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I Tried The Nudestix Dewy Barrier Hydrating Stick – Does It Work?

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As someone with oily skin, you’d think that using anything to create an extra dewy glow would be pretty counteractive. After all, I spend most of my morning regime trying to mattify my skin. Why would I then want to add extra shine?

Frustratingly though, I can sometimes go a little too far the other way and my face can end up looking too matte and, therefore, too one dimensional. That glowy-not-greasy-matte-but-not-too-matte finish is a balance I strive to achieve most days. It can get exhausting.

So on days where I’ve gone over-matte and my face has lost any hint of a glow, surely the Nudestix Dewy Barrier Hydrating Stick (£32.92 on the Nudestix website/$34 on the Nudestix US website) might actually come in very useful. Even for oily old me. 

Keep scrolling to read my honest review.


The product details

The Nudestix Dewy Barrier Hydrating Stick (10g) is described on the website as ‘an on-call drink of water for your skin in a pocket-portable to-go stick that is perfect for daily skin quenching touch-ups.’ A bit of a mouthful. But it does kind of sum it up.

The idea is that it’s a solid cream that rehydrates and plumps the complexion on the go and/or halfway through the day or, if you’re like me, you’ve overdone it with your morning matte and you need to rewind a little.

It contains protecting ceramides, bakuchiol (a retinol alternative) for reducing the look of fine lines and dark spots, and vitamin C and peptides to brighten and plump. And you can either use it as a moisturising primer or a travel-friendly moisture and glow booster.


nudestix hydrating stick skin

Image – Courtesy of writer


First impressions

When I opened the stick, I noticed the white solid cream is super soft. I knew it wouldn’t drag my skin or be uncomfortable to apply – a good start.

It’s a good size – easy to fit into a small bag or pocket. The only thing you don’t want to do is keep it somewhere it might get a bit warm as the cream tends to get quite squishy. Just taking a picture of it for this article in the sun only for a few minutes made it way softer and things got a little messy when I put the lid back on!

It was the middle of the day, and I couldn’t wait until my next matte moment, so I instantly applied the stick to the tops of my cheekbones, the area I most like a glow. However, I was already quite shiny from spending the day in the garden – funny that – so my face ended up looking far too greasy. Ok, lesson learnt.

The next morning though, I applied my usual matte base and, because it’s summer and my skin is much drier than usual, I observed that it could do with a little extra dewiness. So, I ran it along the tops of my cheekbones again and added a little bit in a semi-circle underneath my hairline on my forehead and dabbed some onto my cupid’s bow

This is all I needed to instantly achieve that balance of not-too-greasy-not-too-matte and it felt soft on my skin too. I did notice that it felt quite heavy too, but perhaps someone with a drier skin type would find this more beneficial.

It’s worth noting that unfortunately, as soon you use the stick over the top of your base, the once-white stick goes a little brown/orange and that lovely new-product feel quickly disappears. One small wipe of the finger though and it’s as good as new again.


My mixed results

This stick is really useful to keep in your makeup bag, and even more useful for some to keep in their handbag because of its travel-friendly nature.

I can imagine those with a dry skin type would find it handy to have close by to quickly pep up dull-looking skin halfway through the day. In fact, for dry/normal/combination skin types this purchase is a no-brainer, particularly if you’re wearing a full face of makeup and you need more glow but you don’t want to add any extra pigment.

For oily skin types like me though, it really only works first thing in the morning when that first layer of matte goes on and you need a subtle pep-up. Because if your skin is anything like mine, it goes more and more shiny as the day goes on meaning you’re more likely to need a mattifier for touch ups, rather than a hydrator.

But that’s ok and it actually makes perfect sense. Nudestix never claimed this product was specifically for oily skin types and the branding is all about ‘thirst-quenching’ and ‘hydrating’ – something those with dry skin would be searching for more than oily skin types.


nudestix hydrating stick skin

Image – Courtesy of writer


What other users are saying

Looking at the reviews, it feels like the jury’s still out on this and that users are split down the middle.

On one hand, Ang ( says, “very strange product, I’d much rather just wear a thick cream to look dewy or something different than this,” and Blair B says, “I do not recommend it for people with oily skin because it does leave more of a dewier finish. You can very easily use too much causing skin to feel full, heavy and even greasy at times.”

This brings me back to my point about the cream being very soft -perhaps the key here is to not press too hard when applying it.

On the other hand, April says, “the stick is perfect for wanting to look dewy on the go. It feels really hydrating after one swipe.” And Annie says, “I used it before and after makeup. It works both ways and it’s really moisturising! I LOVE it.”


Value for money

Ok, this is a blooming great product for non-oily skin types. I think it’s a brilliant idea and I think it does what it’s meant to do really well. But £32.92/$34? I’m not so sure.

This isn’t a moisturiser. This is a moisture stick. There is a difference and whilst I might spend that on my day or night moisturiser (step forward, Rhode Skin) I couldn’t stretch to that for a travel-sized touch-up product. Or maybe I just wouldn’t.

I love Nudestix as a brand but this product feels like a bit of a gimmick. To be fair, it’s a gimmick that works for certain skin types, but no gimmick is worth £32.92/$34 of my money. I’d rather spend it on something for my actual skincare regime.

That said, if you’re constantly striving for more moisture, your skincare just isn’t cutting it and you could see this as an extension to your skincare regime, then I would say it was almost worth the money. Almost. And perhaps if you’re someone who needs two serums, you could swap one of them out, in favour of this.


nudestix hydrating stick skin

Image – Courtesy of writer


The takeaway

I can see why this product would be a handbag staple for anyone needing a quick and easy moisture top-up on the go. I love its softness and simple stick applicator and think it’s a genius creation for anyone with dry, combination or normal skin.

But for my oily skin, I can’t quite justify the spend – I’d use it once in the morning, no problem. But because of my rapid oil production, I would probably get to lunchtime and then regret I ever applied it. So, really, it’s not that the product is wrong, it’s that my skin is wrong for the product.


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