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The 8 Hair Trends We Predict You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2024 

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As a beauty editor, I have the absolute joy of spending lots of my time with some of the most talented industry experts — and that includes hairstylists and colourists.

They often getting a glimpse into the most popular trends well before they hit our FYP. So what are they looking for, exactly?

“These trends are a reflection of the evolving influences in the hair world,” says Samantha Cusick, hairstylist and founder of Samantha Cusick London.

“My predictions are a reflection of social media micro trends being adopted by mainstream fashion followers, pop culture nods and the evolving requests I’m seeing in my salons,” she adds. 

Today, we’ve quizzed the pros on 2024 hair trends to give you all the inspiration you need ahead of a fresh year. 


1. Le petit bob

The Le petit bob is more than just a chic name. According to trend forecaster, Tom Smith, it’s one of winter’s top haircut trends and he predicts it to be a staple haircut well into the first half of 2024.

“Initially it was quite sharp and graphic, but moving into spring, there will be a softness that evolves while keeping the length quite short and is likely to be embraced with those with wavy and curly hair types for an even softer look,” Smith explains. 



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It’s not just a stylish look, but also an easy-to-maintain one (our favourite kind of hairstyles). “This works great for those who want a wash and wear haircut due to its natural tousled style,” says Smith.

The key here is to ask your hairstylist to work with your natural hair type and texture, Smith recommends curving the length slightly up towards your face. “I also predict this will evolve to be accompanied by various fringes and bangs,” which adds a bespoke element to the style.


2. Grungecore Revival

Channel your inner Jenna Ortega with the grungecore revival. “It’s all about that effortlessly ‘undone’ look that exudes cool confidence,” says Cusick.

Think things like the mixie, “a playful hybrid of the mullet and pixie,” as well as the wolf cut, which is essentially a combination of the mullet and shag. To achieve this look, go for a strong, defined cut, including lots of layers and tousled finishes giving a deliberate effortlessly messy finish. 



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Just like the previous trend, this one is also all about an easy styling process in the morning. “These styles are not only edgy but also low-maintenance, offering a canvas for playful texture and styling,” Cusick says. In short: “it’s the perfect balance of edge and ease.” 


3. Custom copper

OK, copper definitely isn’t new, it’s been leading the way in hair colour trends for a good few years now, but it’s going to take a more bespoke spin in 2024.

“This third naturally-occurring shade is sure to be a staple request in every hair salon and those keen to wear natural looking shades will now consider copper as a viable option for them,” says Smith. “This will make for a very exciting year in colour while we explore various tones and nuances in the copper hair colour category.”



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He recommends working closely with your colourist for this shade (not to be done at home!) to get the best shade for your skin tone.

“Those with cooler skin tones tend to suit more golden tones of copper, while those with warmer skin tones can wear shades that are peachier and close to true red,” Smith adds. He also predicts copper progressing into red, violets, mahogany and plums; pushing the boundaries a little further. 


4. Contour cutting

This is another bespoke trend that can be adapted to work with other styles. “It works with your natural features to give you a look that’s all your own, no matter your face shape and hair type,” explains hairstylist Edward James. The whole idea of using contour cutting is to emphasise cheekbones and jawline using lots of choppy layers and movement at the front of the face. 

Contour cutting is closely related to another 2024 trend: butterfly layers. It’s “an ‘90s throwback with shaggy layers, which gives an edgy yet feminine look — ideal for oval and square faces,” explains James



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5. Colour blocking

Colour blocking is for those who dare to go a little more bold.

Although it sounds intimidating, taking inspiration and guidance from Jordanna Cobella, editorial stylist and trend forecaster — who has been awarded London’s Hairdresser of The Year at the British Hairdressing Awards for two years running — there’s no reason for it to be because her version of colour blocking is so beautiful and elevated.

We all remember the trend of two thick blonde strips of hair at the front of the face. Well this takes that idea but across the entire head and with various shades. This is really something you and your colourist can run wild with; using shades that complement your skin tone and going as big or subtle as you like. 



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6. Scandi Hairlines

Although the Scandi hairline has been on our feeds for a while, it’s just getting popular in salons now. “

Straight from the TikTok realms to the mainstream scene in 2024, the Scandi hairline is set to become a go-to request,” says Cusick. The Scandi hairlines involve lightening tiny sections of hair along the very front of the hair line, including those fine face-framing baby hairs.

“The goal is to achieve a sun-kissed effect that complements the individual’s overall hair colour with a bold but natural pop,” she adds.



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It’s great if you want a bit of brightness to their look without committing to full highlights. Plus, “It’s relatively low maintenance, with regrowth being less noticeable compared to a full head of highlights,” Cusick explains. 

This also weaves itself into a trend that Cobella predicts to continue into the first half of 2024: quiet luxury. The idea of being high maintenance to appear low-maintenance. “It’s all about embracing and enhancing,” she says. Think “luminous blondes and expensive brunettes; no-makeup makeup but for hair.” 


7. Skinny Lob

Smith predicts the skinny lob is set to pave the way for a movement towards “short long” haircuts. “Imagine longer layered haircuts but shrunken up to the collar,” he says.

It’s longer than a bob (hence ‘lob’ being ‘long bob’) whilst still being above the shoulders but has that skinny element that longer hair does.

There is less volume and a more sleek defined shape. This means it’s definitely one for the thin hair girlies to embrace. This is beautiful when combined with soft Birkin or bottleneck style bangs, according to Smith



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8. Bombshell Bouffant

Mark our words: everything in 2024 will be bigger and better — and that includes beauty. Expect to see bombshell bouffants come into the mainstream.

Big, voluminous hair is back in, suitable for any face shape and perfect for those with thicker locks,” says James. You can go full on bouffant or try adding extra volume in a half-up, half-down style. This is something you can tailor to suit your tastes and hair type; you can go big or keep it a little more pared-back.



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Meet the experts

Samantha Cusick is a hairstylist and the founder of Samantha Cusick London


Tom Smith is a hair stylist and trend forecaster who shares his hair tips with his thousands of followers on Instagram


Edward James is a hairstylist and the founder of the multi award-winning Edward James salons


Jordanna Cobella is an editorial stylist and trend forecaster who has been awarded London’s Hairdresser of The Year at the British Hairdressing Awards for two years running


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