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Taylor Russell

A Look at Actress Taylor Russell’s Effortless Beauty Style and How to Get it

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It’s official: Natural and honest ‘no makeup makeup’ is back. 

With the likes of Pammy Anderson stepping out with a makeup-free face over the past year and acquiring skincare brand Sonsie, Selena Gomez posting her makeup-free face on her Insta page, and Harry Styles’ rumoured girlfriend Taylor Russell sporting copious natural makeup looks, is 2024 the year we ditch the contour and smokey eye?

Focusing on looking after and showcasing our skin rather than layering it with makeup, Harry Styles’ new beau is the perfect poster girl for a more natural look.



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A brilliant actress in her own right, known for starring in Bones and All alongside man of the moment Timothée Chalamet, and the horror movie Escape Room, I’ve been taking a look back at Russell’s most recent looks. And they’re all (mostly) au-natural.


Taylor’s effortless natural looks

It doesn’t matter who Canadian actress Taylor Russell is collaborating with, be it Loewe, Variety, or W Mag, there’s one thing her looks have in common and that’s showcasing her natural beauty and real skin, usually paired with a slicked-back bob for the ultimate in effortless style.

Even when heading up the red carpet in Alexander McQueen or wearing a vintage dress while accepting an award at The Venice Biennale film festival, Taylor Russell is really championing the most minimal makeup looks.

And, if she does rock makeup, it’s usually just a bold lip or eye rather than a full face of product.



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The minimalist ‘no makeup makeup look’ or ‘clean girl look’ has been swirling around social media for quite some time, with plenty of celebs taking on the trend.

But, I’ve also come across a lot of videos that *actually* require a makeup bag bursting with products to create the look, defeating the whole intention of ‘no makeup’.



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And here lies the complexity of this look; achieving a natural vibe (that doesn’t take an hour to pull together) while using some amount of makeup.

On the other hand, the beauty of this vibe is that with its emphasis on embracing our own natural beauty (a dewy flushed cheek here, a just bitten lip colour there) rather than covering up our perceived flaws it really is universally flattering. 

Whether you have ‘perfect’ skin, acne or dry patches, no makeup-makeup is all about showcasing what you do love, not hiding what you don’t. And I’m totally here for it.


Get the natural look

Although it’s universally accessible though; it does take some practice to pull off the no makeup-makeup look.

And much of the art lies in good skincare, which provides the foundation for this dewy vibe. Look for products that care for the skin underneath the makeup by using products that treat blemishes and issues like rosacea, clean our pores, moisturise and, most importantly, protect our skin from UV damage. 

Next comes the makeup.  Volleyball player and TikTok influencer Jennifer Nierva recently revealed her take on the ‘clean girl’ makeup look to her 2.1 million followers, and it’s one that is super easy and easily customisable.


“Clean girl” makeup look #cleangirlmakeup #makeup #makeupturorial

? original sound – Jennifer Nierva – Jennifer Nierva


The basics: Our step-by-step guide

I’ve also laid out my favourite way to go (mostly) makeup-free here.  

  • Start with skincare. Cleanse (if you cleanse in the morning, I don’t), apply any serums and moisturisers, and be sure to apply your SPF.
  • Next, use a small amount of foundation (if you feel you need to), a BB cream, or a tinted moisturiser. My fave at the moment is Rimmel’s Match Perfection Foundation (£9.99 on Boots UK/$8.51 on for its price point and minimal caking abilities.
  • Conceal any blemishes, redness or dark circles with a bit of concealer. Feel free to skip this step or the foundation!
  • Groom your brows with a spoolie and some clear mascara, filling in slightly if needed.
  • Add a bronzer for some depth, or just add some blush to your cheeks.
  • You can add some lip balm, lip gloss, or a lip tint like Benefit’s Benetint (£17.50 on the Benefit UK website/$24.00 on the Benefit US website).


The takeaway

As fillers and filters are starting to fall by the wayside, and Gen Z pulling away from the airbrushed look and moving towards celebrating our pores and imperfections, we can guarantee more of us will be sporting natural makeup.

There are loads of benefits to going for a more natural look, including more time in the mornings, less plastic on our shelves, more confidence, and fewer touch-ups needed throughout the day. Not to mention the positive effects it will have on our bank balances.

It’s a no-brainer.


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