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AD: I Wore Luvme’s Glueless Celebrity Wig for a Day. Here’s What Happened

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Main image – Courtesy of writer

My long hair really does feel like a part of my identity, but I’ve always wanted to be able to change up my look for events and just day-to-day wear.

My mum was a hairdresser and my two sisters and I would often dye our hair on a whim just for fun, before I *accidentally* bleached my hair within an inch of its life until it was literally falling out.

With my hair shorter because of the botched bleach job, I decided to wear clip-in extensions – starting with some pretty awful synthetic ones – then moving on to some expensive human hair clip-ins.

But I found them really itchy and uncomfortable, and my hair was being pulled out due to the weight of them.

I realised that if I wanted healthy hair the constant box dyes and extensions had to be a thing of the past, so my hair has been left untouched ever since (bar a couple of colour jobs at the salon and regular trims from my mum).


Image – Courtesy of writer


And, although many people think you can do a lot with long hair, without going for the chop or dyeing it – it can get a little bit same old. Especially since my hair is very straight without much volume and won’t hold a curl for more than half a day.

After seeing friends and people on social media dabbling in wig transformation, as well as a conversation with an older friend of mine who is struggling with thinning hair and looking for a solution, I wanted to give it a go myself!

So, when one of the most popular luxury human hair wig brands on the market offered to send us one of their lightweight and natural-looking wigs to try I jumped at the chance. Because, like the brand’s tagline, “switching it up is everything” – and I was ready for a (temporary) change.


First impressions

I decided on Luvme’s 180% Density New Fabulous Beyon-Celebrity Style Glueless 5×5 Undetectable HD Lace Closure Wig in a 22-inch length (£168.04 in the UK and $209.90 in the US) – slightly longer than mine but deeper in colour (Color #1b / #27 Ombre) and with a beautiful wave.

The wig arrived in a pretty purple box that’s perfect for storage and looks great on the shelf. Inside the box was the wig, 2x washable and reusable wig caps, a double-ended control brush, a metal tail comb, a wig band, a purple mesh bag for storing, and a user guide.


luvme wig review hair

Image – Courtesy of writer


I was pretty impressed with the quality of the packaging and the wig itself. The feel of the wig – which is 100% human hair – was silky and lightweight on first impressions, and came packaged in a soft mesh bag.

After unravelling the curls and holding the wig against my head, I decided I wanted the curls to drop slightly to give more of a beachy wave. To help the curls drop without damaging the hair or causing it to frizz, I left it hanging up for a few days to encourage the strands to fall slightly.

After around a week, I was ready to embrace my new and darker celeb style.


Image – Courtesy of writer


Applying Luvme’s wig

Luvme has innovated Lace wigs to replace the traditional lace frontal and sew-in wefts, making them easier and quicker to apply and offering not only glueless wigs and pre-cut wigs collections but also bleached knots and pre-plucked hairlines.

I really wanted to try a glueless wig that I could pop on and off, as well as style in different ways and dye if I wanted – keeping my own natural hair intact underneath.


Image – Courtesy of writer


I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to apply the wig cap and then the wig, taking less than 20 minutes. Even though my hair is long, it’s not very thick so I sectioned it into 2 plaits and tied them around my head to keep them flat.

I held the front of the cap to my hairline and stretched it over the back of my head, using the end of the comb provided and my fingertips to tuck any of my own hair into the cap.

Then, I positioned the wig on my head and aligned it with my natural hairline to get a seamless blend, before pulling it over my head and sliding in the comb clips on the side near my ears. The wig also has a comb clip at the nape of the neck to secure it.

I didn’t use any bobby pins (I had expected I would need to) to keep it in place as it already felt so secure. And, being a bit of a lazy gal with hair and beauty, I wanted to test out how the wig would stay in place with just a quick and easy application and no fussing with clips, pins, or glue.


Image – Courtesy of writer


This wig is the highest density at 180% and, as someone who is quite petite, I did worry that this amount of hair might overwhelm me a bit and feel too heavy. The dark shade also washed the colour from my face a bit (nothing that some strategically placed bronzer, blusher, and lipstick couldn’t fix).


Wearing the wig

I decided I’d go about my day, seeing how friends and other people reacted and whether they even noticed I was wearing a wig, as well as how comfortable it is to wear at work.

As a first-time wig wearer, I was pre-empting I may get some second glances, but I was really happy that no one seemed to bat an eyelid despite being in a small Spanish town that was busy on a warm spring weekday!


Image – Courtesy of writer


I popped into a store, to get a last look in the mirror before meeting my friend for coffee. I did have to flatten the wig slightly and used some hair balm to define the waves a bit.

Then I met with a friend at one of our favourite regular coffee shops – I was also really interested to see whether the staff I know there would notice anything different about me and my look.

Both my friend and a couple of the staff members commented on the transformation and how natural it looked – particularly around the hairline and the parting. One of the girls even said she wanted to purchase one herself!


Image – Courtesy of writer


I then headed to my usual co-working spot to do some editing, with the owners commenting on my change of look and how much it suited me – Result.


Image – Courtesy of writer


I got on with some work and taking some photos. After wearing it for a few hours, I did sort of regret my decision of not using some extra clips to secure the wig as it did need some readjusting at the front a few times due to it slipping back a bit and revealing my natural hair underneath (slightly).

Not being used to wearing a wig, it did start to feel a bit itchy (I think this was probably due to it slipping off over time) but even though it was quite a warm day it really didn’t feel hot on my head.


Image – Courtesy of writer


When I got home, I sent a couple of photos over to my best friend and my mum to see what they thought, and the comments were unanimous – “it looks so natural!”.

They also commented on how the wig changed my colouring, making me look a *tad* paler than my usual complexion. However, I’m pretty excited that the wig is natural hair so it can be dyed to a shade that suits me a bit more (watch this space).


Image – Courtesy of writer


Would I wear it again?

So, would I make wearing this wig a regular thing? I think so!

I really liked the way it transformed my look and the added extra length it gave me. And, although it was a bit overwhelming at first to have a large amount of hair on my head, I quickly got used to it.

For those with smaller heads like me, I do recommend using some Bobby pins around the hairline to secure the wig in place, prevent it from slipping, and for a more comfortable fit.

As for storage, I loosely wrapped the hair around my hand and popped it back into the black mesh bag before placing it into the original box.

As a first-time wig wearer, I think this is great value for money due to how easy it is to apply, the quality of the hair, and the fact that Luvme include all of the tools you’ll need to apply it.

It might seem like a lot to spend $209.90/£168.04 on a wig but, compared to other brands I’ve seen, this is a great price for this quality. Plus, the wig I’ve chosen is a particularly long, premium one, making the price in this instance quite a bit higher than the brand’s average price tag.  

Overall, Luvme’s wigs typically range from $70 to $200, which seems impressive value for the quality here, especially when I factor in the price I would pay if I was *actually* dyeing my own long hair and upkeeping the cut and colour.


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