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How long does a Brazilian wax last?

How Long Does a Brazilian Wax *Really* Last?

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RIP the bush. That was the hashtag that was trending the day cult (and not uncontroversial) show Naked Attraction began airing just a few short years ago.

After years of increasingly shrinking amounts of pubic hair being in fashion, it was Naked Attraction’s first show that seemed to mark the moment we collectively acknowledged that the full-scale Brazilian was now firmly the majority choice.

Now here at Live That Glow HQ we know that whatever you choose to do with any part of your body is *entirely* up to you, not down to what your sexual partner/society/a random glossy magazine says.

But if you’re in the Brazilian camp (and there a definitely plenty of legitimate reasons to be, from convenience to a pretty nice feeling of empowerment), and want to know more about the whole Brazilian waxing process then we’ve got you covered.

We’ve asked experts Stacey Laricchia of The Birthday Suit and Chelse Collins of The One Beauty Lounge the answers to all your (ahem) burning questions, from how long you can *really* expect your Brazilian to last to exactly what to expect from your first-ever appointment.

Read on!


how long does a Brazilian wax last

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How long does a Brazilian wax last: The short answer

But first, how long does a Brazilian actually last?

Stacey tells Live That Glow: “So a Brazilian wax can last for up to four weeks!

“The general rule of thumb is to wait from three to six weeks between waxes, depending on how rapidly the hair grows
and where you are in your waxing journey. Clients who have gotten their waxing regimen built already will typically come in every three to four weeks.”

Chelse agrees: “A Brazilian wax typically lasts anywhere from three to six weeks before hair regrowth becomes noticeable.

“However, the exact duration can vary from person to person due to factors such as individual hair growth rate and hormonal fluctuations.”


How can you make your Brazilian wax last longer?

It turns out the exactly how long your Brazilian will last is down to your own body.

Chelse explains: “It’s important to note that everyone’s hair growth patterns can vary, so it’s a good idea to consult with a professional aesthetician who can assess your individual hair growth and recommend the appropriate time frame for your follow-up Brazilian wax.”

Personal hair growth can be affected by genetics, age, and nutrition.


Steps to make wax last longer

One major step you can definitely take to improve the length of time your smooth results last is regular waxing. As anyone who has ever waxed their legs/underarms/eyebrows will know, hair in regularly waxed areas tends to grow back thinner and slower over time.

Chelse tells us: “Since hairs grow at different rates, it’s generally recommended to wait until the hair has reached a length of about a quarter of an inch (6 mm) before scheduling a follow-up Brazilian wax. This usually takes about four to six weeks for most individuals. Waiting until the hair is long enough ensures that the wax can effectively remove the hair from the root, providing a smoother and longer-lasting result.”

“If you schedule your follow-up appointment too soon, the wax may not be as effective in removing the hair, and you may not achieve the desired results.”

To help do this, create a waxing schedule, book your next appointment around four weeks after your last one.

You should also make sure to exfoliate around 48 hours before your appointment and avoid shaving in between appointments because this will interfere with the growth phase, we know it’s hard but step away from the razor! (And for some tips on exfoliating the right way, take a look at our guide here).

How long does a Brazilian wax last?

Image – Mila1989/Adobe


What to expect at your first Brazilian wax?

But what if you’ve literally never had a Brazilian before?  What should you expect for your first time and what steps can you take before and after to achieve the smoothest results?


What actually is a Brazilian?

When it comes to waxing your pubic area, a Brazilian is a hair removal method that involves removing the hair from your vulva and your mons pubis, usually leaving a little landing strip. Your technician will also remove any pubic hairs that grow on your bikini line, thighs, between your bum cheeks and up toward your belly button.

Stacey describes the Brazilian as “A popular year-round service, but there is a visible increase in demand during the warmer months and that’s for good reason! The Brazilian Wax is a great way to remove any and all unwanted hair from your bikini area (and everywhere else that hides under that bikini bottom).”


Is a Brazilian different to a Hollywood wax?

The Hollywood wax is basically getting rid of ALL hair, while a Brazilian usually leaves a neat “landing strip”, although many people now use the two phrases interchangeably and use a “Brazilian” to refer to having to public hair at all.

Equally, your Brazilian could also include a small triangle or square on the front – totally your choice!


Benefits of a Brazilian

Particularly for those with sensitive skin, ditching the razor for waxing can be a game changer.

Stacey tells Live That Glow HQ: “The benefits of a Brazilian wax are wide-ranging, but primarily this service will not only leave your skin healthy and glowing without any nasty razor bump irritation, but it will also leave you sans hair for up to 4 weeks!”


how long does a Brazilian wax last

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How much does a Brazilian cost?

Ok so we’re sold on a Brazilian but how much does it cost?

Brazilian waxes in the UK cost around £35, and around $50 to $100 in the US. Lots of techs offer packages like a full-leg wax and a Brazilian for a set price – perfect for any upcoming bathing suit moments.


How do you prepare for your Brazilian wax?

For best results, standard practice prepping for your wax includes:

  • Wearing loose-fitting clothing
  • Shower beforehand to relax the pores and make it easier for the hairs to be pulled from the follicle
  • Exfoliating and moisturising the area up to 48 hours before your appointment.

Stacey also told Live That Glow HQ: “For first-time Brazilian wax guests, we recommend a 2-3 week growth period so the hair is approximately 1/4 inch.

“I also suggest avoiding excessive sun exposure or harsh exfoliation for 48 hours prior to the wax.”

Loads of gals are worried about being on their period during their appointment, but we are here to tell you it’s absolutely fine (we can actually do basically anything on our periods, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!)

