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Almond Nails Are Still One of the Hottest Mani Shapes. Here’s How to Do Them

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Anyone who’s spent more than 10 minutes on social media will recognise the almond nail– the elongated, elegant cousin to the more traditional oval nail- immediately.

A favourite with a-listers and influencers alike (it’s great for making fingers look longer and sleeker), it’s a classic shape that’s been all over my Instagram feed for the last two years. And it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. 



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‘Almond nails are long, rounded nails that are intended to have a shape that resembles an almond,” explains nail expert at Mavala, Lynn Mason. “They tend to be thinner and sleeker than an oval nail.”

And the good news is that you don’t need super long talons to achieve the look. “It’s all personal preference,” says Mason. “To achieve the almond shape your nail doesn’t have to be particularly long. However, it is easier to achieve a sleeker look with nails that are a bit longer as you have more nail to work with.”

With that in mind, keep scrolling to find out more of Mason’s tips on how to save a trip to the salon and create the perfect almond nail shape yourself from home. 


Step 1: Pick the right tools

“The only essential tool is a suitable nail file,” Mason says. “It’s all about filing the nail into the desired shape.” Don’t you just love a low-maintenance nail trend?

A softer file grit (around 180) is perfect for shaping and I also personally like using a crystal nail file as they are kinder to nails and don’t wear out. Try Margaret Dabbs Small Crystal Nail File (£12 from Margaret Dabbs UK /$20.80 from Space NK US). 

Keeping your nails in tip-top condition by using the right tools will result in a smoother, longer-lasting file, according to Mason. “Having healthy nails is also beneficial to ensure that the nails don’t break once shaped.” Roger that.  

If you want to change the length of your nails before filing though, use a pair of nail clippers to gently cut to your desire length.  Using three snips- one across the top of the nail and one either side of each nail- will help you keep an approximate almond shape and make it slightly easier to file.



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Step 2: File the sides of your nails

Next, “gently file both sides of the nail using the rough side of the nail file making sure to angle inwards towards the centre of the nail tip,” says Mason.


Step 3: Round the tips

After that, “round the nail tip with the finer side [of your nail file],” says Mason. “This creates long shaped nails with the ideal smooth, almond shape.” 

If you’re struggling to keep a consistent rounded shape across each nail, TikTok nail artist Sigourney Nuñez (@nailartbysig) recommends mimicking the shape of the top of an egg.  


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? Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell


Step 4:  Check they’re symmetrical

The last thing you want is for almond nails to look uneven, so how can we make sure they all match?

“I would recommend not rushing,” Mason says. “Spend a substantial amount of time looking at the nails from different directions to make sure they are symmetrical, and you are happy with them. Practice makes perfect!”


Step 5: Bevel your nails

“Finish off by bevelling the nail (filing the end of the nails vertically), to lock together the nail layers,” she adds. 

Although this sounds a bit technical, anyone who’s ever been for a manicure will already recognise this technique, which also helps to smooth off the edge of your nail.

To bevel your nails, hold your file vertically at the tips of your nails and gently buff off any rough edges.

If you’re keeping your nails natural, now you’ll want to either nourish them with a cuticle oil or protect them with a nail hardener. “Mavala’s Scientifique K+ (£15.60 from Look Fantastic UK /$24 from Mavala US) will strengthen your new almond shaped tips and prevent them from breaking,” Mason explains. 

Alternatively, follow our steps for the perfect at home mani to finish the job with a polished paint job.


The takeaway

It’s amazing what a difference creating an almond nail shape can make – oh, hello salon-worthy manicure (that you didn’t have to pay for!)

And it’s so easy too. All you need is a decent nail file and some nail-loving treatments that’ll keep them healthy and make them harder to break.

Make sure yours are evenly filed on both sides, angling inwards as you go to create that almond shape. Take it slowly to ensure they’re all symmetrical and don’t forget the vertical filing trick to lock in the layers. Nailed it!


Meet the expert

Lynn Mason is the nail expert at Mavala, Switzerland’s leading nail care brand. Well-versed in the science of nail care, Lynn understands the intricacies of achieving natural nail goals and nurturing and maintaining healthy nails. 


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