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Here’s What I Really Thought of Kate Moss’ New Skincare Line, Cosmoss

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Main image – Cosmoss

When you think of Kate Moss, a few things might come to mind: Supermodel. The face of Rimmel London and the iconic fragrance, CK One. Avid Glastonbury goer. Party girl. Legend.

For me, she epitomises the 90s. I always copied her lipstick choices, made sure I saved up for *anything* from her Topshop range and dreamt of looking that good in a simple pair of Calvin Klein jeans and white t-shirt.

Fast forward 20+ years and she is still an icon. Only with way more life experience and now, a new beauty brand under her belt called, Cosmoss. It’s a clever name when you realise it combines her surname with her passion for wellbeing, balance and holistic self-care. 

The idea behind it, according to the website, is to ‘discover balance, peace and Cosmoss Calm. Restorative rituals for soul and senses.’ The products, which consist of skincare, fragrance and teas, are vegan, cruelty-free and keep wellbeing at the very heart.

But an icon like Kate Moss bringing out her own brand and slapping an eye watering price tag on it is all very well. But are the skincare products any good? I tried two of them and here’s my honest review.


Cosmoss Face Cream

Packaged in a ‘moss’ green box, the pot of cream itself is chunky and heavy. You can feel the price tag in its weight before you even know how much it costs – more on that later. 

The pot is green too with a shiny gold lid, inscribed with the brand’s signature sun and moon detail. It feels beautifully holistic already. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


Twist open the lid and you’ll find the cream that smells – honestly? Divine. The smell is always the first thing I go for. It is going on my face after all.  

Cosmoss Face Cream contains nettle to firm and moss to nourish the skin, as well as bakuchiol which is a plant-based alternative to retinol. This means it makes a great anti-ageing choice for those with sensitive skin, or who don’t fancy trying actual retinol, which can be notoriously powerful. 

Also on the ingredients list are hemp oil, rosehip oil and shea butter so you just know it’s going to give your skin a nice big hug. The end goal should be firmer, bouncier skin with reduced lines and less oxidative stress.

The first tick of my box is that it can be used as both a night and day cream. I’m a huge advocate for this. Because why spend money on two products when you can have it all in one pot?

The cream feels gorgeous on the skin too – sumptuous, rich and hydrating. It’s not greasy, just heavy enough to break through dryness and leave a plump finish. 

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and my skin does feel plumper and firmer than usual which I wholeheartedly put down to the bakuchiol. I am a big fan of retinol, but I feel a plant-based alternative is healthier all round, plus – no side effects!

I haven’t experienced any dryness since using this either. It has topped up my skin’s hydration levels perfectly and I am loving using it in the morning as well as at night, not just because of how it makes my skin feel, but because of that gorgeous lingering, expensive scent too. 

Speaking of expensive, now for the bad news. It’s £95 (or $120 in the US). No, I’m not kidding. This isn’t something you can just pick up spontaneously. It’s a serious investment. 

I agree, £95 is extortionate and, by the way, it does not contain SPF. Come on skincare brands, it’s 2024. If you’re going to create a moisturiser to be used in the daytime surely it should contain sun protection. But I can see why this one doesn’t – it’s a night cream too. So the best thing to do is to make sure you always apply a targeted SPF after applying it in the morning. 

Despite the price tag, allow me to make a case for why the Cosmoss Face Cream might be a really good investment. Or why simply treating yourself every so often can’t hurt. For a start, it contains nothing but goodness for the skin. The antioxidant ingredients inside are very unlikely to cause irritation or negative side effects and it is ideal for all skin types.

Also, if you buy this, you don’t have to buy a separate night or day cream. It arrives all in. The retinol night cream I usually use has a recommended retail price of £85. Extortionate again, but it works for me. As it turns out, the Cosmoss one also works for me in the same way, but with this one I can use it as my day cream too. 

So, for someone who chooses to spend close to that price tag on their night cream anyway, it makes sense to double up on night and day, for the sake of just a little bit more money.

You don’t need to use too much of it either. It’s quite rich so absolutely slathering your skin with it, followed by an SPF in the daytime isn’t recommended. Just small dots on each cheek and your forehead and chin will suffice. Kate, my skin salutes you.


