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Reviewing Bybi's Swipe Clean Oil Cleanser

Bybi Swipe Clean: An Honest Review

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As a fan of Bybi since the brand launched in 2017, I’ve been slowly making my way through their (still small) line, and have sincerely enjoyed every product I’ve tried so far.

Founded by skincare formulators Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovica, Bybi has been offering natural skincare formulas at affordable prices since 2017.

Big on fun packaging, 100 per cent natural ingredients with sustainable credentials and a sense of fun, I’ve found their products tend to really deliver.

So when the brand sent me their Swipe Clean Oil Cleanser I had high hopes.


Swipe Clean Oil Cleanser

Containing a blend of sesame seed, grapeseed, jojoba seed, plum kernel seed and papaya seed oils, this cleanser is fragrance-free and essential oil-free, making it useable for even the most sensitive types (and removing eye makeup).

Essential oils can be too harsh on the skin and, according to Healthline, “While the most common side effect is a rash, essential oils can cause more serious reactions.

“The oils that have most commonly been associated with adverse reactions are lavender, peppermint, tea tree, and ylang-ylang.

“Oils that are high in phenols, such as cinnamon, can cause skin irritation and shouldn’t be used on the skin without being combined with a base oil. Meanwhile, essential oils made from citrus fruits increase the skin’s reaction to sunlight and burns can occur,” it adds.


On the skin

I’ve been using cleansing oils and balms for about 15 years and I’m now annoyingly picky about the formulas I like – with my personal preference being one that’s light on application and very easily mixed with water.

So when I first poured this out I was initially slightly disappointed to see a thick, honey-like fluid.

Convinced this wouldn’t emulsify well, I was genuinely delighted to discover when I added water that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Because this cleanser actually emulsifies beautifully, creating a milky, thin texture which I can easily press into pores for a really deep clean.

For some tips on how to use oil cleansers for a really effective clean, as well as a look at my own cleansing routine, check out my Oil Cleanser Guide.

Despite the oils here this fluid also easily removes my makeup without leaving a film (no one wants that), but is moisturising enough that I can trot around happily for 5-10 minutes after cleaning without immediately reaching for the moisturiser.

For days when I’m oilier, this also contains rosemary leaf extract to balance – which means I no longer just have to stick to gel cleansers when my skin is threatening to break out.

In short, my skin genuinely loves this.


bybi swipe clean oil cleanser review

Image – Look Fantastic


What other people have to say

Customers on the Look Fantastic website are loving this cleanser, with one writing “This is my all time favourite cleanser and it’s so hard to find anywhere. I just hope look fantastic don’t stop selling it!!!”

Another says “All BYBI products are lovely, but the Cleansing Oil has to be my favourite. It removes all traces of makeup and makes my skin feel really soft and nourished.”


The takeaway

I really do love Swipe Clean, mainly because of its ease of use and how effective it is at getting the day off.  The blend of oils makes this pretty moisturising, though, so oilier types might not enjoy this one as much.

Fans of natural products are also likely to enjoy, since like all Bybi products this contains 100 per cent natural ingredients. Sustainable beauty fans will also like that this is cruelty-free, vegan and housed in a glass bottle.

The bottle does make it slightly difficult to get the product out since it’s not squeezable, however. But I’ll very happily trade this tiny inconvenience for the significant reduction in plastic.

Great for: Slightly dry types like me which are also prone to the occasional oiliness.  Anyone who wants to use an oil cleanser but is sensitive to essential oils or fragrances – this contains none.

Not-so-great for: Acne types, which might find this a little rich (although it doesn’t leave any greasiness). At the price, this is one of Bybi’s most expensive products to date, but it is (to my mind) an extremely high-quality cleanser, though.

Bybi’s Swipe Clean Oil Cleanser is £22.00 on the Look Fantastic website.


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