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How to Clean Your Lash Extensions (Without Cleanser)

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Who doesn’t love a new set of lash extensions? We know we do!

But did you know just how important it is to keep those fab fluttering beauties clean and debris-free?

Turns out, it’s *really* important for your lash health. Not only to keep your false eyelashes looking their best (nobody wants to look like they have spiders stuck to their eyes) but to help them last longer and avoid any infections.

No cleanser? No problem. Welcome to the easy-peasy world of lash extension care, where we’re about to unveil the super-simple steps to cleansing those lashes if you’ve run out of cleanser.

Say goodbye to spidery lashes and hello to a hassle-free way of grooming your luxurious lash extensions!

So, ladies and gents, get set to elevate your lash game to a whole new level of brilliance. Gorgeous, cleanser-free lash extensions are just a flutter away!


*Exactly* How to Clean Your Lash Extensions Without Cleanser

Image – Valuavitaly/Adobe


How to Clean Your Lash Extensions Without Cleanser

As we’ve said, keeping your lash extensions clean is vital to clear away the dead skin cells, natural oils and dirt that accumulate at the base of your lashes, leading to bacterial growth.

A dedicated cleanser that your lash technician recommends may not feel like the best investment but they are formulated to not only clean your lashes but also promote long-lasting lash extensions (by avoiding ingredients like oils that can break the lash glue down).  In the long run, getting a proper cleanser might actually help you save money on your refill appointments.

If you’ve run out of product though or are determined to avoid a dedicated lash cleanser, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to make your own formula.

The main thing to remember is that you need to make sure any products you use are oil-free, since oils can break down the extension glue and cause you to lose lashes earlier than you should.

For that reason, using oil-free baby shampoo is the best way to make your own lash cleanser.  Due to its *very* mild cleansing agents and higher pH, this also prevents the dreaded eye stinging that we experience from a regular shampoo!

Create a gentle mixture of baby shampoo and water, using just a few drops of the product, and dip your lash brush in the solution. Gently brush through your extensions and then use warm water to remove the product.

Hey presto, clean and debris-free lashes!

You can also use plain old warm water to clean your lash extensions – but make sure the temperature isn’t TOO hot as this could affect the glue. Simply splash the water on with your hands, soak a microfibre towel in the water, or dip an eyelash cleansing brush in water and gently dab it onto your lashes.

Finally, an oil-free makeup remover will also tide you over if you don’t have any lash shampoo left.  Alternatively (but only if you really don’t have anything else), reach for the oil-free makeup wipes (which will also help to remove any makeup residue).

A word of warning though, while products like micellar water may seem tempting, they generally tend to have an oiliness to them which can lead to premature lash loss.


how to clean your lash extensions without cleanser eyelashes lash glue adhesive

Image – Valua Vitaly/Adobe


5 steps to clean your lash extensions

First off, false lash guru Clementina Richardson advises you, “avoid washing your face and your eye area in the shower as you have to be very gentle, and the water pressure from shower heads is way too aggressive on extensions” – so remember, be *extra* gentle with those extensions to ensure a longer life.

Now for the specifics in our step-by-step guide below.

The steps will be the same for any product you use, and the most important thing is to be light-handed and ensure you use a product *without* oils or alcohol – nobody wants sparse lashes that threaten to fall out at any moment!


Step 1: Gently rinse your lashes with lukewarm water. Use a gentle stream of water to wet your eyelashes and the lash line, taking care not to rub.


Step 2: Mix your chosen homemade solution – whether it’s micellar water, baby shampoo, or an oil and alcohol-free cleanser.

If using baby shampoo, we suggest mixing 1 part shampoo and 3 parts water to create a mild solution.


Step 3: Dip a soft, lint-free cloth, your clean fingers or a spoolie into the homemade cleaning solution and gently squeeze out any excess liquid to avoid dripping.

You can also dip a soft makeup brush into the solution.  The important thing is to make sure to avoid using cotton pads or cotton buds as these can snag on your extensions.


Step 4: With the damp cloth or spoolie, lightly dab and clean along the lash line and the lash extensions.

Be gentle to avoid tugging or pulling at the lashes. If you’re using a spoolie, gently comb the solution through your lash extensions.


Step 5: After cleaning, rinse your face and lashes with lukewarm water to remove any residue from the cleaning solution.


Some lash techs also swear by Dove soap due to its gentle nature, witch hazel, baby shampoo mixed with baking soda, but we’re not going to recommend using soap on your eyes (even though this is a gentle formula).  Unfortunately here there are still enough oils to damage your extensions over time so try sticking to oil-free baby shampoo instead.


How often should you wash your eyelash extensions?

Believe it or not, you should *actually* clean your eyelash extensions every day. At night is best, after you have removed all of your makeup (avoiding any oil-based makeup removers, obviously). This will ensure that debris, makeup, oils, dead skin, and dust are removed from your extensions every day, avoiding dreaded build-up.

It might sound slightly OTT, but this will keep any eye makeup or oils on your skin from affecting the lashes or adhesive. after all, what’s the point in spending your hard-earned coins on stunning lashes only for them to fall out?! Make. It. Make. Sense. Gals!


*Exactly* How to Clean Your Lash Extensions Without Cleanser

Image – Valuavitaly/Adobe


What happens if you don’t clean your lash extensions?

And if you DON’T clean your lash extensions? Well, that’s just a recipe for disaster.

Okay, so it’s not *that* serious, but you will waste time and money, and you could run the risk of eye infections – now THAT’S pretty serious.

Lash extension glue CRAVES cleanliness in order to maintain a strong bond with your lashes on the lash line. Dirty lashes not only look unsightly, but they can also cause the lash glue to become weak, meaning your extensions will fall out instead of lasting the entire life of your natural lash cycle and falling out when your natural lash is shed.

Tonnes of people don’t know that our tears actually act as a solvent, so failing to rinse your lashes after crying could have an effect on the adhesive (we know, we know, cleaning your lashes is the last thing you’ll be thinking of, but they’ll thank you for it!)


How often should you be brushing your lash extensions?

The simple answer? You should be gently brushing your lash extensions every day to keep them in good condition and prevent crisscrossing.

Build this small step into your skincare routine to help them stay in place and look neat.

This is *especially* important after showering or washing your face, as the water and products can cause them to look messy.

Take the time (it’s literally seconds) to brush them gently with a clean mascara wand, making sure they are all facing the right way and secure on your lash line.


how to clean lash extensions without cleanser eyelashes lash glue adhesive

Image – Sasha_Brazhnik/Adobe


The takeaway

Whether you prefer a natural face or whether you’re obsessed with makeup, eyelash extensions can make you look bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and REALLY complete your look. I mean, that’s kind of the point of eyelash extensions, isn’t it?

But it’s important to keep those extensions clean and debris-free, ensuring a longer life and a *perfect* set of falsies, as well as protecting your natural eyelashes underneath.

Use a gentle formula like baby shampoo, or a gentle oil-free and alcohol-free foam cleanser if you don’t have a specific eyelash shampoo, and make sure to NOT rub the eye area and lashes.

Now, get out and bat those (clean) lashes!







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