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Alina Mehrle AMEON

Celebrity-Favourite Ameon Founder, Alina Mehrle, on the Phenomenon of Cryo Beauty

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Main Image – Alina Mehrle

We’ve been seeing *tons* of influencers on social media raving about the benefits of using ice on their face, claiming it to be their best beauty secret.

With low temps said to reduce puffiness, lessen the appearance of under-eye bags, brighten your complexion, and reduce the effect of ageing, it’s no particular surprise cryo beauty has become one of the biggest trends of 2023.

Add in active compounds and skin-saving ingredients on top of cryo’s existing benefits and you’ve got a recipe for a celebrity favourite.

Enter Ameon, the science-led skincare brand whose cult beauty cubes (so pink, so cute!) are favourites of a raft of celebrities from Emma Roberts to Meadow Walker.

We spoke to the cult brand’s founder, Alina Mehrle, about how 8 rounds of chemotherapy aged just 30 led her to spend two years creating the skin soothing line to combat dryness and dehydration for her and others.


AMEON ice cubes prebiotic

Supreme Energy Ice Cubes. Image – AMEON


Hi Alina, thank you for speaking with us!

You’ve obviously had an incredible journey. Tell us about how your own background influenced Ameon.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Ameon is more than a skincare, it’s my soul.

It was born from my journey to heal and rejuvenate my skin. I was not into skincare at all. I never had any Botox or other injections and I definitely was not experienced in the skincare products and ingredients. However, when a woman is so vulnerable (as I was after chemo, my skin was fragile and dehydrated with signs of premature ageing) she will be determined to find a solution!

My first mistake was thinking that expensive products are of higher quality and give better results. However, of course, it’s not true. Knowledge and being able to understand the products, ingredients and your skin needs only can give you the result.

Ameon started as a healing project to improve stressed skin. Our scientists also share the view that everything that damages, inflames or irritates our skin leads to premature ageing.

Ameon formulas are powerful, but gentle and healing, and all 5 products are designed to work well together.


What did you most have in mind when you created the range?

We represent a clean beauty philosophy defined by the high standards established by our scientists and team. All ingredients go through a number of processing steps so we describe these ingredients as naturally derived.

We also use high-performance biotech (lab-created ingredients), like hyaluronic acid and peptides. The end result is that Ameon products are powerful and effective because they strike a balance between natural-derived and biotech ingredients.

Our current collection includes 5 products. We created a 3 step ritual activated by our signature Frozen Essence.

The radiance set is activated by Glow Manifesto ice cubes, which are great for dehydrated and dull skin and our Retreat set is activated by our Supreme Energy ice cubes, which are best for oily, irritated, and acne-prone skin.


Which is your favourite product from the line and why?

I love to mix them, depending on how my skin feels.

Right now I’m using Supreme Energy Ice Cubes three times a week, I use Baby Buddha in the morning and polish with Holy Cream. It’s perfect for this hot weather and gives my skin a beautiful healthy ice glow.

No matter what I use, our Holy Cream is always with me. It’s a really magical lightweight, but deeply nourishing moisturiser!


AMEON skincare

AMEON Retreat Set. Image – AMEON


What are your top tips for enjoying cryo beauty?

I can’t live without skin icing, however, I would recommend doing it as an #ICECULTRITUAL.

The ritual is quite simple. It has two easy steps and takes just 3 – 5 minutes a day:

  • STEP 1 – Massage your skin gently with a cold item of your choice. This is where you can customise and get creative! You can use your favourite Ameon frozen essence, cold water, cold facial tools or give yourself an ice facial.
  • STEP 2 – While massaging, reflect on everything in your life to be grateful for. Anything counts – your warm bed, your loyal pet, your favourite meal, your favourite tv show, etc.


What are your plans for continuing to evolve the line?

We are developing 4 more new products and 2 of them already look very close to final.

I’m so excited to evolve the Ameon collection. We are developing all of them together with our team of scientists and, a leading AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence platform.


Thank you, Alina! We can’t wait for the new products to come out and to watch Ameon grow!


Who are Ameon?

Ameon is a new and innovative skincare line that has pioneered a cutting-edge 3-step cryo ritual with five core products activated by Frozen Essence to awaken and reveal youthful, glowing and clear skin!

This includes products like their Aurora Glow Serum, containing a trio of vitamins C+B3+E, a high concentration of peptides and arbutin – the most effective combination to rejuvenate and even skin tone. Additionally, their Baby Buddha Calming Serum was created to reduce redness, irritations, and overexploitation.

It’s a cocktail of probiotics, prebiotics and plant extracts designed to protect the skin barrier and microbiome.


AMEON skincare Alina Mehrle

Glow Manifesto. Image – AMEON


The Takeaway

From eliminating puffiness to reducing swelling and inflammation, cryo beauty has long been a favourite of ours at Live That Glow HQ.

Adding peptides, vitamins, active ingredients and arbutin creates the *perfect* concoction to form the foundation of a powerful multi-functional self-care ritual.

So get ready to chill out and glow on!






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