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The New Beauty Collection Giving Mums and Mums-to-Be a Big Hug

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Main image – Luna Daily

When Katy Cottam created Luna Daily, a microbiome-balancing body care brand, it was off the back of sheer frustration with the so-called (and so old-fashioned) ‘feminine hygiene’ category. You know, that aisle of the pharmacy no one wants to be seen walking down. 

Cottam believes the body care category should be inclusive of all areas – head, vulva, knees and toes (Luna Daily’s genius strapline) – without having to place part of it into a category that women often feel embarrassed about. 

Recalling from a past personal experience, Cottam told us, “I really resented that the only solutions available to me were these awkward, outdated, awful products and that they were in a category named feminine hygiene” she says.

“The industry has marketed to women that we need specific products for your vulva. We don’t! And it’s what drives this myth that it’s a separate body part that needs a separate body wash, it needs to smell like roses and [it’s called] feminine hygiene.”

After creating various body care products, aimed to be applied everywhere and without labelling any of it ‘feminine hygiene’, it’s no surprise that Cottam is extending the Luna Daily brand, this time with six products focusing on motherhood. 


Image – Luna Daily


Keep scrolling to read all about Luna Daily’s brand-new doctor, skincare expert and gynae-approved Motherhood Collection, and why Cottam clearly totally gets what an expectant, new and continuing mother needs. Because being a mum changes everything, and it never stops.


For the expectant mum

For those of you who are blooming, The Pregnancy/Mum To Be Kit (£75) has been created to be with you every step of the way, from pregnancy all the way through to post-partum. Curated by medical experts, it contains body care products that promise to soothe, hydrate and revitalise. 

And The Hospital Bag Essentials Kit (£30 in the UK or $42 in the US) is filled with things you probably don’t even know you’ll, er, definitely need over the next few weeks. Including the travel sized Nip + Lip Balm, The Everywhere Motherhood Wash and The Birth Soothing Spray (more on those later.)

As a mum myself, the one thing I forgot to pack into my hospital bag the first time around were products for me. It was all about what the baby needed (rookie mistake). I could have really done with this little kit, which has been developed by the experts to give women a well-deserved boost both pre and post birth.

Next up for expectant mums is The Perineal Prep Oil (£22 in the UK or $32 in the US). It’s a lightweight massage oil that helps to nourish, protect and soften the perineal skin. Studies show that looking after this area during pregnancy, particularly between the 34-35 week mark, provides a reduced risk of perineal tears during childbirth. Ingredients such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil and avocado oil in this product contribute towards maintaining a healthy perineum. Really, it’s a no brainer. 


For the post-partum mum

Post-birth you’re going through all sorts of change. Hormonal changes, body changes, nappy changes (the baby, not you, but ok sometimes you. It’s a beautiful time…). You name it, there’s been a change.

The Post-Birth Soothing Spray (from £10 in the UK or from $14 in the US) is on hand to soothe and provide instant relief from the potential discomfort, post-childbirth. Discomfort you’ve probably never felt until now. 


Image – Luna Daily


Sometimes you’re advised not to bathe after having a baby because of things like stitches or sensitive skin. And whilst we want to do what’s right during recovery, it pays to have a product that will help in the interim.  

This spray promises to relieve swelling, pain, bruising and inflammation thanks to soothing bisabolol, arnica, calendula, lactic acid and aloe vera. You can spray it either directly onto the skin or into maternity underwear. Pure genius.


For the everything mum

Whether you’re pregnant, post-partum or even at the school run stage, us mums need to take care of ourselves. (Sorry dads but we trumped you at ‘childbirth’.)  The Everywhere Motherhood Wash (£16 in the UK or $22 in the US) gently washes even the most sensitive skin whether upstairs or downstairs. 

It’s safe to use during pregnancy, post-birth and whilst breastfeeding and contains skin calming, hydrating ingredients like calendula flower, coconut oil and bisabolol. It smells of ylang ylang and lavender too for an extra hit of tranquility. Because who says mums can’t ever relax?

The Nip + Lip Balm (£18 in the UK or $28 in the US) really does say it all in the name. Whether you’re experiencing itchiness or a bout of cracked skin, this product promises to work wonders on it. And it’s so safe, there’s no need to remove it before breast feeding either. It contains a non-greasy vegan alternative to lanolin as well as comforting cacay oil and hydrating calendula. 


The takeaway

If you’re pregnant or a new mum, take comfort from these well thought out, oh-so caring products. Yes, it’s a time to be selfless as you welcome your gorgeous little bundle into the world. But taking care of yourself can only help you be at your best for your baby too. I strongly advise adding these onto your baby shower gift list or placing a late night order whilst doing your fifth pregnant wee of the night. Because you know what they say –  happy mum, happy baby!


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