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Hair Stylists Share the 7 Quick Hacks That Will Instantly Improve Your Ponytail

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Sometimes it’s the smallest tweaks that can make a big change. Did you know that a simple ponytail can be quickly adapted to change up your whole look? Because as much as we love an everyday pony, sometimes it’s nice to elevate it to a professional look. 

Here, hair experts Becca Raziuddin, Lisa Abbey, Ryan Sanger, Kristin Speakman and Nikki Corzine share 7 easy hacks for switching up your pony, even if you’re not a professional. From where to position it on short hair, to adding some sneaky volume. Your pony has never been so spoilt. 


Hack 1: Use straighteners for a sleek pony

Corzine recommends you start by prepping your hair with a smoothing product. “Use a serum or smoothing cream to control frizz and add shine.”

Then, “straighten your hair with a flat iron, brush your hair back into a ponytail and secure it tightly.” For even more sleekness, “you can use a fine tooth comb,” she says. “Finish with a strong-hold hairspray to keep everything in place and add a glossy finish.”


Image – Patronestaff/Adobe


Hack 2: Try the double ponytail trick 

“This style gives the appearance of a longer ponytail, without having super long hair,” explains Speakman. But read the small print.

“The finer the hair, the closer the double ponies need to be and the hair needs to be long enough to spread and cover the base otherwise it will just look like two ponies,” she adds.

Speakman continues, “this one might not be suited for the finer hair folks and that’s ok. For medium to thick density, you can keep the ponies a little further apart because the hair will fall over and you won’t be able to see the base of the ponytail.”

So how is it done? “Section the hair into two by creating a part line horizontally right about the ears (above the occipital). This is your bottom ponytail. The rest of the hair is top ponytail,” Speakman explains.

“Once the top ponytail is secured, spread the hair with your fingers outwards on the top at the base of the ponytail until you hide the bottom base of the ponytail. This will cover and hide the bottom pony.”

Speakman then advises using a hairspray or texture spray through your mid-lengths and ends. I like Bumble & bumble Strong Finish (£29 from Bumble & Bumble UK /$36 from Bumble & Bumble US) which holds hair in place for hours (be warned though – when it says Strong Finish, it means it).

“Get in there and separate the hair to get that grip on the interior of the hair,” she says. “The volumising will support the hiding of the bottom of the pony.”


Hack 3: Use sections to keep your pony in place

Hands up who pulls their hair up into a ponytail all in one bulk! Apparently it makes for a more secure ponytail if you do it in strands. “The key to a good pony is pulling it up in sections,” says Raziuddin.

“For example, start with a middle section of the head and figure out where you want the ponytail placed and pull that middle section up into a ponytail.” Then, “connect the section at the nape of the neck to the middle pony with a new elastic band. 

After that is secure, add in the top section by the hair line into the pony with a new elastic. Securing your ponytail this way can help with volume as well as security,” she explains.


Hack 4: Aim high on short hair

It’s tricky to create a neat and tidy ponytail on short hair because there usually isn’t enough hair to play with around the back. Abbey’s trick is to place it high up and embrace the fall out!

“A really cute style we love on short hair is to pull the bulk of the hair into a high crown pony on top of the head, leaving hair down along the perimeter of the face and nape,” she says. “[this] can be blown smooth towards or away from the face or lightly waved,” she explains.


Hack 5: Add extensions for thicker hair

Anyone with fine hair can literally add extra hair these days if they want to. “Hair extensions aren’t just for increasing length, they are incredible versatile tools that can be used to create a variety of hairstyles,” explains Sanger. And that includes a fabulous ponytail.

“By integrating hair extensions, you can add significant volume, create layers, enhance texture and achieve a fuller, more luxurious look,” he says. “This method will save you time perfecting your ponytail and money on products that don’t work on your hair type.”


Image – Joellececilia/Adobe


Hack 6: Tease your hair to add volume

“Begin by adding texture to your hair – you can use a volumising spray or dry shampoo at the roots to give your hair more body,” Corzine explains. Then, “backcomb the hair at the crown of your head to create lift and volume and pull your hair back into a ponytail, being careful not to flatten the teased area. Secure it with an elastic band.”

And finally, add volume to the ponytail itself. “Tease the ponytail itself slightly and use a light-hold hairspray to maintain the volume.”


Hack 7:  Keep it secure

Abbey says to stop your ponytail from dropping, “divide the ponytail into 2 sections and gently pull apart – this will push the ponytail band closer to the scalp, tightening the tail,” she says. 

“You can also add a pin, clip or clamp to secure heavier hair; just slide it under or through the band to secure the tail in place.”


The takeaway

Unsurprisingly, not everyone is an expert home-hair stylist! But that doesn’t mean you have to book a salon appointment to give your ponytail some personality. And I think you’ll agree that these tips are super simple and stress-free.

A ponytail is a ponytail, sure. But now you know that it’s possible to give yours some edge, especially if you wear one every day.  So, you can go from sleek and glossy one day to  voluminous and texturised the next. Proving you’re most definitely not a one trick pony…


Meet the experts

Becca Raziuddin is a celebrity hair consultant and Director of Artist Education at Blo Blow Dry Bar, the world’s largest blowdry bar chain with more than 150 locations across the US and Canada. She’s regularly featured in the likes of Byrdie and Oprah Daily and works with some of the world’s biggest designers on their New York Fashion Week shows


Lisa Abbey is the founder and CEO of Strength x Beauty, a brand of healthy and plant-based hair and body products that use only clean, luxury ingredients.


Ryan Sanger is known for his believable extension makeovers. His impeccable colour matching and distinctive placement technique have made him a Hair Lingerie Master Extension Specialist.


Kristin Speakman is a hair stylist and the owner of Bella Red Salons, which leads the market as the premier destination for Bumble & Bumble haircare. With expertise in advanced colouring and precision haircutting, Kristin sets the standard for excellence in great hair and client experience. Her leadership of over 30 stylists showcases innovation and finesse, crafting unforgettable transformations everyday.


Nikki Corzine is a master stylist and the owner of The Canyon Salon in Westlake Village, California.  The Canyon Salon is a full service salon with a wide range of specialty services and first class customer service.


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