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Can Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique Hand Cream Soothe My Dry Hands?

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So let’s just say it; Autumn is pretty much the best.

Between the stunning colours, cosy textures, and the promise of nights in binge-watching box sets, Fall basically beats all the other seasons hands down.

There is a downside to all the festivities, though, and for anyone who suffers from dry skin, this can take the shape of sensitive, dehydrated hands.

And while there are some great, reasonably-priced lotions out there (O’Keeffe’s Working Hands is a particular no-nonsense favourite), sometimes it’s nice just to have a little piece of chic in your bag.

Enter Byredo: the Scandinavian perfume brand known for its unique and complex fragrances.

Created by Swedish former basketball player (yes really) Ben Gorham– who started the brand in 2006 following a career change- Byredo is one now of the most recognisable fragrance lines in the world.



This is new, up-to-date information. We updated this article in March 2024 to add further ways to use the product complete with updated prices.


Byredo Hand Cream

While their EDPs will set you back anything from £48 for a perfume brush pen to £170 for a full-size spray bottle, Byredo’s travel-sized hand creams add a touch of moisturising luxury for slightly less.

Still at £35 for 30 ml I pretty much reserve this for special occasions, but the unique and complex scent of cedarwood, musk, black amber, jasmine, violet, lemon and bergamot in Bal ‘dAfrique’s Hand Cream makes this a product I’m still pleased to have in my arsenal for days when I’m feeling a little chic.



Reviews on the Cult Beauty website echo my feelings about the price of this product, however, they also have the same sentiments about its gorgeous smell and moisturising abilities “There is nothing bad I can say about BYREDO brand at all. The hand cream smells so nice and the scent stays for so long on your hands.

“The quality is really amazing and hands feels moisturized which is very important. I think you could also layer this cream with the perfume of this brand and scent on your neck for example. Yes, it is a little bit pricey, but if you have a possibility, give this product a shot:)”

Another customer on Space NK says the scent is “amazing” and that “the cream is very hydrating even for winter season. Travel friendly format in beautiful minimalist packaging.

“I love it! I would only prefer a little bit lower price. Anyway I recommend this cream. It’s nice to use and it’s also good present for friend!”


The Takeaway

While this is now definitely the most expensive hand product I own, the gorgeous warm, woody scent which lasts for quite a few hours, means serious fragrance enthusiasts (and lovers of anything chic) might find this a refreshing change from the usual lineup of hand cream scents.

Great for: A high-quality scent and fans of chic packaging.

Not-so-great for: Sensitive skin, thanks to the alcohol here.

Byredo’s Bal d’Afrique Hand Cream is from £35 for 30ml from Space NK UK and from $45.50 for 1 oz/ 30ml from Space NK US



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