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Reviewing Farmacy's Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturiser

Checking out Farmacy’s Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturiser

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I was already a fan of Farmacy Beauty thanks to the brand’s use of high-quality natural ingredients, specifically honey (one of my absolute favourite foods).

So when it came time to buy a new moisturiser, I thought I’d check out the brand’s Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer, a silky gel cream with a lightweight texture that absorbs quickly (at least on my skin).


Farmacy Honey Drop

Infused with echinacea honey (an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and humectant), hyaluronic acid, and little beads of cupuacu butter for moisture (which you can just about see on the photo), this formula also contains glycerin (to soften), as well as camellia (to soothe), and propolis (also a great soother).

Slightly randomly for a natural-leaning brand, this does also contain a small amount of alcohol (which is generally pretty skin-drying and sensitising).


Image - Farmacy

Image – Farmacy


On the skin

Although I initially expected this moisturiser to smell like honey – like the brand’s Clean Bee cleanser- it actually doesn’t smell of much at all (perhaps a plus point for sensitive skin types).

My other initial impression that this would turn out to be one of those thin gels that hydrates and soothes was happily correct, however.

Because this lightweight lotion seems to contain just enough hydration and moisture that my (currently highly sensitive – thanks weather!) skin soaks it up and is comfortable.

Meanwhile, the alcohol here doesn’t seem to dry my skin out as I thought it might.

And as a plus, this texture is so thin that it spreads easily on my face and so I need to use very little in one go.

Instead, this is one of those moisturisers that’s easier to build up in layers once dried, rather than trying to put on loads initially (if I do that I find I have to use the excess on my arms and chest).

Great for: A summer or warm weather moisturiser.

Not-so-great for: Those who don’t like alcohol in their products.

Farmacy’s Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer is £42.00 on the Cult Beauty UK website/$57.96 on the Cult Beauty US website



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