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Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub review

Does Exfoliation + Moisture = The Perfect Winter Body Scrub?

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So like 99% of people I used to reserve my body exfoliating for the frantic two weeks before a beach holiday.

But in the past couple of years, the lure of glowy, soft skin has been enough to make my scrubbing a year-round activity.

And on my search for the perfect scrub, I’ve tried an array of formulas – from the slickest of oil-and-salt versions to the stickiest of sugar-based exfoliators, and even the grittiest bamboo grain varieties.

So, how does Frank Body’s Coconut Coffee Scrub stack up?



This is new, up-to-date information. We updated this article in March 2024 to add further ways to use the product complete with updated prices.


Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub

So when I came across Frank Body’s sachet-packaged, caffeine-infused Coffee Scrubs I was intrigued (especially because they’re also available in a low-risk 100ml trial size).

The brand claims the coffee grinds here exfoliate, increase blood flow, and promote collagen production.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a study in Poland found caffeine in cosmetics can increase microcirculation, protect against free radicals, and even ‘prevent excessive fat accumulation in cells’.

Meanwhile, the addition of the product’s other ingredients- like soybean oil and tocopherol (vitamin E) – helps to moisturise and provide antioxidant protection.


Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub review

Image – Live That Glow


On the skin

Before anything else, and aside from the science, I can honestly say that this low-oil and gritty-but-not-harsh formula really seems to suit my skin.

The coffee grounds seem to be soaked in enough oil that I’m left with a gentle sheen and skin that is moisturised enough that I don’t need to use a separate body lotion, but not so much that I need to wait for it to absorb before getting dressed.

While this scrub is available in a few different varieties- including coconut, cacao, and just plain coffee- I have to say that to me they basically all just smell mostly of coffee.

Not that that’s a particularly bad thing, it just means that I’m not sure if it’s worth buying one of the scented varieties if you’re someone who’s all about fragrance because there isn’t much of a distinction between this one and the other Frank Body varieties I’ve tried (at least not to my nose anyway).

The other word of caution I have is that since you’re *literally* putting coffee grounds on your body this inevitably gets a little messy, so I try to rinse down shower trays and baths as soon as possible after getting out.

Aside from that though, I’m loving the results of this scrub – which include a healthy glow and a more even skin tone – and now keep a constant rotation of travel-sized versions by the bath.

And what are other people saying about this scrub? Well, with a 4.9-star rating on the Frank Body website, the verdict is pretty good!



One buyer said “My friend gave me the kit as a present and I instantly fell in love so I ordered more. I love how my skin comes out smooth after a few uses and the coconut coffee smells amazing.

“It is so easy and quick to use – it just simply an amazing product that I would be ordering more.”

Many commented on how much they love the scent and how pampering the product feels, with one buyer saying “Love love love! This coffee scrub is a firm favourite of mine. Feels like an absolute pamper sesh when using it.

“My skin afterwards feel so soft and smooth. When using this scrub as part of a regular routine my skin looks so much cleaner and healthy. I struggle with body acne and this helps me to keep it under control. I’m a huge fan.”

Great for: Circulation boosting exfoliation.

Not-so-great for: White towels, shower trays and tiles- because this makes quite the mess.

Frank Body’s Coconut Coffee Scrub is from £7.96 for 100 ml, Cult Beauty UK and $20.00 for 7.05 oz/ 200 ml, Frank Body US



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