Cosmoss Golden Nectar

Cosmoss Golden Nectar is pro-collagen, anti-oxidant oil for the face, body and hair. However, my advice is that when it comes to applying it on your body, think in patches, not all over. A 30ml bottle probably wouldn’t cover even one of my winter-dry legs. So I would treat it as a targeted oil for dry areas like elbows, knees etc, where it does a nice job.

You only need 2-3 drops for your face, so it will last a while if you keep it for that area only (which is a good thing to think about as you brace yourself for the price tag – £105 in the UK and $130 in the US. Deep breaths). 

Containing Mythical Tears of Chios which, according to the website, is “a Mediterranean mastic known to stimulate natural collagen production and cellular activity,” the oil also includes rosemary extract for hydrating and calming the skin, chia seed to repair the skin barrier, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and blackberry seed oil to slow down the signs of ageing.

Its goal is to deeply regenerate the skin and support cell rejuvenation as well as reveal younger, softer and firmer looking skin over time.


Image – Courtesy of writer


Whilst facial oils have never been top of my list when it comes to my skincare regime, mainly because I have quite oily skin, I can still appreciate that they can have their benefits. And I know that even the oiliest of skin types still need hydration. 

Not only can facial oils make the skin more supple and hydrated but they often smell like a spa in a bottle too, meaning that when you inhale them in as you apply, your mood can be lifted, and your senses soothed. 

This must be where Moss was going with Golden Nectar because believe me when I say, this one smells like your skin smells after a relaxing facial. It’s really beautiful, whilst not being too over-bearing at the same time. And if you breathe it in for long enough, your soul and senses will be restored, as per the brand’s promise.

As far as the look and feel of my skin goes, I mean, it feels great. I’ve been using the oil daily, just at night-time and just before the Cosmoss Face Cream. Having said that, it’s hard to really know which one of these products has been the main reason for my skin feeling bouncier and more supple – maybe it’s the combination of the two. 

But what I do know is that, historically, oils haven’t generally made a huge impact on my skin, except in the hydration department which I can get from my serums and face cream anyway.

So, whilst my skin is definitely not lacking in hydration and I love the spa smell, I suspect it’s the bakuchiol from the face cream that is actually making it feel firmer. I know my own skin – I’ve had 41 years to become acquainted with it – so I have an idea of what makes it do what, and my conclusion is usually that it gains more from a serum and night cream than an oil. 

Would I spend £105 on this facial oil? No. Kate Moss or no Kate Moss. But considering how I’ve got on with facial oils in the past – a bit ‘meh’ – I’m not sure I would spend £20 on one either. 

But that’s just me. If you find facial oils beneficial for your skin, you’re religious about applying them, you couldn’t imagine your regime without one and you would consider spending £105 on one that contains top notch anti-oxidants (and has Kate Moss’ name on the label), please. Don’t let me stop you. 


Image – Courtesy of writer


What other users are saying

I’m pleased to see that facial oil fans are loving Golden Nectar. “The oil texture is perfect, my skin is loving it, the best face oil I ever tried,” says Izabela ( Rachel ( says, “my face is glowing it’s pure luxury in a bottle.”

As for the face cream, others seem to agree with me. “Loved this moisturiser,” says Claire ( “As someone who suffers with dry skin especially during the winter months, I noticed a big improvement. My skin is much more plump after a week.” And Tati ( adds, “It really felt like it was absorbing into my skin well and I definitely felt like my skin was hydrated overnight having applied it the night before. Would definitely buy this product again.”


The takeaway

If I were to choose one of the two (because I can’t afford both), it’s pretty obvious which one I would go for. The Cosmoss Face Cream is everything I need in a moisturiser, plus it works for both day and night. I’m converted and live in hope that it’ll help me look like a supermodel one day.

As for the oil. It is beautiful, I can’t fault it, and it smells utterly delicious. But for the money, and the results facial oils generally give my skin, it’s just not worth the spend. 

Perhaps I need to give it a bit more time. But two weeks is usually enough for me and my skin to know if I’m onto a good thing and whether I owe it to my skin to continue using or not.


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