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Reviewing Frank Body's Lip Balm

Is Caffeine Really the Answer to a Softer Pout? I Find Out

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Like most beauty fans, over the years I’ve accumulated quite the collection of lip products, multi-use balms, and other emollient goodies… and I like pretty much all of them.

And, while most of us think of our morning coffee or iced latte when we hear the word ‘caffeine’, its energising properties have found their way into a myriad of products – including lip balms and body scrubs.

As the beauty industry continues to explore the benefits of caffeine beyond just keeping us awake, we wanted to uncover the potential they may have in transforming our lip care routines.

And there’s one product that really stands out for its pure versatility – my Frank Body Lip Balm.


Frank Body Lip Balm

Containing vitamin E and lightweight oils like coconut and grapeseed for intense nourishment, this coffee-scented balm is surprisingly thick and also packs in beeswax and olive fruit oil for a pure hit of moisturising goodness.

Blending natural ingredients, lanolin is also included as a moisture-imparter to combat dryness and acts as a protective barrier against cold weather and other crack-inducing factors. 

Not only this, the addition of coffee arabica seed oil is said to help improve blood flow and collagen production for a naturally plumper pout (yes, please!).

The brand itself says this is actually a multipurpose balm “made with clean ingredients (and no petroleum) to hydrate lips, cuticles, brows, and dry patches all day long”, so you’re really getting your money’s worth with this one!

It’s got a slight scent that isn’t too overpowering and, for those with particularly dry and flaky lips, their lip scrub and lip balm duo is a game-changer.

If you’re more into lip balms with a stronger scent and a bit of colour, Frank Body has released a couple of balms like their Cherry Bomb Lip Tint and their Taupless Lip Tint, containing all of the same ingredients but with a pop of colour.



What other people had to say

One customer on the Frank Body website said this lip balm is “a staple” in their life, and that “it’s perfect for bed time and leaves my lips protected all night long. It’s super thick and doesn’t have an overwhelming fake smell to it.

“I have not noticed it causing any breakouts to my lip area which has happened before.”

While another commented on the texture and lasting power of the balm, saying “This is just my favorite lip balm ever! I have tried at least 10 different brands and keep going back to this one. It makes my lips feel soft and smooth.

“The best thing is I don’t have to keep reapplying every 10 minutes like some other brands. It has a good thick consistency. Love it!”


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The takeaway

It also offers a soothing self-heating action and is moisturising enough to use on cuticles, elbows and any seriously dry patches.

Great for coffee lovers and anyone who wants a little more bang for their lip balm buck alike, I’m loving the high proportion of natural ingredients, as well as its multi-use convenience.

Even the price isn’t too much more than a typical high street balm (bonus), making this a great gift for cruelty-free or skincare fans – or just to keep for yourself.

For more on how to look after lips in need of some love, take a look at our guide to lip fillers here.

Great for: Seriously dry skin.

Not-so-great for: Those who like a scented lip balm since this doesn’t really smell of much.

Frank Body’s Lip Balm is £8.95 on Cult Beauty UK/$12.35 on Cult Beauty US


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