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Why ‘Golden Hour Blonde’ is the Next Big Hair Colour Trend

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When it comes to hair colour, unless you’re thinking about dyeing your hair a neon shade of pink, it can all just be a bit… samey. But when I heard about a brand-new hair hue called ‘Golden Hour Blonde’ that’s fast becoming a favourite among the A-listers, I needed to know more.

Golden Hour Blonde instantly sounds like the colour your hair goes on a beach at sunset, somewhere tropical, warm and relaxing. Far, far away from commuting to work, paying bills and doing the weekly shop. Mmm…

So what exactly is this dreamy sounding hair colour and how do you achieve it? (Asking for a friend…)

Founder of Spectrum One Hair Extensions, Katy Grimshaw, gave me her thoughts on the latest hue taking the hair colour world by storm, how you too can rock it in time for spring and – newsflash –  why it’s not just for blondes

If it’s good enough for the A-listers….



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What is Golden Hour Blonde?

Turns out, it’s just what we imagined. “Blondes are moving away from grey and ash tones and towards warm and welcoming golden, honey tone shades that really do look their best at golden hour,”

And according to the hair trends, it’s bye-bye ashy blonde. “It’s going to be a massive trend because everyone wants that perfect holiday, sun-kissed blonde all year round,” says Grimshaw. “If you could bottle it, you’d make millions.”


Who can wear it?

Of course blondes, but it’s good news for brunettes too! “It’s not exclusively for blondes, it works well for brunettes or anyone who likes that sun-kissed, warm undertone,” Grimshaw explains. 

Even better if you’re in the green eyes, slightly tanned skin camp. “Warmer tones and colours suit people best who have green eyes and a more beige skin tone,” she says. But how can you tell for sure if it’ll suit you? 

Grimshaw’s got the answer and it comes down to finding your skin’s undertone. “Look to see if you have green toned veins – that’s usually a good indicator as to whether these tones will suit you,” she says. 

If you really want to try it out but don’t fall under this bracket, don’t panic. There are other ways of wearing it. “If your skin or hair is a cooler tone, I’d recommend going for hints of Golden Hour Blonde, as opposed to a full look as it can wash you out,” Grimshaw advises.



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The celebs giving it the seal of approval

It seems that more and more celebrities are opting to warm up their blonde locks right now. And when I say celebrities, I mean actual Hollywood actresses. 

Take Scarlett Johansson, Sabrina Carpenter and Reese Witherspoon for example. All three of them have embraced their inner golden hour goddesses. Inspiring much?

And not forgetting the Queen herself, Beyonce. Here proving that brunettes can absolutely nail the Golden Hour Blonde look.



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How to get the Golden look

Grimshaw says to opt for the salon over DIY for this one. “I don’t think you can create the colour you truly want without a professional skill set, especially when it comes to blondes,” she explains.

So, once your hair’s had the golden touch, how do you maintain it? “Use low heat on all styling products and use lots of shine and gloss-based products as opposed to toning products,” Grimshaw says.

“I personally love this colour on really smooth, glamourous, blown-out hair but it’s also stunning with a bit of texture.” Grimshaw recommends O&M Frizzy Logic Serum (£21.37) “to really bring that light bounce and reflection back to blonde hair,” and O&M Desert Dry Texture Spray (£26) “to mix it up when it comes to styling.”


The takeaway

Blonde hair isn’t just blonde hair you know. You can get lots of different tones and this one is the hottest ticket in town for spring. Rock a warm, golden blonde and you may as well be on Beyonce’s speed dial.

Remember to ditch the toning products and focus more on shine. And don’t risk trying to achieve this colour at home. It’s a job for the professionals if you want to get it just right.


Meet the expert

Katy Grimshaw is founder of Spectrum One Hair Extensions and was previously a Master Colour Expert for Wella, a Brand Educator for Sebastian and is regularly feature in publications such as Heat, Closer & OK magazine.


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