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lixirskin good skin shaker super dew

Is Lixirskin’s Good Skin Shaker the Ultimate Dewy Skin Hack?

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I was already a big fan of London-based brand Lixirskin and their skin brightening, pigmentation fading Vitamin C Paste, so I was excited to try another of their glow-promising products, the Good Skin Shaker – Super Dew.


This is new, up-to-date information. We updated this article in April 2024 to add our further thoughts on this oil, complete with updated prices.


The brand

Launched in October 2017, Lixirksin is the product of dermo-pharmacy doctor Colette Haydon (a formulator who previously worked behind some of my favourite skincare brands, including Ren Clean Skincare).

Created with the principles of easy-to-use, fuss-free formulas in mind (although still in some seriously cute packaging), Lixirskin’s current line-up of products includes all the everyday essentials, from a cleanser to a moisturiser and various serums.


Lixirskin’s Good Skin Shaker – Super Dew

Containing a blend of softening glycerin and Rose Damascena flower extract, as well as mica to brighten and blur imperfections, this sounded like the sort of skincare/makeup hybrid that frankly just makes life that little bit easier.


On the skin

I noticed from reviews of this product online that a few people seem to find the results too subtle so I wasn’t sure if I would ultimately love this.

Luckily for me though subtle is kind of how I roll and I actually really like the very slight glow this gives, which just adds enough of a healthy look to skin that I can happily wear with just some under-eye concealer for my enormous under-eye circles.

It also mixes beautifully with something like my Drunk Elephant D Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops, or even a little foundation – to add a dewiness and radiance I really like.

The mixture of emollients here is also enjoyable to use on my currently slightly dry and sensitive skin, although I can see that oily types might not appreciate either the oil feeling that this bi-phase product offers or the extra glow from this.

The one downside though (from my point of view)?  The bottle here is tiny (15 ml) for the price (£39).

I’m assuming that’s because this is meant to be used sparingly, like a serum (although even most serums come in a much more generous 30 ml). But in reality, because this has illuminating qualities too, I actually find I use at least two pumps each go – meaning I get through this pretty quickly.



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What other people have to say

Customers on the Lixirskin website are loving this dewy product, with one saying “Absolutely love this product. I apply it every day after my morning routine and feel refreshed, uplifted with a soft glow and you can reply anytime during the day for a quick refresh.”

Another writes “This product is dewy and lovely – as someone who doesn’t really use much make-up this is the perfect post morning routine add-on”.


The takeaway

Overall I’m a big fan- of the skincare qualities here, but mainly for the lovely subtle radiance this offers (and all without any of the silicones etc a lot of illuminating products normally contain).

Having said that, this is a pretty pricey product for the size so it would be great to see Lixirskin come out with a larger option.

Great for: Dry skin types and anyone who likes their glow on the subtle side.

Not-so-great for: The teeny size. Also, while this doesn’t advertise itself as being a cover-up product at all, but I thought it was worth making the point to anyone who was thinking of getting this that it is much more of a glow type of skincare/makeup product than anything that offers any sort of coverage.

Lixirskin’s Good Skin Shaker is £39 for 15 ml on the Lixirskin UK website



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