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Autumn skincare favourites

Our Editors’ Top 5 Must-Have Autumn Skincare Essentials

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Autumn brings a unique set of skincare challenges… Cooler temperatures, lower humidity levels, and the potential for skin to become dry and sensitive.

However, it also presents an opportunity to embrace a new lineup of products that can help maintain that radiant and healthy glow, switching from light moisturisers to serums and oils, exfoliating less, and focusing on deep hydration to prepare for those looong winter months (anyone on the countdown to Christmas yet? Say it isn’t so!)

As the vibrant hues of summer give way to the warm and cosy cuddle of autumn (pumpkin spiced latte, anyone?), it’s time to adapt our skincare routines to accommodate the changing seasons and temperatures. And we get it, these changes (along with needing to crank up the heating) can really take their toll on your skin. So we wanted to share the products that we purchase every year to help our skin seamlessly make the transition.

The Live That Glow team is here to help you through this seasonal shift with our tried and tested, carefully curated selection of favourite skincare products for autumn that we genuinely LOVE!

So, get ready to revamp your skincare – whether you’re looking for a product that won’t break the bank or something more luxurious to treat your post-summer skin – let’s get glowing!

1. Sally Underwood – Editor-in-Chief

“My all-time favourite product for if my skin is ever misbehaving (and this definitely includes during the change of seasons) is REN’s Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm.

“The whole Evercalm range is a game-changer for my sensitive skin but this balm in particular is ridiculously soothing and moisturising when my skin is chapped (and that includes if I’ve ever overdone it on the retinol!).”

(£46.00/$55.00 on the REN website)
REN mask autumn products

Image – REN


2. Laura Kemp – Senior Beauty Editor

The Ordinary’s 0.5% Retinol in Squalane has been a game changer for me!

“With the changing weather from summer to fall, I wanted to really unclog my pores as well as moisturise and hydrate my skin deeply – I love that they have paired the retinol with squalane.

I’ve had no adverse reactions to this and my skin felt SUPER smooth the next day, I noticed results in just one use! It’s definitely going to be a regular purchase for me.”

(£7.40/$8.30 on The Ordinary website)
the ordinary retinol autumn skincare

Image – The Ordinary


3. Philippa Pearne – Beauty Editor

“I’ve been experiencing some adult acne recently thanks to some hormonal changes.

“47 Skin Anti-Blemish and Scar Repair Intensive Treatment Silver Mask has been my go-to product for calming down my breakouts and brightening up my skin. I apply it in the evening to cleansed skin, leave it on for 25 minutes then peel it off (which is so satisfying).

“My skin is left soothed, and my spots appear much flatter and less angry. I highly recommend it to other acne sufferers for a quick fix.”

(£24.00/$30.00 on the 47 Skin website)
autumn skincare

Image – 47 Skin


4. Emma Hobday – Former Contributing Beauty Editor

“I like to incorporate a face oil at this time of year, and for me, The Face Oil from Augustinus Bader takes the crown.

“Thirty years of research and innovation have been poured into this little bottle and it truly is a product that works. It makes my skin look glowy, dewy and healthy, due to its wealth of skin-loving ingredients – botanical oils, amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesised molecules.

“There’s no doubt that it’s pricey, but it’s worth it!”

(£195.00/$255.00 on the Augustinus Bader website)
Augustinus Bader autumn skincare

Augustinus Bader


5. Annie Walton-Doyle – Beauty journalist

“My autumn skincare essential has to be the most basic item of all time – the CeraVe Moisturising Lotion.

“It’s nothing groundbreaking or even that exciting, but when I need to know my face is being properly hydrated against the increasing chill, I know I can always rely on my old faithful.

“It works equally well under makeup by day or slathered on for an intensive overnight treatment, too.”

(£11.50 on the Boots UK website/$14.39 on the CeraVe US website)
fall skincare

Image – CeraVe


The takeaway

The changing colours of the leaves aren’t the only thing necessary as we move from summer to autumn, we also need to make changes to our skincare routine!

As the sun wanes, bidding adieu to the hot and humid weather, we need to shift our focus to repairing and nourishing our sun-kissed skin ready for the even colder winter months.

The lightweight, hydrating serums that kept us fresh and flake-free in the summer heat now make way for richer moisturisers, protecting us from the autumn winds outside and heating in our homes.

And don’t forget the power of exfoliation, which helps to slough away the remnants of summer, leaving behind a smoother complexion!


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    I haven’t tried Ren yet, but other products are so great! Amazing article!

    8th October 2023
    • Thank you so much Tanja! Really recommend REN- they’re not the cheapest but they’re really effective and very gentle on skin.

      9th October 2023

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