigger Brighter Eyes Palette in Exagger-eyes and Hollywood Exagger-eyes Liner duo (to practise the eyeliner trick at home) –  the eyeshadow pallet being worth £45 on its own, and the Beauty Blush Wand in PeachPop. In total I spent £80 including my lesson – and I was totally happy handing over my card. 


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