You might feel more pain than usual because the area will be slightly more sensitive when you’re on your period, but Chelse says there are no problems getting waxed, explaining “if you are on your menstrual cycle wear a tampon.”


how long does a Brazilian wax last

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At your waxing appointment


What you’ll wear to your Brazilian waxing appointment

You should definitely wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. You’ll either be given a pair of paper knickers (similar to those used during a professional spray tan) or, if you feel comfortable baring it all, you can go completely knicker-free. (PS. for tips on getting your best ever sunless-tan check out our guide here).

The most important thing is feeling comfortable with the person doing your wax as well as the cleanliness of the salon. Chelse tells Live That Glow HQ: “Find a professional and or business that you trust. Brazilian waxing is an up close and personal service. Having it performed in a place and with a person that you feel comfortable with makes the process easier.”


Types of wax used

Most people agree that for a Brazilian wax, and waxing any other small areas on the body, hard wax is the best option. Some beauticians may use soft wax, fruit wax, chocolate wax, or sugar wax.

Chelse is a fan of sugar wax and specialises in using this mixture which is typically made from sugar, lemon and hot water and has been around for centuries.


Areas waxed

Sometimes nicknamed “the landing strip”, a Brazilian removes all of the pubic hair but leaves a small neat strip at the front. Some people go the whole hog and opt for a completely nude look, removing all of the hair, while others prefer to leave a small landing strip, triangle, or cute shape (remember when vajazzle’s were a thing?!)


The waxing process

First, you’ll be asked to get undressed and get comfortable on the table. Your tech will do some cleaning of the area and remove any oils to ensure that the wax will stick properly.

They’ll then go in with a pre-wax treatment (usually a special oil or powder) to make sure your skin is protected.

Now, time for the main event – the wax! It will depend on the type of wax your tech is using, but they’ll usually apply the hot wax to the area and apply a cloth over which will help the wax stick to the hairs.

The cloth will be pulled close to your skin, removing any hairs with it. If any hairs are missed, your tech will go in with some tweezers and remove them.


how long does a Brazilian wax last

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Positions to be waxed in

We’re warning you, you may feel (and look) like a spitroast chicken while getting your Brazilian wax but don’t worry, your tech has seen it all before.

Some positions for a Brazilian can include lying flat on your stomach with your hands reaching back to spread the bum cheeks for easy access to the aesthetician (yep), lying on your side with one leg tucked into your stomach and your hand reaching back to spread one cheek, or lying on your back with your knees tucked into a back roll.


How painful is it?

This really depends on your pain threshold and tolerance – some feel slight pain, and some feel none. But the pain will never be completely unbearable and the discomfort is worth it! Most people say that the pain reduces with each session, too, so that’s a bonus.


Brazilian wax aftercare


Risks after a Brazilian

Complications from any wax can include irritation, burns, cuts, abrasions, bruising, swelling, rashes, ingrown hairs, and folliculitis (a common skin condition that happens when hair follicles become inflamed).

Mayo Clinic says that hair removal may cause “razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae). This rash can look like folliculitis but it’s caused by ingrown hairs, not infected follicles.

“It mainly affects people with curly hair who shave too close and is most noticeable on the face and neck. People who get bikini waxes may get razor bumps in the groin area.”

Most of these are pretty typical so don’t let them put you off booking that wax appointment!


Avoid for 24 to 48 hours after treatment

Your newly waxed area is more sensitive and susceptible to bacteria, so avoiding heat, sweat, and friction is best.

We asked Stacey what you should avoid over the following days after your wax: “Post-wax care is equally as important as pre-wax prep. In order to maintain that healthy glowing skin you want, be sure to avoid tight clothing (nylons, tight leggings), pools, jacuzzis, or long baths and the gym for at least 24 hours after your treatment.”

Chelse adds: “After waxing it’s important that clients understand their pores are open, and they should avoid anything that would allow dirt, debris or bacteria.”

On that list the expert includes “sex, saunas, hot showers and exfoliating.”


Use after waxing

We’re not going to lie to you and tell you that getting a Brazilian is completely pain-free, but there are plenty of ways you can help relieve any pain you feel following your wax and ways you can help your skin stay smooth and prickle-free for longer!

It’s a good idea to apply a cool compress or take a cool shower after your wax, and this will help to reduce irritation and sensitivity. Avoid any hot baths and showers. Apply ice packs if necessary. Cleveland Clinic says to “consider washing with a mild cleanser to soothe the skin and remove any residual wax, too.”

Over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen are great for relieving pain after waxing as well as reducing any minor swelling. Take a couple of hours after your appointment.

Stacey tells Live That Glow HQ “Post-wax topical treatments are a must! A great lightweight serum with Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid as an active ingredient will act as a gentle exfoliant (this is why these two ingredients are found in so many anti-ageing products, as they gently remove dead, dull skin and assist with healthy cell turnover) while offering healing benefits to keep your skin healthy, glowing and hairless for the next month!”


The takeaway…

Your pubic hair is completely your prerogative – bare the bush, just tidy with a trim, leave a cute landing strip, or go full Hollywood and remove the lot. Either way, now you know everything there is to know about a Brazilian, including tips from experts in the field, you can be sure you know exactly how to prepare and what to expect at your wax appointment.



Meet the experts

Stacey Laricchi is a renowned aesthetician with more than 25 years of experience and is the founder and Chief Creative Director of The Birthday Suit, the award-winning US-based waxing franchise bringing affordable luxury across the states.


Chelse Collins is a waxing expert at Florida-based The One Beauty Lounge and Florida Full Specialist with more than 10 years of experience in her field.





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