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The Exclusive Post Op Services Beverly Hills’ Rich and Famous Don’t Want You to Know About

The Exclusive Post Op Services Beverly Hills’ Rich and Famous Don’t Want You to Know About

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Let’s face it, one of the *major* perks for California’s rich and famous residents has got to be their ability to access the best of everything.

From Michelin-starred dining to the boujiest cars, nightclubs and clothes, Hollywood’s elite are generally able to access the best of the best quality of life that money can buy.

But what about when it comes to their health or even privacy?

Enter the rise in custom post-op care- the absolute *ultimate* luxury for the patient who wants it all.

From renowned stars seeking discreet transformations to everyday people wanting to restore their pre-baby physique, these companies offer high-end and exclusive luxury to all who can afford it- and Live That Glow wants to know *everything* about this niche industry.

We spoke to one of the sisters behind one of California’s newest post-op companies, Calicia Care, for an insight into the world of cosmetic surgery recovery – LA LA Land-style.

Get comfy, this is going to be a fascinating ride!


The Exclusive Post Op Services Beverly Hills’ Rich and Famous Don’t Want You to Know About

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Sisters Erika and Lexi Maldonado opened Calicia Care just two years ago and have since provided their luxury post-operative care services to super-successful celebs, A-listers, and mothers from all over the world.

This wasn’t their first insight into this exclusive realm though. Thirty-two-year-old Lexi was working as a nurse for an existing company offering these services while thirty-five-year-old Erika was a successful businesswoman in the tech industry.

Joining forces, the sisters created Calicia, where every detail is meticulously crafted to facilitate patient recovery after plastic surgery.

Erika and Lexi, who live in The Valley in cool California, now offer services in Beverly Hills through their 15 contract nurses who offer discreet care in the indulgent Sofitel Beverly Hills hotel.

Erika tells us that while “the majority of patients come in for a ‘mummy makeover’, which is a tummy tuck, butt lift, boob job and possible lipo…. Patients are not always mega-wealthy, they’re mostly women who want to look and feel like themselves again.”

While *most* of us might envision the Kylie Jenners and Kim K’s of the world when we hear the words ‘butt lift’, Erika tells us that, while they have their fair share of top celebs (whose privacy Calicia closely guards), it’s not always the 1 per cent of the 1 per cent who book in.

“It even surprised me when I started working on this with my sister that it’s not always glamorous mummies who book in. It’s not just someone who is glamorous and over the top. It’s often just a normal person who is trying to get back to themselves,” Erika tells us.


Calicia Care post-operative care beverly hills cosmetic surgery mummy makeover

Image – spinnaker555/Adobe


This is what inspired the sisters to start Calicia Care, says Erika. “Lexi loved the patients she worked for in her previous company and had great reviews and feedback from doctors and patients. She knew there was room for improvement in how doctors deal with patients because most existing companies book patients just for numbers and are not as focused on the patient as a person,” she explains.

“Calicia Care isn’t the only company like this in Beverly Hills – there are some pretty big names out there – and my sister was working for one of them.

“Other companies don’t offer patients more tailored care give them upfront information about costs though,” she adds.

Explaining how the whole concept began, Erika says, “I had been working in tech for a long time and Lexi spoke to me about her concerns. Because I have a lot of start-up experience and I loved how focused Lexi was on the idea of improving patient care, the concept was already in place.”

She adds, “Calicia is a combination of our grandmothers’ names – Carmen and Alicia. Alicia was the grandmother who basically raised us and one of our biggest drives is doing this in her honour. I think every day about what she accomplished as an immigrant and we try to bring that into our work.”


The Exclusive Post Op Services Beverly Hills’ Rich and Famous Don’t Want You to Know About

Image – DrobotDean/Adobe


So this is pretty *BIG* business! But just how big is the world of aesthetics in LA and how much do these types of exclusive services even cost?

Since other companies are elusive about their pricing, “we wanted all of our services clearly listed so that people could easily see the costs,” explains Erika.

Prices at Calicia start from $2,000 a night for a car to pick up from surgery, an overnight stay with a nurse, meals and a car to the post-op appointment the next day.

Erika explains, “when people book with our care they don’t have to worry about anything, we do everything from picking them up from the surgery centre, taking them to the hotel we work with, providing meals, staying with a nurse, taking them to their first post-op appointment.”

And the care is, obviously, second to none. “All our care is also one-to-one rather than a ratio of two or three patients to one nurse,” she says.

“We work really hard to have one-on-one personal relationships with each person because any surgery is scary. It’s more than the care, it’s the emotional part of it for the patient. Typically people book a couple of months in advance for Calicia Care services,” Erika explains.

“Lexi is so passionate about working with patients. She focused so much, even from the beginning, on wanting to be there for them, not just for their care but as people, she really goes above and beyond. She has such great energy!”

And how long do people usually stay? “Some patients will stay a few nights and just stay in their room before someone comes to pick them up. We also offer at-home care,” Erika tells us.


Calicia Care's Erika Maldonado on Exclusive Post-Op Services for Beverly Hills’ Rich and Famous

Erika (L) and Lexi (R) are the brains behind Calicia. Image – Calicia Care


But why choose to recover in a hotel after surgery rather than at home?

Erika explains, “people book with us because they may be at risk for complications or because they have children at home and the space to recover peacefully.

“The first night can be rough because of the anaesthetic and pain – they may even be physically sick. The nurse helps them with that and moving around.”

If that’s starting to sound a little too practical, don’t worry you can expect some boujiness too.  “We can also help with any other follow-up appointments and even organise lymphatic drainage massages at the hotel, which are great for getting rid of all the extra fluids from surgery,” Erika tells us.

Sounds pretty cool to us.  But with one-to-one aftercare, luxury hotels and ‘luxury private transportation’ already on the menu, where do Lexi and Erika take Calicia from here?

Erika explains the sisters are already looking to expand even further.

“We’d like to look at offering care after different types of surgery, like mastectomies,” she tells us.  The businesswoman also explains that informing anyone who wants to undergo surgery is now one of their biggest priorities; making sure women (and men) have access to impartial advice before even going under the knife.

She tells us, “we’d love to begin expanding to offer more online resources for women who want to know more about operation, where they can go to get it and how to get the best results from their surgery.”

In a world where aesthetic treatments and surgery are increasingly the norm, a safe space for anyone taking the plunge can only be a very good thing in our opinion.





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