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I Tested This Viral Heated Brush on My Short Hair and Got Surprising Results

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You know how there are some things you’re good at and other things you’re probably not so good at? Hey, no one’s perfect.

But it’s kind of embarrassing when you’re a beauty editor and you’re useless at curling your own hair. Even after almost 18 years of being in this industry and interviewing some pretty well-known hair stylists, give me a pair of curling irons or a tong and I’m void of any talent. It’s actually quite funny to watch (but I’ll spare you any video footage, and myself the embarrassment). 

I tend to just blame this little problem of mine on my thick, frizzy hair texture which already has a wave going through it, but definitely not in a cool way. However, deep down I think the main problem is my lack of coordination. 

I can’t get the right angles with an iron, and I’m incapable of using a tong without burning my fingers. It’s a disaster. And while we’re at it, I’m pretty terrible at getting any volume into my roots too, despite my hair being frustratingly unruly.

The other issue is that I have a bob. Whilst I love my style and I know it suits me way more than when I wear it long, short hair isn’t very easy to curl. Getting the right angles and directions is crucial. And, well, we all know by now that I sadly don’t possess that gift. Short hair should, however, be easy to get volume into. So where am I going wrong?

When the Answr Volumewave Heated Brush (£79.90) landed on my doorstep I was intrigued and wondered if it could, in fact, be the Answr (sorry…). 


Image – Courtesy of writer


It wasn’t marketed as a tong or a curling iron, but surely a heated brush can do all sorts. Could this be ‘the one’ that takes me from inept to expert? 

Because isn’t a brush a brush? Meaning that this would be easy to use, and with the added benefit of heat, problem solved…right? Hmm. Find out how me and my short hair got on…


Orange is the new black

The Answr Volumewave Heated Brush doesn’t exactly blend into the background. It’s bright coral for a start and comes with two brush sizes, tangle-free bristles and to quote the website, “a high-tech blend of nano titanium and ceramics”.

The two brushes are very easy to slot in and out and I love the feel of the matte orange handle. Plug it in, switch it on and that’s all you need to do. No all singing, all dancing settings. This is right up my street. It heats up in seconds and it’s super lightweight too.


Short hair problems

Shout out to my fellow short haired girls wanting to see more tutorials on how to put a wave into a bob. And an even bigger shout out to my fellow short haired girls wanting to see more tutorials on models with stubborn, thick and frizzy hair. It’s easy to see how someone with fine, easy to manage short hair can do it, but let me tell you, us wild ones in the corner need some extra help.

I checked the Answr YouTube channel and one of the first videos that popped up (which features hair stylist Jack Merrick-Thirlway) was of a girl with short hair having her hair styled with the heated brush – yes! However, her hair is glossy, straight and my idea of heaven. “No point in watching that,” I thought to myself, “because I can’t relate”.

Either way, I was ready to give the brush a go. I clicked on a different tutorial showing how to use it, albeit on a girl with dead straight, long hair (grr), and just went for it. 


Ready to curl

The brush goes up to a secure 180 degrees so I didn’t feel like I was going to singe my hair, but using a heat protector before any heated styler is well advised. 

Using the smaller brush of the two (because – short hair) I did as I was told in the tutorial in order to create a soft wave. The brush was comfortable and surprisingly easy to run through my hair, once I’d created the right amount of tension. 



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Usually these things get rather tangled up in my rebellious hair – this is where the finger burns usually occur – but the brush glided through nicely and I felt instantly safe. I twisted the brush to create a wave and stood back to admire the view.

But the view left a lot to be desired. It flicked out at the end – nice. But it didn’t really look like a wave. I don’t know if that’s because my hair is too short to create a decent wave or if the brush itself isn’t hot enough for my hair type. Or maybe it’s me (let’s face it, this is an easy assumption to make).

I persevered. But no amount of patience, deep breaths or words of affirmation could get my hair to not look stupid. It just looked ridiculous. My face was a picture whilst I was ‘styling’ my hair, but not one even my mother would frame. It. just. wasn’t. working. 


Moving on

“Right,” I thought. “Let’s try something else.” Yes, the time had come to give up on my wavy-hair dreams. I don’t like to be defeated, and urge you not to give up on your dreams, but this was a time for acceptance. It was time to move on. 

You see, I could tell that this brush was good in the volume department. In whatever ‘wave’ I had tried to style five minutes before, there was at least some impressive volume at the root. Volume I can’t seem to achieve with my hair dryer. 

So, I revisited the tutorial with the girl with (heavenly) short hair. If I’d actually bothered to watch it in the first place, I would have realised that the brush in this video is actually used to give shape to her bob, not curl or wave it. And I was pretty sure I could do that, even with my hair texture and lack of styling skills.

So, using Merrick-Thirlway’s advice in the tutorial, I created tension at the roots and curled my hair under. Wow. I had actually done something right. Hello gorgeously shaped bob!


Philippa after styling her hair. Image – Courtesy of writer


I went all the way around and liked what I was creating. On closer inspection though, the front strands of my bob were a little ‘stiff’. I like them to be a little ‘looser’ and ‘freer’ – less ‘shaped’. So I flicked them outwards using the brush and there, right in front of me, was my version of heavenly hair. It wasn’t wavy or curly – that ship had sailed. But it was looking pretty damn good.

I finished off by applying tension with the brush to the front of my hairline, where my side parting starts.  It created a really cool quiff, something only my hairdresser can usually achieve. I was very impressed.

I now use the brush to substitute my lack of talent in the volume department, as well as for shaping my bob, rather than my usual tactic of reaching for the straighteners (which only flattens it). 

So, Answr Volumewave Heated Brush – we may not have been able to make waves together but in the end, we found our path to a style I’m more than satisfied with.


What other users are saying

Others seem to agree that it’s great for creating volume and smoothness. One buyer, Sharon A, said on, “Very happy with this heated roller brush, I haven’t got very long hair but it just gives it a lift and my hair is quite thick but it definitely holds using this product.” 

Meanwhile, Lisa D said, “Let me tell you, for my unruly frizzy hair this thing works wonders.” 

And Emma R said, “I wish I had gotten one of these sooner. It heats up fast and doesn’t burn or break my hair. My hair actually feels silky. I love it.”


Value for money

Having been sent this directly by the brand (oh the perks of being a beauty editor!) I was actually pleasantly surprised when I discovered that this costs £79.90. I know it sounds expensive but when you compare it to other heat stylers, it’s very reasonable, particularly for something so lightweight, quick to heat up and easy to run through your hair. And given the amount of times I’ve used it in between washes since my first go has more than proved its value to me.


The takeaway

Despite still not being able to curl or wave my hair properly, I’m pretty pleased with how I’ve managed to turn my experience with the Answr Volumewave Heated Brush around. And it isn’t just a product I enjoyed using once, it’s become part of my regular hair touch-up routine.

I very nearly gave up on it. But my experience proves that with perseverance comes shape, volume and a quiff my hairdresser would be proud of!


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