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Reviewing Girl Undiscovered's Soaked in Sunshine Body Elixir Oil and Pink Skies Balm

Natural Luxury? A focus on Brand Girl Undiscovered

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As a huge fan of any skincare line with an emphasis on natural ingredients, I was really excited when I first came across ‘wild-harvested’ New Zealand brand, Girl Undiscovered.

Created by a group of women with a passion for natural ingredients, the brand goes one step beyond organic, to a sustainable and never mass-produced approach.

Using ingredients grown without pesticides by family-run businesses, Girl Undiscovered’s ethical ethos to beauty also extends to their packaging- with bottles and jars made from glass, and caps made from recycled and recyclable rPET plastic.

I first came across the brand at the beginning of this year when they began selling on UK-based beauty site Cult Beauty, and I’ve been a fan since investing in two of their products over the summer.

Girl Undiscovered Soaked in Sunshine Body Elixir Oil

First up was the highly summery Soaked in Sunshine body oil. From its oh-so-pretty rose gold cap to its liquid amber-like contents, this product caught my eye for post-shower moisturising.

Like all products in Girl Undiscovered’s lineup, this body oil is cruelty-free as well as 100% natural and contains a seriously moisturising blend of coconut, jojoba, olive, avocado and moringa oils for a blast of nutrition on my dry autumn skin.

Despite its rich hue this surprisingly smells of nothing more than its ingredients.

In one sense this is a thoughtful touch for the essential oil sensitive who are often overlooked by body care companies. But in another sense, this is something of a wasted opportunity for essential oil lovers like me who might enjoy an accompanying scent that would further the magic that is the aesthetic of this bottle.

Beyond the look and ingredients, though, this oil is lightweight and has so far lived up to its nourishing claims on my dry ski. While not a dry oil, it is equally not greasy on my skin- instead leaving a slight sheen that absorbs over time

Housed in a glass bottle with a paper label, this product arrives stored in a cardboard box which has little inspirational messages hidden around it- an insight into the obvious care that has gone into the overall line.

Further evidence of this is the thoughtful stopper (something I’ve never seen before) that comes on the top of the bottle, ensuring none of this oil is wasted in transit.

Great for: Moisture plus a dewy glow.

Not-so-great for: The money. Because at £44 for 100 ml this oil does rival the ouch factor lot of luxury brands price-wise.

Girl Undiscovered’s Soaked in Sunshine Body Elixir Oil is $52/£40 for 3.4 oz/ 100 ml, Girl Undiscovered

Girl Undiscovered Pink Skies Beauty Balm

Next was the brand’s multi-use product, the Pink Skies balm. Now on my daily use list not just because of its soothing cinnamon scent this balm is also ultra moisturising formula is perfect for rough knees and elbows, as well as dry lips.

Containing olive fruit, coconut and sweet almond oils as well as beeswax, this little pot is a powerhouse post-bath or shower and great for keeping in my handbag too. Antibacterial propolis and moringa oil make this great for use on problem areas too.

As an added bonus this pretty balm is gorgeously cinnamon-scented; great for fans of a warm, spiced fragrance although the tingling effect that comes with it means I wouldn’t use around eyes etc.

This balm also leaves quite a sheen in its wake, which is great for cheekbones but possibly not what you’d want on other dry patches on the face. Its general nourishing goodness and beautiful scent mean I use this all the time, however.

Great for: Moisturising elbows, nails, lips and hair.

Not-so-great for: Matte fans, since this leaves a sheen behind.
Girl Undiscovered’s Pink Skies Beauty Balm is $32/£24 for 0.5 oz/ 13. 5 ml, Girl Undiscovered






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    Omg, really superb game ingredients!!! Haven’t tried this brand, but already love it!

    7th December 2019

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