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emma lewisham serum

Will This Emma Lewisham Serum Help My Blemish-Prone Skin?

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I’ve always battled with pimples, blemishes, blocked pores, or acne. Sometimes all three at once.

When I hit my teens, I was plagued with pimples covering my forehead (I tried covering these with a fringe because I was so self-conscious about them, this only made it worse), large spots on my cheeks, and hormonal pustules on my chin.

Although my skin has cleared up significantly, I still suffer from hormonal spots, pimples under the skin that never amount to anything except soreness and redness, and blocked pores.

So when we were sent Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural Blemish Serum I knew I wanted to try it, despite having not seen the brand on my socials much and with little knowledge about the products.

As Emma Lewisham states, “A healthy microbiome is at the heart of clear, balanced and radiant skin.” And this Supernatural Blemish Serum promises to provide a world-first patented live skin probiotic, that was discovered on healthy human skin to reduce blemishes and acne.

So, is this serum really a supernatural skin saviour?

Here are my honest thoughts and results.


emma lewisham serum

Image – @emmalewisham/instagram


Who is Emma Lewisham?

Launched back in 2019 (who knew), the brand was founded “to create evidence based, natural skincare and to champion the transition to a circular, climate positive and transparent beauty industry” states the website.

The ingredients in the products are natural to the skin, developed by scientists and physiologists with over 100 years of combined experience, and it’s the world’s first certified climate-positive and 100% circular beauty brand.

Lewisham herself started her deep dive into skincare and ingredients after searching high and low for natural, scientifically proven skincare – only to find that what she wanted, didn’t exist. She was used to using luxurious, high-tech products and wanted the natural equivalent, and so the brand was born.

Now, the line includes products tailored to acne, uneven skin tone, ageing, dry skin, and pregnancy, including serums, oils, moisturisers, and cleansers.

However, this particular product was only launched in October 2023, so it’s pretty fresh on the market.


emma lewisham serum

Image – @emmalewisham/instagram


What’s in the Supernatural Blemish Serum?

This serum (£68.00 on the Emma Lewisham UK website/$85.00 on the Emma Lewisham US website) delivers 235 million live probiotic cells per dose (at the date of manufacture) and is proven to be alive and active after 2 years – meeting the true definition of a probiotic.

It promises and is proven to “reduce blemishes while simultaneously improving your skin’s appearance and condition” based on independent research conducted using 98 participants.

The probiotics serum includes caprylic/capric triglyceride which is derived from coconut oil and glycerine and is considered an excellent emollient and skin-replenishing ingredient, and silica dimethyl silylate which is a skin conditioning agent that replenishes hydration.

It also incorporates patented micrococcus luteu which is a live probiotic found on living human skin, and trehalose which is a water-binding plant sugar that offers hydrating properties for skin as well as potential anti-ageing benefits. 

I quite like the packaging of this product. It has 2 separate pumps – one for the activating creme and one for the live skin probiotics (2x 15ml) – and you need to put this together yourself, but it’s literally a case of unscrewing both of the lids and screwing them into the main purple and silver dispenser.

There is a silver section on the bottom of the dispenser that you twist left and right to release the pump for each side. When not in use, both of the pumps can be tucked into the top of the main dispenser with just a twist.

I’ve not had any problems with the packaging, however, other shoppers have, with many saying it clogged up and one person going as far as calling it “unfit for purpose”.


emma lewisham serum

Image – @emmalewisham/instagram


On the skin and results

I’ve been using this product for around a month, mainly in the evenings and when I had a particularly bad breakout a couple of weeks ago.

The brand advises 1 pump of each mixed together and applied onto the skin morning and evening (they also advise tapping the dispenser on a hard surface a couple of times before using). 1 pump of each does cover my face (just), but I use 2 pumps of each at night before applying a moisturiser.

I love the texture of this serum, it feels so luxurious and it really does give my skin a glow. On my blemishes, they felt and looked less red and angry after using the serum at night and my skin felt super nourished.

This has a very distinctive smell that reminds me of a probiotic I used to drink to help my skin when I was a teen, which is no surprise considering the incorporation of live cultures! I can’t really describe the smell except that I would say it smells natural.

The activating creme is a white colour and the live skin probiotic is an off-white with a slight shimmer.

The opinions of this serum are quite positive, with one customer writing, “This blemish serum was a real game changer for me. At the first sign of a pimple, it was literally gone overnight. The packaging is really fun and futuristic, with two pumps.

“Initially I assumed it had run out but I gave it a tap on the palm of my hand and kept going for a couple more weeks. This product lasted me around six weeks which I thought was good considering how it has virtually wiped out my acne. I will be repurchasing for sure!”

Another wrote, “This is a revelation. It’s totally transformed my skin. Even if you don’t have problems with spots or bad blemishes, this helps to reset the skin’s microbiome so your overall skiinhealth [sic] is so much better after using it. I get less blemishes when I use this and my skin looks so glowing and fresh”.


emma lewisham serum

Image – @emmalewisham/instagram


However, many people commented on the packaging, the price of the product, and the volume you get, “Terrible packaging loaded with plastic Made my skin worse! Dissatisfied customer as this is a very high ticket item which doesn’t deliver on its over-hyped promise”, said one.

Another said that over 3 days of use, it made their acne worse.

Even though I really rate this serum and I feel it works well for me, I don’t think I would spend the £68.00 for it unless it completely transformed my skin, especially as it only lasts for around a month when used morning and night. You can purchase refills of the serum, but even they cost £58.00 which is pretty steep for me.

And although I’ve seen positive results and I’ll be quite sad when I come to the end of the bottle, I’d be more likely to ask for this as a Christmas/Birthday gift or if it was on sale.

The products also aren’t available very widely and are only purchasable through the Emma Lewisham website, Space NK, Naturisimo, Harrods, and Net-A-Porter. So don’t go thinking you can pick these up at your closest Sephora or Boots store!

emma lewisham probiotic serum

Image – Courtesy of Writer


The takeaway

All-in-all, I do really like this product and it works well with my skin. It feels very luxurious, hydrating, and nourishing, and it reduced some angry spots I had around my chin.

The price and amount of product you get is what puts me off repurchasing and if this was more affordable I’d probably treat myself to some refills to see how my skin gets on with it for another couple of months.

While I’ve really enjoyed using this serum and it has some great reviews, once I’ve finished this bottle I won’t be repurchasing it unless it’s in a sale! However, if you have particularly blemish or acne-prone skin this could definitely be worth the money for you.

Although, I may keep the dispenser in case I do buy any refills, and it looks great in my bathroom.


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