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Here Are Our Top 10 Blusher Hacks for Your Glowiest Finish Yet

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Main image – Luisvelasco/Stocksy

A beautiful rosy glow is the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look. And blusher is the way to achieve it. But what are the best blusher hacks for looking impossibly fresh and glowy? 

Well, whether you want to up your application game or it’s out with the old blusher, in with the brand spanking new, keep scrolling for expert tips from makeup artist Ashley Nichole Gibson, as well as my personal experiences with blusher. Including the product my cheeks and I simply cannot do life without.


Hack 1: Get your brushes right

Your choice of brush, if using one, depends firmly on which texture your blusher is. “Use a fluffy, angled blush brush for powders or a stippling brush for creams,” says Gibson. “The right brush will diffuse the colour evenly, avoiding harsh lines.”


Hack 2: Choose your texture

Cream blushers are fantastic for achieving a dewy, natural glow,” says Gibson. “Many cream blushes are formulated with moisturising ingredients that help to hydrate the skin, enhancing its natural glow. They’re particularly suitable for dry or mature skin types.” 

A liquid it slightly more understated. “They offer a sheer, buildable colour that can create a subtle, sun-kissed glow,” Gibson adds. “Their lightweight formula can be easily blended into the skin or layered over the foundation for a radiant finish. Liquid blushes are versatile and can be mixed with foundation or highlighter for an all-over luminous effect.”


Image – Taylorcready/Stocksy


And baked powders are for those who want less shimmer. “Baked blushes are known for their finely milled, smooth texture that delivers a soft, radiant glow,” she continues. “Due to their baked formulation, they are typically shimmer-free but luminous. This type of blush is ideal for those who want a glowing finish without noticeable sparkle or glitter.”


Hack 3: Or try a blusher balm

Personally, I’ve never been one to use a powder blusher as I like the radiance that a cream blush adds to my skin. However, since using Jones Road Miracle Balm it has taken my glow to another level, particularly in the evening. 

It’s a shimmery, pigmented balm (available in a whopping 12 shades) that you dab on using your finger. It’s quite tacky at first but once you blend it into the skin it’s less so and just feels super hydrating. You can build it up as much as you want for a pretty flush of colour and it can also be used as a lip balm. The pot itself is huge too so it lasts and lasts. I am a total blusher balm convert.


Image – Jones Road


Hack 4: Apply with your finger

You might find it easier and quicker to apply a cream or balm blusher with your fingers instead of a brush. I use my ring finger to lightly dab cream formulas onto the apples of my cheeks. Then I apply whatever is left over on my finger to my lips for a pretty finish. This makes my overall look glowier too. 

“Never underestimate the power of your fingers when applying cream blush,” Gibson adds. “The warmth from your hands helps melt the blush into the skin, allowing for a smooth, glowing finish. This method offers excellent control over the intensity and placement of the blush, making it ideal for achieving a natural, flushed look with a radiant sheen.”


Hack 5: Try a beauty sponge

If you prefer blending and applying makeup using a sponge, Gibson says it will give a dewy, natural finish. “The moisture in the sponge helps sheer out the blush for a buildable glow that looks as if it’s coming from within,” she explains. “This method can also help mold blush with your foundation or tinted moisturiser, enhancing the overall radiance of your makeup.”


Hack 6: Build the pigment up

“It is easier to add more blush than remove it,” Gibson explains. “Start with a small amount of product. If you want more colour, gradually build the blush in light layers until you reach the desired intensity. This approach prevents over-application.”


Image – Bonninstudio/Stocksy


Hack 7: Apply upwards

It’s important to get the direction of your application right so that your blusher looks the most flattering. So, instead of applying it in a downwards or horizontal motion, “blend the colour upwards toward the hairline for a lifting effect,” Gibson explains. “This technique ensures the blush harmonises with your makeup, naturally enhancing your facial features.”


Hack 8: Blend the edges

If blusher isn’t blended properly, the finish can sometimes look a bit like a paint by numbers! So, think soft lines. “Ensure [there are] no visible lines between your blush, bronzer, and highlighter,” Gibson advises. “Everything should blend seamlessly for a cohesive look. Step back and look at your makeup in different lights to ensure your blush looks natural and balanced with the rest of your makeup. Adjust as necessary.”


Hack 9: Add highlighter

For even more radiance, “consider applying a bit of highlighter on the high points of your cheeks, blending it with your blush for an extra dimension of glow,” Gibson says.


Hack 10: Layer up your blushers

Gibson recommends the clever trick of layering a liquid or cream blusher underneath a powder blush to intensify your glow further. “This technique can add depth and luminosity, enhancing the glowing effect,” she says.  “Selecting the right tool depends on the blush formula and the specific effect you’re aiming for. Experiment with these tools to find your preferred method for achieving that perfect, glowy blush application.” 

I do this sometimes when I’m not getting the pigment I need from my blusher and it really works. I apply a cream blush with my finger first, then use a small blusher brush to dab a blusher powder at the peak of my cheeks’ apples. To find yours, it helps to clench your teeth together and pretend you’re saying ‘cheese’ for a photograph to see where the peak of your cheek hits.


The takeaway

Who knew there were so many different approaches to using blusher? Between layering up your products, choosing a different tool to apply them with and blending your lines a little better for a more natural finish, which one will you choose? 

Personally, I prefer a cream or balm texture, applied with fingers for peak glow. If your balm looks a little shiny, you can dumb it down with a powder, using Gibson’s layering technique. 

And don’t forget to start small with your pigment so that you don’t overapply it. Building it up slowly is easier than starting all over again. 


Meet the experts

Ashley Nichole Gibson is a licensed aesthetician and makeup artist who owns Paraposh, which provides on-site makeup services. Specialising in bridal makeup, her experience also extends to training and education for cosmetic brands, conducting master classes at Ulta, and working as a makeup artist at QVC for beauty brands.


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