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Zendaya Goes Intergalactic with New Micro Fringe at Paris Couture Week

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Main Image – @schiaparelli/instagram

The intergalactic vibes are out in full force this month, with the likes of Zendaya sporting a short blunt fringe at the @schiaparelli show for Paris Couture Fashion Week 2024 and Katy Perry going full-on alien complete with prosthetics.

They say a haircut can completely change your look, a fringe in particular, but when we say Zendaya’s fringe has transformed her face – we mean it.

Accentuating her sharp cheekbones and paired with a dramatic black skirt, the Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globes winner stole the show (ok, kind of).

Not one to shy away from dramatic cuts, after wearing waist-length hair at Coachella before cutting a short and bouncy bob, we expect no less. 


Recreating Zendaya’s new intergalactic micro fringe

Sitting front row, the Euphoria star showed off her new choppy bangs with super straight hair, matching her dramatic all-black ensemble featuring a high-neck top with knots down the sleeves and a satin skirt with a long train. 

But, for me, it’s her ears poking through 2 face-framing pieces of long hair at the front that really gives it a dramatic alien vibe, as well as the cut being ultra-blunt. I’d even go as far to say that the cut looks almost like a V-shape, giving it an ultra-modern vibe.

Dubbed the ‘jellyfish cut’ on Pinterest and set to be HUGE in 2024, Zendaya is leading the way with this super cool fringe (that we, admittedly, assume is a hair piece).

OG JLo also got the space-themed memo, wearing a pair of cool out-of-this-world gold sunglasses and a slicked-back bob to the same couture event in Paris.



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What *exactly* is a micro fringe?

Micro bangs are super short and lie above your eyebrows. They’re brilliantly bold  – but they are not going to be for everyone. Those with higher cheekbones suit this style, as well as those with a more oval-shaped face.

Now, we don’t recommend cutting your fringe yourself (unless this is something you do regularly or something your hairdresser has shown you how to do properly) because, let’s face it, we probably all made this mistake when we were younger – I know I did, a few times!

Trimming your fringe at home is as far as you should go unless you’re a pro and you should follow what your stylist has already cut into your hair. If you’re wanting to give your fringe a trim, follow this tutorial from the stylist to some huge A-listers @sunniebrook (who is actually using a faux fringe piece).

But, in this TikTok from renowned stylists coiffeurstory (based in Paris, too), you can get a good idea of how your stylist will create your microbangs and how to make them more wearable with face-framing pieces at the front like Zendaya’s.


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? My Barn My Rules – MCR-T & horsegiirL

How to style a micro fringe

So, with the micro fringe (also dubbed ‘baby bangs’) back in business this year let’s take a look at how you can style this look – with or without going for the chop – as well as how to your bangs for an out-of-this-world style that will have you way ahead of the trend.

A fringe can be difficult to style, especially if it’s on the shorter side and your hair is curly or wavy. But, fear not, we’ve got a super simple tutorial along with a step-by-step description of how you can make your micro bangs look seriously amazing.

It’s quite the commitment to get a micro fringe cut in since you will more likely have to style it every day – it’s not a cut for the lazy guys and gals, unfortunately. 

A mini flat iron or curling tongs are the best tools to use on a micro fringe, as well as hairspray, dry shampoo and a boar bristle brush, according to Loreal.

This tutorial from youruzer on TikTok will show you *exactly* how to style your curtain bangs with a set of straighteners:



I forgot to tag a comment from my last vid ? but update ? thank yalll for the sweet comments ???? #microbangs #fy #hairstyle

? Shut up My Moms Calling – Hotel Ugly

Every stylist says you need to use product but not too much product (I know, I know) since nobody wants a greasy fringe! But, you do want to protect your hair from heat as well as help your bangs to stay in place.

Step-by-step micro bangs styling

1. First, you’ll want to section off your hair, depending on how wavy or curly it is. Straight-haired girlies, you’re in luck because you may be able to skip this step!

2. Spritz heat defence spray on each section before you straighten through the lengths of your hair. You’ll do this before you move on to style your bangs.

3. Then, spritz some heat defence on your fringe and use straighteners, angling downwards and away from your roots, to straighten your fringe. Add some hairspray to keep your hair in place.

4. This TikTok tutorial has flicked some of the ends out since she has a wolf cut, but if you want a look like Zendayas then you’ll want all of your hair to be poker straight.

5. To refresh you fringe in between washes, spritz in some dry shampoo and leave in for a few seconds to soak up the oils. Then style as usual.


zendaya baby bangs micro bangs fringe paris

Image – @schiaparelli/instagram


The takeaway

In short (no pun intended), you’re best to always go to your stylist if you’re ready to brave the chop and get bangs. Or, you can always go for a cool clip-in set so you don’t have to commit!

Proving the style most famously worn by Audrey Hepburn and pin-up girls is firmly back for this year, with Kirsten Stewart also recently sporting the look at Sundance this week, it never really goes out of style.



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